Sunday, April 26, 2009

NBA Playoffs News – SCOLA & Rockets Just One Game Away

Luis SCOLA is just one game away from winning his first playoff series. The Houston Rockets are just one game away from ending that jinx. Today they took another big step to achieve just that with a close fought 89-88 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. The result meant the Rockets will now take a commanding 3-1 lead in the series.

At the start of the season, everyone in Houston was talking about their version of the big three (T-Mac, Ron & YAO). For all the hype surrounding those three, it was their No.4 that continues to stand tall for them. And again, the young Blazers are still trying figure out just how they could stop the Rockets.

Every time their big man goes to surround YAO, they seem to forget about SCOLA; leaving him open with nothing but just to make jump shots. Let’s face it; we all know Luis is incredible in doing just that. Tonight he had 17 points to go along with those 8 rebounds, 1 assist & 2 steals.

The series will now return for Game 5 in Portland. No one is expecting for an easy ride there and the Rockets will know not to take things for granted.


Iron Fist said...

Hi Man thanks for visiting my blog, i agree with the thing you say about the rockets.

One quesion, are you from argentina? OR you just like the country?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback. I have been a Houston Rockets fan for a long time and I do think that Scola will be the key to our next series. The Lakers look tough though so we'll see. I live in San Antonio Texas where we have Ginobili and Oberto too. I think that if Manu were healthy, the Spurs might be doing better, but as it is I think that tonight will be the end of their season. We'll see. Also, I'm a Bayern Munich fan, since I see that you like football.

Joseba. said...

Tonight, again, Luis was the best player for Houston, but tonight he wasn’t enough. Let’s hope that Yao and Ron will wake up for the next game, so that we can watch a great playoff against the LA Lakers.

best regards,


Derek Major said...

Now that the Blazers won Game 5, I expect the Rockets to finish it off at home. Scola has been outstanding in this series and all season on a team that was hit hard by the injury bug he's played every game.

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