Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bolivia 6-1 Argentina: Lack of altitude from ARG

The quick explanation, the simpler, the easiest, would be to say that Argentina had a bad game, probably safe to say Argentina had a terrible game and Bolivia played an almost flawless match.

It's true. Like it's also true that the altitude played a big part in this terror film.

With all things considered, I would like to ask you to look at the following picture and do as it says: DON'T PANIC, PEOPLE!
Diego said: "Every goal from Bolivia was a dagger to my heart. I can't say much more to our fans. I think any team in the world would have suffered against Bolivia today because they were brilliant. I hope this is a one off and I'm confident we'll come back from this".

Argentina had a poor start and our team failed to find the way to ensure possession and play as far from CARRIZO as possible. Bolivia went ahead, enjoyed a number of goal-scoring chances and hit the bar inside the first 15 minutes.

Just when it looked like Argentina could get something from the game with a lucky break we found when Lucho GONZALEZ scored from distance, reality hit us back.

If I had the chance to turn back the clock, I'll go back in time to the moment when MESSI combined with TEVEZ and got in front of the keeper only to shoot at him and failing to see a wide-open Maxi RODRIGUEZ coming from the right. That would have been 2-1 for Argentina. Even when we clearly weren't playing anywhere near the top of our game.

Instead, a few moments later, CARRIZO couldn't control the ball, ZANETTI then made a school-boy error, lost posession and committed a foul inside the box. 2-1 down.

The definite nail on the coffin came in the last minute of that ugly first half when a perfect counter-attack sent Bolivia 3-1 up.

The rest was history. Everytime a team is forced to chase the result, more goals can come and most like will come instead.

Frustration had the best out of our players, especially DI MARIA, and we were lucky not to lose by more.

The road ahead is still long. Argentina pretty much depend on their own ability and as of right now, we don't need other results to go our way in order to calculate if we can or we can't get to the next World Cup.

I'm a positive person and I'm always looking on the bright side of things. Today, there's not much I can take from this game, but if anything, this is a good experience for Diego and this group of players. I'm confident they will learn a lot from this and they'll be incredibly motivated to shake this loss off when we face Colombia next.


Leo said...

Bolivia played well, but Argentina also played very poorly."Schoolboy error" from Zanetti, definitely, but similar errors throughout the match.
The defense needs serious work. Heinze has been a world-class defender for years but can he continue to handle tricky, determined opponents?
And Papa - no offense but I do not consider him a player qualified for La Seleccion. Argentina needs quality as well as heart and I'm not sure this guy has the former.
We should keep the 3-4-3 formation! We couldn't have possibly defended worse than we did, so adding another forward would have just alleviated things at the other end. We can't solve defensive problems by merely adding more defenders, we need RELIABLE defenders.

Ana said...

That was a historic loss. Argentina has not lost by that many goals since 1958 world cup!

John said...

Well I guess Seba has summed up the whole scenario very well for all of us. There is nothing much can be said about our performance today.

Careless mistake, school boys error, low morale as the game went on, etc etc etc.

What is more important now for everyone to learn from this experience (that includes Diego as well). And I know he will.

As they say in life, you learn your best lesson through failure. And those who do, will succeed in the future.

Abs said...

This isn't a faliure boy, this is a humilation !!

All defender should be kicked out, and 3-4-3/3-5-2 should be up again !!

Gonzalo, Garay, and Milito for defence. Even Burdisso and Coliccini would do better than this !!

Anonymous said...

Humilation does not even justify this. I am embarrassed by this. I had Bolivia friends calling me today egging me on. Yeah Bolivia isn't going to the WC, but winning like this is just as good for them. Hell if Bolivia plays like this at home they can. Why did Maradona start a solid team vs Venz@ home I do not know. He should of rested most or set them out early to train and get their legs and lungs ready, but he didn't. Not blaming him, Argentina second squad can beat Venz, and all of us knew this would be a bad game. This ALWAYS happen with Argentina, always, Play a great game i.e. 98 WC vs Jamaica, then lose in the QF, play a great game vs Serbia&Montenegro win 6-0 and struggle to beat Mexico., beat ecador 6-1 in 2004 copa america then go and lose to mexico in the next game. They play a great game, we call them champs then they come crashing down to earth. Watch it happen again the WC, destroy a team make us believe they are imortals then struggle to win against a team that does not have a player who can start on the NT of Argentina. Not turning my back on the team, never will, I just wish they can be more consistant.


messidona19 said...

jack is right , argentina are not consistant enough , no matter how good they perform these past years , you'll never know what surprises will be on show for the next game , in these 12 matches we have lost 3 or 4? and almost lost more than those matches hadn't it been for palacio's last minute goal in a home match against ecuador , i just hope that our players will learn from this match and maradona motivates them more to achieve 6 points in the next two matches

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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