Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2007 Copa Sudamericana - Vamos Arsenal!!!

Later on history will be in the making when Arsenal de Sarandí takes on Club América from Mexico in the 2nd leg of the 2007 Copa Sudamericana. Now why do I say this is because throughout its existence El Viaducto has never won any Argentine championship let alone an international trophy.

Today however, the unheralded club will have the edge against its more seasoned Mexican rival in the crucial second-leg finale of the Copa Sudamericana. With a 3-2 victory in Friday's first leg at Azteca Stadium, Arsenal comes home with an aggregate advantage as well as three precious away goals.

Arsenal can draw, or even lose by 1-0 or 2-1, and still leave with the trophy above its head.

"This is the most important match of our lives," Arsenal midfielder Andres San MARTIN said. "We have to stay calm and focused on this championship final ... but clearly, they are a great team and nothing is for sure."

Arsenal manager Gustavo ALFARO remained silent Tuesday about his game plan. Yet he signaled his team will be virtually the same from the first leg. However, Israel DAMONTE will have to replace Carlos CASTEGLIONE, who was expelled from Friday's game.

The Argentine squad will still have a solid offensive and defensive lineup to count on, as well as a goalkeeper, Mario CUENCA, who has been considered crucial in Arsenal's route to the finals and the very experience Anibal MATELLAN.

"It's going to be a complicated match because they (America) are a team with great goal-scoring potential," CUENCA said. "That's going to force us to be very focused from the midfield back. It all will depend on us."

Meanwhile Alejandro GOMEZ said “There are ninety minutes left, that will be very tough for Arsenal. America will go looking for the result, because they have that obligation because they are a big team,"

For Club América, they do have some insider to give them plenty of local knowledge in the form of their coach Daniel BRAILOVSKY who used to play for Independiante, plus playmaker Federico INSUA and Ex-Lazio star Lucas CASTROMAN.

The match will be played at the 40,000-seat stadium used by Racing Club (Seba’s club) because Arsenal’s own stadium is far small to accommodate such a big event.

Since I’ll be stuck at my office and will be following the game from any podcast available on the Internet, please do join me and as we follow the match from here.

Arsenal Starting Eleven
Mario CUENCA, Javier GANDOLFI, Jossimar MOSQUERA, Anibal MATELLAN, Christian DIAZ, Diego VILLAR, Israel DAMONTE, Andres San MARTIN, Javier YACUZZI, Alejandro GOMEZ and Jose Luis CALDERON.


John said...

Oh shit!!! It's the 63rd minute already and Club America are 2-0 (on agg Arsenal are losing 4-3).

They need at least one goal to win this Final.

John said...

It's 1-2 now with less than 6 min left. Should the result remains, then it's Arsenal's trophy.