Monday, December 17, 2007

Second Place For Lionel

Surprise!!! Surprise!!! Something, which I didn’t expected when looking at the formbooks and each individual achievement throughout the whole year.

KAKA was the obvious choice to win it but Lionel MESSI came in at 2nd place, ahead of Cristiano RONALDO, in the annual FIFA World Player Gala 2007.
I personally feel this is not a bad accomplishment for the young lad. After all it feels like we have been seeing him playing for like 10 years without even realizing that he still only 20 years old.

Of course there is a long road ahead of him, and we all know that Lionel has plenty more of unfinished business that needs to be complete. His time will come.

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Milanista said...

Great Blog!! Well Done to Lionel for coming second he truly had some fantastic performances last season that have not been forgotten. He iwll be back in the running again for the title and will most likely win it. At the age he is, he still has many years to win it.