Saturday, December 22, 2007

News Round Up

What a weekend to look forward to with two Super Clasico encounter, one in Spain and the other in Italy. Of course the absence of the one and only Lionel MESSI will be a huge blow for Barca. What are the chances of Julio CRUZ continuing his great form in the Milan derby.

Before that, here are some news update.

Batigol To Coach Boca

Now that Miguel Angel RUSSO has just departed, there has been several reports that Gabriel BATISTUTA could be next coach of Boca Juniors. It seems that the new Boca's president Pedro POMPILIO, has been interested in him for a while now.

"When I was in Germany (for the 2006 World Cup) POMPILIO told me that he would like it if I would coach the team," he declared.

"For me to coach Boca would be a dream; I think I'm prepared for the responsibility, because for a number of years now I have the certificate that allows me to be a coach," he said.

Some Transfer News

Porto have denied that they were interested in the services of Fernando BELLUSCHI of River Plate. The offer was speculated around 7 million euros. Now it seems that Greek side Olympiakos are prepaid to match that speculated deal.

With one player almost on his way to Greece, another could be on his way back.

Cristian LEDESMA of Olympiakos could be on his way to San Lorenzo on a 6 months loan deal. Among the most notable reason was the chance to reunite with his old coach Daniel DIAZ, whom he worked previously at River Plate.

Speaking of River, new appointed coach Diego SIMEONE could be very much busy in the transfer market. With the speculation of a mass exodus from the Monumental, he could be spending heavily in the transfer before Clausura Championship.

Among the names that has been in the spotlight is the return of Andres D'ALLESANDRO and Roberto AYALA, both from Real Zaragoza.

Automatica Now A Saint

After being released by the Dallas Cowboys, Martin GRAMATICA has just signed for the New Orleans Saints. He did not dissapoint them on his debut.

In their 31-24 win over the Arizona Cardinals, he converted a 31 yard field goal and 4 PAT (Points After Touchdown).


johnny said...

Carlos Ischia, an assistant to Bianchi in the past, is reportedly the new Boca coach. To be announced after Christmas. What a silly soap opera at Boca. ManU 2-1 over Everton today. I stil think C. Ronaldo is the most impressive player in the world. Inter up 2-1 over AC Milan as I type this. Goals from J. Cruz (of course) and Cambiasso. Merry Christmas !

Anonymous said...

Aguero with another red card, 2nd one in 3 weeks.