Monday, April 27, 2009

Champions League Semi Finals - Tuesday

The UEFA Champions League continues and this time it's the start of the Semi-Finals! Favourites to win the tournament Barcelona will host Chelsea at the Camp Nou tomorrow. Seeing as how it's the Semi Finals, it's the only match of the day. With Ashley COLE suspended(their left back) it seems like Guus HIDDINK will start Jose BOSINGWA. Lionel MESSI will be the only Argentine playing tomorrow as Franco DI SANTO will not play.


John said...

This is one is going to be cracker considering the love/hate relationship between these two sides. Expects some drama and fireworks.

There has been speculation that Michael ESSIEN will be deployed to play in that left back position. The sole purpose for this is to have him mark MESSI. After all he did a good job against GERRARD in the previous round.

Not easy ride for MESSI but I'm sure he can handle it.

I really hope to see Barca in the final just to avoid another All-England clash in the final.

messidona19 said...

I'm sure that even if they man mark Messi all match , he would still be able to do some type of an effective move or assist which would lead to a goal. Other than that , solely concentrating on Messi will give Iniesta more space.

Anonymous said...

Just got done watching the game and it just makes me sick a team sits back and defends and defends and defends. I found myself yawning a few times while watching the game. Messi had a so-so game, he had no room to move and he had flashes of blowing by players but that was it. They just sat back and defend, sort of like Brasil did vs Argentina in Copa America 07 and Chelsea tried to counterattack but to nothing. Bojan should of scored that goal, horrible miss, if he missed Messi would of been right there for a tap in. It makes me sick that a team sits back and defends.


John said...

I was kind of expected for this happen in the first place. Chelsea knows for a fact to go on the offense against Barca would be suicidal. That's why they rather sit back for the away leg.

It is still an open contest for the second leg but let's admit, it is Chelsea are now in the driving seat.