Friday, April 24, 2009

TEVEZ to Anfield? What's the story with HIGUAIN?

Two Argentine forwards are constantly making the headlines for different reasons.

While Carlos TEVEZ has to sit on the bench while witnessing how Dimitar BERBATOV even takes penalties ahead of him, Gonzalo HIGUAIN keeps winning games for Real Madrid and it's getting more and more inexplicable why he is not being considered to play for Argentina.

As always, when things like these happens, rumours start flowing faster than Lionel MESSI!

TEVEZ is being linked with a number or top European sides. To the rather old versions linking him with Inter Milan and Real Madrid, you have to add those suggesting that the Apache could be heading to Chelsea or even Man Utd's bitter rivals: Manchester City and Liverpool.

TEVEZ made some comments to an Argentine radio a few days ago about how he would have no problems leaving United and saying he needs to play regularly, especially with the World Cup being just around the corner.

Alex FERGUSON is still to make a decision on whether he'll aim to keep TEVEZ or not. Expect a thousand different reports from here until the start of next season. We could be in for a long transfer saga!

As for HIGUAIN...reports in the Argentine media lately, suggested his absence in recent Argentina matches has nothing to do with his level of performances. It seems Pipita doesn't see eye-to-eye with Real Madrid team-mates Fernando GAGO and Gabriel HEINZE and that could be the reason behind MARADONA's not calling him up.

I don't entirely buy this versions, but more often than not, when this kind of reports come to the surface, there's at least a shadow of truth behind them.

That said, it's nothing confirmed and if it was, then I doubt under the current state of things, MARADONA will be wanting to miss out on such an in-form player. Not only his performances are up there with that of the best strikers in the world, he is also showing a knack for scoring crucial 3-pointers. Vital match-winning strikes, that are keeping Real Madrid alive this season.

Here's where MARADONA should use his power to convince the Real Madrid players that the national team is bigger than their club, their qualities and their big fat egos.

I'll be desperate to knowing what's in store for our next WCQ squad list!


messidona19 said...

Oh come on! Higuain doesn't come eye to eye with Heinze and Gago , so the latter two are being chosen instead?? i would pick Higuain over both Heinze and Gago in any day.
First thing í will do when i see the next squad list is scroll down to the striker list to see if Denis is actually still favoured to Higuain! Then i will believe that there's something wrong with our Maradona's bias towards Napoli players and hatred towards River Plate players.

Sebastian said...

OK, having in mind that we're just talking about rumours, I would also add that apparently this situation comes from the early days of Diego in charge (before his debut v. Scotland) and back then, HIGUAIN wasn't as formidable as he turned out to be in the last few months.

If you ask me, I'd call both HIGUAIN and GAGO and get rid of HEINZE.

Knowing that Diego thinks HEINZE is crucial for his team, I'm not dreaming of seeing him out of the squad, but I'd love to see Diego having a long good chat with the three of them and sort things out for the benefit of our team.

Regarding him being biased and anti-River Plate...well...I must disagree there.

River Plate don't have any talented-enough players for Diego to call up. It was only last night that they were knocked out of the Copa Libertadores (AGAIN), in the first round (they only won 1 match -and they did so with a blatant hand-ball and an offside position included in the same goal-).

Not even River Plate fans will want to make a case for any of their players.

Regarding Napoli-DENIS v. HIGUAIN. I doubt Diego will insist with DENIS. If he keeps HIGUAIN out, then those rumours must certainly be true!

Dave said...

It's very interesting to see some of the Manchester United fans reactions -- Berbatov is coming under a lot of heat for his indifferent effort levels, while Tevez is a fan favourite -- the fans are putting more pressure on Fergie.

The team I'd like to see Tevez join is Liverpool.

Without knowing who the next Chelsea manager is, and what tactics he'll use, and what role he wants Tevez to play, I'm not sure I want Chelsea to sign him. If Hiddink were to stay on, with his three front men and attacking football, I'd love to see Tevez at Stamford Bridge.

Sebastian said...

By the way...if anybody is curious, I have voted for Carlitos to move to Manchester City!

Wouldn't it be great to see him there?

Let me explain my reasons.

In any of the other teams that are reportedly interested in him, Manchester City would represent the only place in which TEVEZ will become perhaps the focus of their offense. He'll get to play in EVERY match.

What if he goes to Chelsea? Bench-warmer, for sure.

At Liverpool? I doubt Rafa BENITEZ will be able to create a system for TEVEZ to co-exist with TORRES and I don't want TEVEZ to become the new Dirk KUYT and play deeper or even as a midfielder. No way!

