Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NBA Playoffs News – Poor Scola, Blazers Wins In Game 2

Despite of the tight score line from which the Portland Trail Blazers won 103-107, the Houston Rockets will still need to figure how to play when their star player is in trouble. YAO Ming’s performance in Game 2 was far cry from his splendid outing in Game 1, having suffered due to foul troubles.

This is where others such as Ron ARTEST or Luis SCOLA will need to step up to fill the void. SCOLA was having his own personal trouble indeed in his match up with Blazers forward, LeMarcus ALDRIDGE. After out getting the best out of him in Game 1, this time the table was turn dramatically. SCOLA just manage to post 12 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists & 1 block shot.

Luis and the Rockets will return home to play the next games in the series. We hope the home court status might just work in their favour.


VJ Rabid said...

I think Houston needs to find a way to involve Artest more. The guy is too talented to be forced to repeatedly taking difficult, defended spot-up three-pointers with the shot clock winding down.

This isn't necessarily going to be easy, especially with a young, inexperienced point guard like Aaron Brooks. Brooks has a tendency to overdribble, making passes when he's deep inside a defense, along the baseline, when he's better of getting into the middle of the lane, where he can either kick or pull up.

I'd say the Rockets are better off if Brooks concentrates more on getting the ball to Yao or Artest and becomes more of an opportunist when it comes to his own offense.

Ironically, I think the player who has the least to worry about his Luis Scola. He brings too much of his own flavor to the game to be swayed off course by getting caught up in a matchup against a decent scorer that's not a go-to guy.

Ongai said...

Yup, Aldridge really outplayed them tonight but the key really was Roy as he played like this just wasn't his 2nd career playoff game. For the ROckets to recover they really need more of Yao but he needs to stay out of foul trouble. Hey, I really feel bad for's sad to see his career end this way.

Melvin said...

I feel confident that Houston could still win the series. Blazers is a young and upcoming team but i don't think they can handle the experienced Houston squad