Friday, December 07, 2007

NBA News - MANU Scores 37 Again!!!

Detroit Pistons 91 Chicago Bulls 98

During the close season many Bulls fans felt it was a wrong decision for the franchise to extend Chapu NOCIONI’s contract for another 5 years.

But tonight perhaps they would want to regret that after NOCIONI posted his team game high performance against the Pistons.
In the second half, Bulls coach Scott SKILES went for NOCIONI and he never looked back.

He was 1-for-5 at halftime, but we kept going to him,'' SKILES said. "Nothing seems to faze him, and he's been valuable thus far this year.''

The move worked. NOCIONI had 17 of his team-high 22 points in the last two quarters.

"We have a definite problem guarding him,'' Pistons coach Flip SAUNDERS said.” We tried to stay big, but we couldn't do anything with him.''

NOCIONI, though, ended the one-man surge with a three-point play, and Chicago held on for its fourth win in five games after a 2-10 start.

"Right now, we are more aggressive and we are playing much better than we had been,'' NOCIONI said.”We're heading in the right direction.''

He also finished of the night with 3 rebounds, 5 assists & 1 steal.

Boston Celtics 112 Toronto Raptors 84

The Raptors should have known what to expect when they were playing against the PGA (PIERCE-GARNETT-ALLEN) trio from Boston without your big names. And they were ripped apart.

Carlos DELFINO only managed to post 9 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists & 1 block shot.

New Jersey Nets 89 Houston Rockets 96

Despite the little contribution, Luis SCOLA had the better of Chuck HAYES again as he posted 4 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist & 1 block shot.

San Antonio Spurs 104 Utah Jazz 98

The repeat of last season’s Western Conference Final. Only this time did the Jazz thought they were going for revenge against Spurs without Tim DUNCAN.

What revenge?

Manu GINOBILI was there to make sure that none of that will happen as for the second night in a row, he posted 37 points, to equal his season high performance that he had against the Dallas Mavericks just a couple of nights ago.
This time Gregg POPOVITCH decided to start him from the bench but anyhow the outcome of the game remains the same.

In the end he also capped of the night with 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steal & 1 block shot. Again he was our man of the night.

Fabricio OBERTO was also on the bench, the first in quite a lengthy of time I believe but did not disappoint either.

His defensive work ethics was another major factor in tonight’s game as he posted 4 points, game high 11 rebounds, 3 assists & 2 steals.


halley said...

What can I say? 37pts for the second time? Manu's absolutely a great player!.. He's very good at whatever he's doing, whether he's a starter or the 6th man, he's great! Hmm. I haven't actually watched the game but I think the Jazz played well tonight. Did they?

Brandon said...

Yeah, here's my take on the game (as a Jazz fan):

Basically, the Jazz need interior defense and they can't have everyone but Deron disappear down the stretch like they did tonight.

Ginobili is a talent to be sure, but I hate his flopping. 19 free throw attempts is just embarrassing.

John said...

Hi Brandon,

I respect you for being a Jazz Fan and I can understand your feelings right now.

But in the end, it's not my job or yours to decide whatever calls that take place.

It is the referee!!! Simple as that.

MANU does what he does best and as fan, why should I complained about that.

Please feel free to drop by and leave your comments. Any comments are most welcomed.

halley said...

Thanks for posting a comment about an entry of mine, John. Stopover anytime.

coach said...

last night was not a good game for es grande porque garnett muy bueno.

John said...

NBA News...

Chicago Bulls 81 Boston Celtics 92

Too strong for the Bulls. But NOCIONI did finished off as his team's best performer with 18 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist & 2 steals.

Charlotte Bobcats 96 Cleveland Cavaliers 93

Walter HERRMANN only saw action for 10 minutes with 5 points & 2 rebounds.

El ÑAKO as Mr NBA said...

Delfino is beeing one of the best players in Toronto because Chris Bosh isn´t.

And Manu... there isn´t words. Is one of the best players in NBA.

Sorry for my bad english, but I am from Madrid (spain)

alan said...

Yo! Popovitch Popovitch!

SEO said...