Monday, December 03, 2007

News - COCO, ROMAN & Much More

An interesting article that I would like share regarding in why COCO’s insists on building team around the ROMAN. Please read.

A further note on Boca’s participation at the 2007 FIFA Club World Cup, it is confirm that ROMAN will not take part, as he is ineligible to play due to some FIFA bureaucracy reason.

You may also find an overview of the team and squad list as well. Glad to know that we will have representative from Argentina this time. Go BOCA Go!!!


johnny said...

John-thanks for the Roman/Boca update. Much appreciated ! A terrible shame that Roman will not be able to play. Clearly rules are rules, though I often see where FIFA bends them at times in other situations. I hope Boca can give a good performance in Japan without Roman. Their midfield play has been spotty all year and a lingering injury to Banega has not helped. They will have to be healthy to have a shot.

On another topic-did anyone see the match between Arsenal de Sarandi and America in the Sudaamerica ? I was rooting for Arsenal, but what a horribly officiated match.

John said...

I saw that game and yeah the refereeing was pretty bad. But a great game indeed and let’s hope Arsenal will win one for Argentina.

About Boca's chances I do believe they are good enough to make it to the final at least but the journey will be tough for them.

They will play the winner of Etoile Sportive du Sahel from TUNISIA and Pachuca from MEXICO.

Anonymous said...

Today I watched I watched Fox Football Phone In On FSC(Fox Soccer CH). Steven Cohen one of the hosts was talking with his chap Nick Webster about who really is the footballer of the year. They both said Kaka will likely win it just because he won the CL with Milan. They said was that good enough to win it? So Cohen goes on and says the best player in the world is Juan Roman Riquelme. He said what he did with Boca@ the copa libertadores was amazing and what he did in Copa America was something else. He says the only reason they lost to Brasil was because they targeted him. Then he(Coen) went on and said the 2nd best is Lionel Messi. I was like this is coming from a British guy, and Messi should be on every 1 list and he walks into the World XI wo a doubt. Then Webster talks about Messi&Riquelme and says he lost a lot of respect for Messi's "hand of god"(I was like here we go again) but did not bash him to bad because he is a gem and should win it but wont just because he did not win anything. They gave Kaka a hard time saying he only scored 8 goals and is the PK taker for Milan and he did not even go to Copa America. I started to tell myself where in the world will Argentine football be wo Messi and Riquelme?. You know before Copa America and before Roman decided to come back Messi was going to be the play maker and he wanted it real bad, I still would love to see that but that would take out Riquelme because he loves to control the game. Also when two players are stuck on Riquelme and who are physical with him and play tight that is that, teams will be happy with a 0-0 or go up 1-0 and just frustrate the team. This is why Argentina need to score first and not make stupid plays and go a man down(Yes that is you Mr.Tevez aka the new Ortega JK). I recorded all the WC games from ARG on my dvd rec, and watched ARG play a physical Serbia team and they just flowed through the game. But when Argentina plays a team they have played a million times such as Mexico, such as Brasil such as Paraguay they tell themselves we know them and know how to break them down. When they play a foe they never really play too often they just fly and show the beautiful game. Lets face it, this team shows us two things and two things only, "Love&Pain".


Anonymous said...

This is coming from Mr Tevez, I am wondering what you guys think..

Tevez: Easier playing for Man Utd than Argentina

Carlos Tevez admits he feels better playing for Manchester United than Argentina.
"I'm finding it easier to play for United than I am for the national side," he said. "There seems to be more space to exploit.

"lf you're the No 9 you have to score goals. I haven't scored one in my last four for Argentina. In England it's the opposite. I'm scoring goals even though I'm not always in the No 9 position."


John said...

Nice comment Jack but let me tell you this, KAKA is going to the World Player Of The Year Award. It is as simple as that.

I might be wrong here but if I am then its hooray to MESSI. However knowing FIFA on how they run things you will get the feeling that its not going to be our boy.

But as I’ve mentioned before I don’t give a f%@# who wins it because we know between those 3 who is the best.

About those people who have something to say about the “Hand of God”, to hell with them.

Maybe its time they wake up and smell the coffee because the Russians are fixing matches in the ATP circuit and Italy might have won the World Cup trough phone calls, e-mails, facsimile and for all you might know maybe thorough sms text, infrared or even bluetooth technology as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you John, World Player Of The Year is just a title, its nie to have but the main goal should be that. +Kaka is Brasilian and FIFA loves them Brasilians. I also agree about "Hand Of God" all I have to say is "Wouldnt you want Messi on your side", and those nations trying to steal Argentine players such as Italy and Spain shame on them. The nerve of Spain begging Messi to play for them,cant see Messi in that ugly red jersey. And as for the Russians Davydenko what else is new with the Ruskis.


Nancy said...

Guys, I am an ardent Messi fan but I think it is fair he won 3rd in European/World footballer. After all, Kaka and C Ronaldo won important trophies for their teams, while Messi failed to do so. Anyway he is so young and has plenty of chances.

Have anyone of you noticed how different Cmbiasso played for Arg and Inter? As I say, I am also an Inter fan and Cambiasso simply play sensationally for black-and-blue, but when he plays for Argentina, he plays so bad that I don't even want to see him on the field. Any comments why?

John said...

Thanks for bringing this up Nancy. CAMBIASSO preferred role is in the center of midfield but COCO Basile uses him on the left for Argentina for someone reason I’m not too sure why.