Sunday, December 23, 2007

Some Early Christmas Gift

Sorry for the lack of response throughout the weekend, but you know Christmas is approaching. With all the last minute shopping and preparation, I needed to take a back seat for the time being.

But anyway it was a weekend full of excitement with plenty of things to talk about. So I'll take things one at a time.


Italian Serie A

Absolutely tremendous and very high pulsating. Not to take away anything from Milan after that superb free kick from Andres PIRLO and KAKA, now the World Player of the Year, trickery run. But it was night where Inter owes everything to the products made in Argentina.
Javier ZANETTI was running all around the field, forgetting that he is 35 not 25 years old. Walter SAMUEL was a hard wall in marshaling Inter's defense. But it was all down due to the C+C combination.
Esteban CAMBIASSO pulled the ball back for Julio CRUZ on the edge of the penalty. He squeezed past three Milan defenders and shoots at the out stretch of the goal post to level the score.

Then came that stunner from El Cuchu and what a goal it was. He rammed his shot at the center of the goal on which he scored with little a bit help from DIDA. 2-1 to Inter.

Again it was another brilliant Clasico encounter that the Albiceleste made the difference.

Another player had a great night was Mario SANTANA who scored twice for Fiorentina in their 5-1 win over Cagliari.

Spanish Primera Liga

If the Albiceleste are the one's that is going to make a difference in this El Clasico, then my personal view in this match has to be true.

Without Lionel MESSI, all I can say is that Barca's up front were running like headless chicken in the penalty box. I can't recall a moment where they did look like threatening Real's well organized defense. Gabriel MILITO had an average game so to speak.

But the other Gabriel, HEINZE that is, was superb all night in limiting Andres INIESTA performance on the left. Well done HEINZE!!! Fernando GAGO came in as a second half substitute in the last 11 minutes.

Kun AGUERO not again!!! Only a fort night ago he was sent off against Getafe and this time he got himself into trouble again. It was the turning point for Atletico in that game but he is till young and I do hope he learns from this.
Diego MILITO also had a goal to his credit, the a penalty in Real Zaragoza's 2-2 draw with Valencia.

NBA News

A night for the Rockets to forget, not just losing to one of the best teams in the league but in the process losing their two best players. Yes they were defeated by the Detroit Pistons 94-82 at home.

Certainly the Rockets are almost nothing without Tracy McGRADY and YAO Ming. The bench had to step it up, who else if it was non other than Luis SCOLA. He was the Rockets best performer despite the defeat, posting 18 points and 9 rebounds.
At present moment there is no news yet whether T-Mac and Yao will be fit for their next game against Memphis in Tennessee. If not, this must be a big chance for SCOLA to prove his worth and Rick ADELMAN should have more faith in him.

NFL News

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New Orleans Saints 28-23. Despite this Martin GRAMATICA was at 100% in both field goal and the extra points.

He converted a 55 yard in the 2nd quarter and a 35 & 46 yard in the 4th quarter. He also made two extra point kicks.

Now before I end this article, on behalf of Mundo Albiceleste, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone of our reader's a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Enjoy a wonderful festive season with your friends & family. Take care.



-a said...

Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo!

Always look forward to the updates, especially of football & NBA, John.

Have a good one.

Abeer said...

For God's sake!!! why the poetry? the Cambiasso goal was a Dida flop. Cruz's on the other hand was a thing of beauty.
Happy Holidays.

Seba said...

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Yes, I've been lazy and I've been away for more than enough.

I guess I'm "charging the batteries" while I look for a job here in Buenos Aires. That and the fact that there is not much activity for our football national team these days.

John keeps on doing a great job updating Mundo Albiceleste and I'm glad to see there are a lot of new readers/posters around here.

Have a nice final week of 2007!

See you around

El ÑAKO as Mr NBA said...

Scola is very good. I saw he in Spain, when he played in TAU Cerámica and was one of the best players in Spain.

Your friend,

johnny said...

Sebaaaaaa !!! Get those batteries recharged ! You could not have a better partner than John, but I am sure I speak for many when I say you are missed ! BTW, I became a fan of UNAM here in Mexico City, due to their having a number of Argentinos on the squad. Whether I am in Mexico, or wherever, I will always be a supporter of Argentina, and of course Boca (even though the new management look like a bunch of boludos !). So, good luck with the job hunt and adjusting to Buenos Aires !

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