Saturday, December 01, 2007

Atomic Flea Shortlisted!!!

Yes!!! The news is out...

It is confirmed that Lionel MESSI will be one of the three players that will be shortlisted for the annual FIFA Player Of The Year Award. The other two will be Kaka and Cristiano RONALDO.
The trio can now be confirmed after a poll of the coaches and captains of men's and women's national teams around the world, who cast their votes based on the lists of candidates drawn up by FIFA - comprising 30 players.

Further news about our golden boy was that Napoli sports director Pierpaolo MARINO has told fans that the dream prospect of signing him can become reality.

He said "Leo would revive in Naples the fable of MARADONA. He is everything the people of this city likes. "

From my humble opinion, I'm not going to be bothered whether he wins or not, as all this while, for me he is the BEST!!! But for now, for all the hard work that he has put into, he truly deserves this recognition.


johnny said...

Messi #3 and Riquelme #13.

johnny said...

Correction, Roman #14 !

Nancy said...

I think Messi will be No 3 for world footballer as well.

Messi played great throughout he year, but he didn't win any trophy for either Barca or Argentina. So it is fair and square he ranks 3rd. Next year there will be European Championship so it would be difficult for Messi to win as well. His biggest opportuniry should be 2009 or 10. Good luck.