Wednesday, April 01, 2009

How to follow the match online and kick-off times

I've noticed that sometimes it's difficult to find out when a certain match will start and what time will it be in your part of the world.

Also, a lot of people don't know that they can actually WATCH the match online without having to pay and without doing anything against the law.

Here are some guidelines for you to be able to watch Argentina at Bolivia and to know when to set up your alarm so you don't miss the start of the match.

First thing first. Check your local time.

I'll help you by listing the local time for some major cities in different parts of the world.

The match will start at 3:30 PM local time in La Paz.

That's 4:30 PM Buenos Aires.

3:30 PM New York (and the whole Eastern coast of the USA).

8:30 PM London

9:30 PM Paris/Rome/Madrid

3:30 AM on Thursday for Beijing.

For more and to find out exactly what time will be in your city when the match kicks off, visit this website:

World Time Server.

To watch it?

The easiest way is to visit this link:
Bolivia v. Argentina.

No need to download a software or anything.

Other options (software download required):


Roja Directa. (Scroll down until you find the link to the match)

Then of course you can chat with us and other fans during the match.

Not long before the match starts, but you still have time to listen to our podcast show.

Right-click on the following link and save it as an MP3 file or listen to it in your computer: Mundo Albiceleste's Podcast.


LaTiNo said...

Thanks for this great service hombre! :)

Sebastian said...

De nada, amigo! Anything for fellow Argentina fans struggling to see the match.

My pleasure!

LaTiNo said...

Are you sure it's going to work at 21:30? There is still no contact :(

LaTiNo said...

yes, it works, and here is a reserva: