Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 FIFA Club WC - Boca Ready To Take On Etoile

It is just barely a few hours ago to go before kick off, as Boca Juniors takes on surprise package Etoile Sportive du Sahel from Tunisia. The African Champions League winner stunned the much highly fancied Mexican side Pachuca in the earlier round.

But perhaps for Boca it has suffered the biggest blow even before the tournament got started when FIFA made it clear Juan Roman RIQUELME will not play due to late registration.

It is not just a big blow to Boca but for the whole tournament itself to loose such a find player, when it really needed one.
Showing remarkable patience and affability with the media's line of questioning, coach Miguel Angel RUSSO left no one in any doubt with his feelings on the matter: "It's true RIQUELME was a key man for us in the first semester of the year, when we secured the Copa Libertadores and the right to play in Japan. But so too were his team-mates, in whom I have the utmost faith. Boca have a great history, and we're come here to underline that once again."
Veteran Boca striker Martin PALERMO, one of those to profit from RIQUELME’s sparkling service earlier in the year, echoed his coach's sentiment, saying: "Everyone's aware Roman is a great player who knows Boca to perfection. It's precisely because of this that he assumes such much responsibility and takes the pressure off us. But we also know what we're capable of achieving without him, with quality players who will do their utmost to replace him. Our dream is to return home with the title."

This will be first meeting between these two clubs, with Boca being at full strength. The match will played at the Tokyo National Stadium.


James said...

It's such idiocy that Riquelme can't participate in this tournament. Couldn't FIFA just bend the rules just once? If it wasn't for Roman, BOca wouldn't even be in this tournament.

Anand said...

Congrats to Boca for the 1-0 win. It was from the first of the 3 remarkable moments of skillful football that Neri scored the goal from close range. Bit unfair and clueless refereeing too. But luck did not run out of Bocas side. Hard faught but well worthy victory. But they really need to step up the gear to face Milan!

johnny said...

Let's hope Milan is a little overconfident and "El Loco" can nod in one or two from close range. Carranta is good in goal. If Boca can get on the board and if the backline holds up, who knows !:)