Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UCL – Quarter-Finals, Second Leg - Tuesday

The UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals wraps up this week with Chelsea hosting Liverpool and Bayern Munich trying to pull off the impossible against Barcelona.

Chelsea vs. Liverpool
This one at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea defeated Liverpool last week at Anfield 3-1 and will try to wrap it up today. Argentina captain Javier MASCHERANO missed the first leg due to suspension but will more than likely start today's match. Emiliano INSÚA who played the full 90 minutes against Blackburn is not in the Champions League squad, which means he will not take part in today's match. Meanwhile for Chelsea, Franco DI SANTO(if picked) will start on the bench.

FC Bayern Munch vs. FC Barcelona
Barcelona took advantage of their home match against the Germans and scored 4 goals, 2 of which by Lionel Messi(he had 2 goals and 1 assist). All signs indicate that Barcelona coach Pep GUARDIOLA will start MESSI on the bench and bring him on incase of an emergency. For Bayern, Martín DEMICHELIS will start at the back, he who played the full 90 minutes against Barcelona last week. It looks like José SOSA will start on the bench(he came on at the 77th minute last week against Barcelona). Bayern will need 4 goals to bring the match to Extra-Time at the same time making sure that Barcelona do not score. If Barcelona scores, Bayern will need 6 goals to win the match.


Anonymous said...

chelsea won 7-5 on aggregate, so they will go through to face Barca in 2 weeks time.
Messi played the whole match and Sosa started for Bayern. It ended 1-1. I think Sosa did ok, he's a good passer and crosser of the ball, shame he doesn't get to play more at Bayern. Demichelis did well at the back for Bayern.


Anonymous said...

It seems when at the end of the game Messi and Sosa had some words for each other. It seems Messi was talking to Sosa, and Sosa just walked off then turned around and said something again. Messi looked a bit upset. I like Sosa, guy works hard and is not a bad player at all.


John said...

The Reds were unlucky, no thanks to Pepe REINA. But it was known from the start that it was a big mountain to climb for them. Nevertheless, a great from them.

Anonymous said...

personally, i rather hoped that all the english teams would go out, not possible, but it's bad for football in general, the epl's dominance in the CL.
Utd beat Porto 1-0.
Lucho went off injured in the first half, i hope he's ok, but it was a loss for Porto of a very influential player. Mariano Gonzalez is a crap crosser of the ball, and Lisandro had one good chance which he hit straight at Van Der Sar.
In the other game Arsenal beat Villareal 3-0.
So, it's Barca v Chelsea
and Utd v Arsenal


Anonymous said...


Each year passing this Champion's League is getting less and less interesting. Always the same confrontation, barely any surprise.

John said...

I’m going to have to agree with you that English clubs are looking pretty strong in Europe. The main reason I believe is simple, money. English clubs are becoming lucrative business nowadays and that is why billionaire from Russia, US and the Middle East are investing their money there.

It is very obvious for what reason a player of ROBINHO caliber would want to leave Real and go to a club like Manchester City (at the same time when Milan were also keen to sign him). Not that I’m trying to disrespect the blue half Mancunians here.

Where was Chelsea say like 6 years ago? There were no where close to Champions League materiel. Then of all sudden here comes this guy from Siberia and bam! Now they are going to make another attempt to win the holy grail of European football.

Believe me because I come from South East Asia, and the EPL is like second religion here. On a weekend, you can find every bar, clubs and restaurant packed to max with people cheering for their respective clubs. Don’t expect such atmosphere for a La Liga or Serie A match unless it is big game like El Clasico or the Milan derby. But that also depends on the timing as well.

The Man Utd Fan Club boosts memberships at around 30,000 to 50,000. This is followed by Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham, Aston Villa and many others. Not too forget, in China (the fastest growing economic power in the world) these memberships can even reach in the millions!

Somewhere in 2003 there has been an attempt by local Real Madrid, AC Milan and Juventus fans to form their own fan clubs. Unfortunately they did not last long and most of it went quite in recent times.

Personally for me it is not good for the Champions League if it is going to look very predictable for every season. Just like last season, we have 3 EPL and one La Liga club in the semis. And from the looks of it over the past few seasons, they has been a least two clubs from England in the semis.

Anonymous said...

A lot of erroneous arguments, the year before Roman came Chelsea and Ranieri were a Champions league side finished fourth and qualified, it was the year they went out Monaco in the semis. they were a consistent 5-7 team in the mid-late 90's and had some good acquisitions 2000-02 and players that stepped up (lampard, terry, zola etc). I used to be a Chelsea fan, I grew up in Fulham two blocks from stamford bridge, but not anymore; the soul of the team is gone and bastardize by that asshole roman. Those who used to be true chelsea fans are disgusted wtih what is happening. I live in Italy because of the missus, and I follow Roma these days.

Forza_albicelestes said...

This EPL dominance is getting on my nerves.These teams play with 10 men behind the ball.When they try to attack they concede 4 goals like the other night.No Football purist would like to watch a football match.It is only because of SKY sports and the bilionaires that EPL is even being shown on TV.Its true the only diff between EPl and LA liga and Serie A is money.
Just calculate the amount the La liga and Sere a clubs have earned as oppossed to the EPL clubs.
In La liga leaving the top 2 aside a club like Sevilla or Villareal has earned less last year than Hull City or West Brom.
Sky Sports is also always promoting EPL as the best league in the world which in turn increases the viewership of EPL in the Asian Countries.
Also rite now the La liga and Serie A sides have no answer to the Kick and Run Style of EPl.But the day a counter strategy is implemented we will see the end EPL dominance.

Hope that day is near!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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