Wednesday, April 01, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: MESSI to miss Bolivia clash

News coming out of Argentina in the last few hours is that Lionel MESSI tweaked his ankle during training due to a challenge by Gabriel HEINZE. It is being reported that he had to be taken off by a stretcher and will not compete in the World Cup Qualifier against Bolivia.

Diego MARADONA has yet to comment on the injury. It is being rumored that Carlos TEVEZ will replace Lionel MESSI and Lisandro LOPEZ will partner him up front.

More news on this as it develops... oh and Happy April Fools day!


Sebastian said...

You had me for a second there, Roy!

It was very realistic, especially with HEINZE being the main culprit! hahaha!

Dave P said...

haha good one Roy...It would be Heinze.

progott said...

man, you totally got me. Now i hate Heinze even more.

John said...

My heart stop beating for a minute

Vedran said...

dont f'n kid like that. I was getting mad

messidona19 said...

hahahahahahhahhahhahaha i almost had a heart attack ! first it was good news that fooled me today when in it was said that capello resigned and now it's this! i actually believed it because the player was HEINZE!! this news fooled me the most! nice one

Anonymous said...

Given Hienze's past, I'ms till not convinced this is an April Fool's prank.

Anonymous said...

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