At Inter? I don't know, maybe. It's just that I don't see him having a role as big as the one he could have for Man City.

Real Madrid? Bench-material.

So my vote goes for him to move to Manchester City. TEVEZ has such a strong character, not even Man City's famous bad luck will be able to break him! And he won't have to adapt to a new city.

On the other hand, by becoming the main weapon of a club again (like he was for Boca, Corinthians and West Ham) he'll have everything in place to succeed and improve the team.

Don't tempt me! Cause I might just start a "Carlitos to Manchester City" campaign! hahaha!

Sebastian said...

Regardless of who is the manager, who are the players and all the factors you can think of, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY HATE TO SEE CARLITOS AT CHELSEA!

NO NO NO NO! It is tough enough to see him at Old Trafford...

One other reason why I voted for him to move to Man City is that I want him to cheer on the team he gets to play for.

The ideal scenario for me would be to see him at QPR! Since that's impossible, the best of the rest of the options on the table has to be Manchester City.

ROBINHO can be flashy, but they need an effective guy like Carlitos if they want to achieve something.

Anonymous said...

Maradona is showing nepotism towards Aguero. Kun has had a free fall from his playing days from a year ago. I say bench Aguero, start Messi, Tevez and Higuain. Nobody and I mean nobody works harder then Tevez. He is very humble on the pitch and is willing to give up the ball at all times. I can count many many times him giving the ball up for a better play or passing it to Messi for a goal. As for Gago and Heinze not getting along with Higuain, I say both of them should get on their knees and kiss his feet for saving Real Madrid so many times this year. Gago the heir to Redondo I laugh at that claim, there will never be a player with that much grace playing in football. As for Heinze he is horrible in the back and he makes mistakes all the time.

Now as for Carlitos leaving, I say good. He needs to go to a team that will give up a starting role. I would not mind him playing in Italia or Espana.


messidona19 said...

i fully agree with Jack's comment,
but as for Seba's idea of Tevez joining Manchester City , i don't think it would be such a good idea for a Champions League winner to play with lower quality players and fight to stay in the EPL , and i believe that it would be a waste for him to teach players lower than his level (Bellamy), when he can learn from players higher than him , and i think that Ac Milan is the best place for him to learn from World Champions in Gatusso (a similar player to him) , Beckham , Pirlo's leadership , Kaka and Ronaldinho's playmaking skills , Inzaghi's positional instincts.
Tevez could be the perfect partner for Pato next season same how Crespo and Shevchenko formed a great partnership in 2005. He would get loads of assists from all these players and would fit in perfectly.

johnny said...

Come on back to Boca Carlitos !! Who needs the big euro bucks !! Come on back, you Bostero you !!

Milan ?? And play for that Mussolini jerk Berlusconi, or whatever his name is ? No !!

As for Higuain, is their any player more in form than he other than Messi ? Great confidence. Rudd who ??

Sebastian said...

Not that he won't learn things from now on, but I don't think TEVEZ should think his next move with "learning from other players" as a priority. His priority should be to get first team football every week.

He is not 16 or 17 to be thinking of gaining experience playing alongside world class players. In my opinion, he already is a world class player. And if he lacks in technique or finesse (which I don't think he does, but many Man Utd fans think differently), he more than makes up for that in effort (and every Man Utd fan would agree).

Therefore, I fear the prospect of TEVEZ warming the bench at another club. That's exactly what I think that could happen to him if he moves to one of those teams over-crowded with stars.'d be 10 times more fun to see him at a club like City!

johnny said...

Not that he would, but the last thing we would want to see is Carlitos as Saviola.

Anonymous said...

Aguero has only been off form a bit from the start of this year, and that has more to do with him having a baby and not getting enough sleep, than anything else.
And generally the whole Atletico team have been playing crap, he's had very little service to do anything with, suggest you watch all of Atletico's matches this year. And if anyone ought to be benched it's Maxi who's been in crap form, since the start of the year.

Anyway the under17's are about to play Ecuador.
links on


John said...

A message to Sir Alex...

Ah common Fergie! You know that BERBATOV will not give that 120% effort week-in, week-out. You should know just how much the ROONEY-TEVEZ proved successful last season. Why are you trying to f%#$ things up.But annyway, I gotta feeling that he might go to Inter. Diego has advise him (and Kun as well) to leave their club and play for Jose MOURINHO. I can see what a prospect we'll have with the Zlatan-Carlitos partnership.

Of course the prospect of playing for City sounds interesting. Just imagine how would the City supporters take him if he puts a dagger in Sir Alex heart (if he plays for them that is).

