Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NBA News - MANU Of The Night Ginobili

Toronto Raptors 123 Phoenix Suns 136

It’s never been easy when you’re without bug names playing against the Suns. Not even did the two 3-pointers Carlos DELFINO which bring the score line 56-61 at half time was enough to pull the Raptors back in the second half.
However the spirited performance shown by them deserve some credit even it all ended in defeat.

DELFINO finished off the game with 14 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists & 4 steals.

Charlotte Bobcats 82 Chicago Bulls 91

At the third quarter, the Bulls were down by 11 points.

Andres NOCIONI scored 10 of his 15 points in the final quarter and added 11 rebounds to help the Bulls beat the Bobcats. It was only his first double double of the season.
Chapu finished off the as the best performer for the Bulls from the bench, which also includes 4 assists.

On the opposite end, Walter HERRMANN is still struggling to find some quality time play but still when the given some opportunity to ensure who produces something. He only 6 points to his name.

Memphis Grizzlies 92 Houston Rockets 105

The battle of the International Rookies, Luis SCOLA and Spanish star Juan Carlos NAVARRO.

In recent weeks the Spaniard seems to have the upper hands but not tonight. After a few poor outings, SCOLA found his rhythm once again by posting double-digit performance

He finished off by posting 16 points & 2 rebounds.

San Antonio Spurs 97 Dallas Mavericks 95

San Antonio Spurs' reserve Manu GINOBILI is talented enough to be part of just about any starting lineup in the NBA. And as the defending NBA champions found out Monday, that includes them.
GINOBILI scored a season-high 37 points in the Spurs' 97-95 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday in his first start of the season. He was a game-time decision and played despite still recovering from a bruised finger he got Sunday against Portland.

"I woke up feeling pretty good. ... After I saw I could dribble and shoot pretty well, I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to try and help the guys,'' GINOBILI said.

The starting lineup change came because Tim DUNCAN was out with a sprained right ankle he sustained on Sunday.

But that wasn’t all from MANU as he also posted a game high 6 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals & 1 block shot.

Fabricio OBERTO was a starter and he posted 8 points, 5 rebounds & 1 assist.


timmo said...

Spurs fans should feel lucky to have a man of Manu's caliber on the team.

john said...

I agree that scola should start instead of chuck hays. scola definitely is the better player. teams should start the best player and that should be scola over hays. francis over rafer.


halley said...

The Spurs are quite lucky to Manu Ginobili on the team. Manu has improved a lot even though he was moved as the 6th man. But I still hope that he'll be on the starting lineup. I was sad about the Scola trade, that hit the Spurs hard. John, I've added you to my link list. Hope you could drop by some time.

John said...

Thanks for all your comments.

The thing MANU is that regardless whether he is starter or a bench player, I have no complains on that. The very simple reason is that he produces the good when called upon. I do see him one day being inducted into the SA Spurs hall of fame. Why not? After all he is one of the main reason that Spurs are dynasty today.

Halley, please let me know the URL address to your site. I’ll bookmark it on my list of favourites.

About SCOLA, I do understand he still needs time but my only concern is that sometimes I feel his role is limited to some extent that he can only little things. Let him flow freely then you’ll see what talking about.

bullsftw said...

nice site, and thanks for the visit.

- nocioni fan

Rele said...

Nice blog too, I'll check it very often.

"Albicelestes night" was really very good.

Manu is, for me, the most skilful player in the world, and he showed that against the Mavs once again. His dunk over Diop... amazing!

Scola deserves more minutes, and he should be the starter PF instead of Chuck Hayes. And I think he will finally be. Great match against Grizzlies.

Delfino is on fire on these days, making the most of Bosh's absence.

I hope Herrmann gets more playing time as the season advances, last year he demostrated what he's capable of.

Chapu is maybe the best Bull of the season, and one of the best 6th man in the league. Not even the Pau Gasol trade rumors get him distracted.

Fabri Oberto makes his work, as always, very efficiently.

Derrick Davidson said...

Nice Post

Time Intact said...

Manu Ginobili is a superstar. I still don't think he gets enough credit. For sure the Spurs wouldn't be what they are without him, he's absolutely critical. Players are often measured by what they do in the playoffs, and I always remember Ginobili burning defenders such as Marion (who's a supreme defender) and just scoring at will practically. I think a lot of people are still surprised by him when he has a hot night.

halley said... is my url john. I agree with you about Luis Scola, but let's just see he might become a much better player as the season comes to an end. And regarding Manu, he's really great and flexible. I just hope he stays as a Spur and I would love to see him in the All-Stars again.

Dislexia said...

Great Blog John, I like how did you make it
Are you argentinian?

John said...

Welcome to our blog Dislexia.

No I'm not Argentinian but someone who has passion for the blue and white from Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Ginobili is one of the best shoting guards, he can score 25 points for night.
Go Spurs!!

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