Now the Gonzalo HIGUAIN story really puzzles me. I'm sure by now he would have had 10 caps or more for the French team. He could do no wrong with the level of his performance.

Diego must put an end to those ego trip that ravages the dressing room. Personally I would love to see him alongside MESSI instead of Kun AGUERO.

Forza_albicelestes said...

I need to see messi with Higuain and Lisandro with Aguero Tevez and Lavezzi on the bench.I never b4 saw licha in India as we dont have Portugese league but from what I saw in the 2 legs with MAN U,He is sheer class and willing to work hard as well.He is actually what the NT has been missing.We need 2 tall and strong strikers in Higuainand Licha alongside some 1 of Messi silky skills.Any one of them can turn the game on its head.Rite now based on form Zarate and Lavezzi deserve a place in The NT ahead of Aguero and Tevez.
As for Heinze I dream of the day I will see the team list w/o him on it.
Also Ledesma from Lazio should be given a call b4 he decides 2 play for Italy.

messidona19 said...

Ok i think that Tevez should not join Man. City , not only because he'll go to a lower team but also because he won everything there is to win in England. Other than Ac Milan , there's Inter Milan where he would be a starter with Ibrahimovic.
Tevez said it himself that he'll only stay in Europe for 3/4 more years until he comes back to Boca , so why shouldn't he be playing in a top team fighting for trophies instead of playing for a team risking relegation.
Plus : No World Class player seems to be willing to join Man. City anymore.

Roy said...

Concerning the poll, I voted Inter.

The chances of him staying with United are extremely slim. If he goes to City it would be about the money, but I wouldn't be totally against it. Chances are he would start every match, but he wouldn't get any Champions League... which means he wouldn't be as tired come the World Cup. But I think Tevez deserves better than City.

I just can't see him going to Liverpool, nor do I want him to. Like Seba mentioned, he would probably become the next Dirk Kuyt.

Chelsea is a big no, no. Drogba and Anelka are already there and Franco Di Santo isn't even getting minutes(by the way, there's another one that should move clubs).

Madrid, he'll become the next Saviola. They already have Higuain, Ruud, Raul and Huntelaar.

Inter Milan would be(for me) the ideal club. Inter has officially released Adriano which means that Tevez will just have to fight a starting spot with Balotelli(which he'll win). Tevez/Ibrahimovic up-front would be ridiculously fun to watch. Can't forget the Argentina connection there!

If he goes to Inter, I truly think we'll see the Tevez of Boca and Corinthians. 3/4 of the team speaks Spanish(including Mourinho which is very important). Plus, he won't have to track back and defend. And can't forget he'll be learning how to attack in a VERY defensive league.

Back to the present; Higuain. If Diego doesn't call him up then he's extremely hard headed. Higuain has been the most CONSISTENT Argentina striker all year long. Aguero, for as much praise as he earns has not been that good this season. Tevez/Higuain/Messi up front.

messidona19 said...

Hey guys , i read it on and they said that Riquelme might be convinced by Grondona to come back for argentina national team!! i don't know if it's a rumour but this might be positive news.

messidona19 said...

Hey guys , i read it on and they said that Riquelme might be convinced by Grondona to come back for argentina national team!! i don't know if it's a rumour but this might be positive news.

Abs said...

HIGUAIN: I believe the reason behind that is the fact that MARADONA said before that the national team should be 100% Argentain. And I don't believe there is any issue between him and GAGO or HEINZE.

TEVEZ: First to say, TEVEZ will simply go to the team which pay more, since he is still owned by KIA group, and not MAN UTD.
- INTER: It would be a mistake for him to join INTER with Jose in charge, coz you never know what is going on in this guy mind. TEVEZ could be his first choice on a day, and the last choice on another.
-AC MILAN: I just don't wanna see him there.
- MADRID: For sure he is going to set on the bench next to SAVIOLA .. F*** you BARCA-MADRID for killing the rabit.
-MAN UTD: It is clear that he won't be the first choice anytime soon, better leave them.
-MAN CITY: Am scared that they'll get him, but it just isn't his place, TEVEZ would be compare to players like BELLAMY and that's just wrong.
-CHELSEA: There formation, and both ANELKA and DROGBA in there, it won't be a big change.
-LIVERPOOL: I am a fan, and I really wanna see him in there, but he won't be a striker. He'll most likely be another KUYT. I don't think that would be bad, coz he can do just great on the left side. And remember, MASCHY-TEVEZ again :D

RIQUELME: I didn't read this yet, but if it is true, and stup!d GRONDONA really talked to him, then we'll see RIQUELME back to in the national team. I'll be so happy to see that happenning :)

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