Wednesday, April 08, 2009

MESSI Stars In Barca’s Rout

Barcelona are just one small step away in progressing towards the semi-finals of the Champions League as they thrashed Bayern Munich 4-0 at the Nou Camp. Their formidable trio (MESSI-ETO’O-HENRY) did the damage in a game that completely looks like a one-sided affair.
Barca tore the visitors' defense apart with a flowing move and Samuel ETO'O set up Lionel MESSI (9th minute), who drilled a neat finish past Hans-Jorg BUTT to open the floodgates. Three minutes later, MESSI turned provider as he slid a deadly ball into the path of ETO'O and the Cameroon striker clinically slotted past BUTT.

MESSI should have had a penalty five minutes later when he was brought down in the box by Christian LELL. But instead, he received a booking for his troubles as the home fans roared with disapproval.

In the 38th minute, Thiery HENRY beat his marker for pace on the left and flashed a low centre across the six-yard box which MESSI poked home with his outstretched right leg to give Barcelona a three-goal lead.

And two minutes before the break, MESSI charged in from the right flank and laid the ball off to ETO'O, who in turn found HENRY. The unmarked Frenchman slid a low angled drive into the bottom right-hand corner to virtually seal Barca's passage to the semi-final within just 45 minutes.The second half was basically a continuation of Barca’s dominance. MESSI was unlucky not to get his hat trick but nevertheless he is the star of Europe for his magical display.

Javier MASCHERANO was not in action for Liverpool, but looks like his team is in trouble after going down at home to Chelsea, 1-3.


Anonymous said...

how rubbish is Lucas for Liverpool, they missed Mashcerano yesterday.. has nyone seen Lucas's password, because I don't think he is Brazilian... he can't be, being this rubbish

messidona19 said...

all hail MESSI!!! so it most probably will be a barcelona - chelsea semi final. it's great to see messi closing in on ronaldo's 42 goals a season last year. i hope he wins the treble this year!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be a little egoist on purpose and say that, it's fine and all he's doing all of this with Barcelona, but about the NT? When are we going to enjoy this Messi on a regular basis for the NT?

Frustrating to say the least.

He's not the only one though.

Aguero, Luis Gonzalez and others are imo way worse in their form with the NT and are still starters????

messidona19 said...

no messi is also great for the national team although argentina unfortunately doesn't have iniesta and xavi in midfield , but he is still good for the NT and i believe he will come good for the world cup , aguero and tevez are the ones who are underperforming for the NT , not messi

Anonymous said...

Messi is great. The best player of the world however barcelona was not excellent last season and unfortunately the title went to Cristiano Ronaldo. (I use cristiano ronaldo instead of ronaldo because the real ronaldo is fat ronaldo " the phenomenon")

Sir Raul

Abs said...

I have few points to stress out there:

- Lucas is Brazilian and Brazilian are rubbish. Oh boy, he is the worst 8.5M that Rafa ever spent on a player. I think anyone from Liverpool youth would do way much better than him.
I knew that Liverpool would made mistakes that would cost them the CL, but I thought they would come from Lucas him self. However, Lucas didn't made such a crucial mistake, but he will always be the worst player in Liverpool squade.

-Messi did everything in Barcelona last game, he scored, assist, dribbled, passed ... etc. In other words, Messi showed the world why he is the best player in the planet.

-Van Bommel.. If you can't match someone, then you don't have to kill him. What a shame, that's all I can say.

-messidona19 .. Sorry, but if Messi can give Argentina 80% of what he is giving to Barcelona, we would've won every single game he played. And I mean by that Copa America title as well. I know sometimes it isn't his fault, when he find him self alone up front, but he is Messi, and he can do ANYTHING.
And about Iniesta isn't playing with Argentina, then I think you should go back and see how many games did Iniesta actually played with Barcelona this season. Am 100% with you when you said Xavi, and I would actually include Henry and Eto'o .. But c'mon, we are Argentina, and we have Kun, Tevez, Maxi, and had Roman (we all saw the Olympics) !!

Anonymous said...

Come on, Kun has barely delivered until now with the NT. Tevez is always kind of tricky, because he's giving to teh shirt, but he's not efficient enough. As for Maxi, he has hit poor form as of late and right now he's mainly underachieving with Atletico Madrid and the albiceleste.

Really, those 2 years and half since 2006, so far have been really wasted and i have the impression it's getting worse as we are approaching the next WC. There's no group, no chemistry... nothing.

How in the world are we supposed to arrive in a little more than one year from now in that WC? We have between 10 to 12 games (depending the number of friendlies) to build something with an inexperienced coach who's more preoccupied with the in-fight wars inside AFA rather than building the team capableof competing next year. Hell, we are far from qualified right now and the most difficult games are coming now.

Really i dont see a lot of room for optimism right now. Hence why it's fine and all these are doing fine in their clubs but i want to is they do fine once they wear the albiceleste shirt...

Maximiliano Emmanuel De Vita Lemus said...

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messidona19 said...

reply to abs : oh come on! iniesta missed a lot of matches but he played many matches as well , more than half , and everytime he touches the ball he never loses it and i count him as very important for barcelona although he doesn't score , as for what argentina has , we have better than yaya toure in mascherano , but gago and cambiasso are no xavi , and maxi rodriguez is no iniesta although he scores more. as for attack no argentine striker comes close to eto'o in his goalscoring , they come close to henry with players like milito ,kun , higuain ,lisandro and cavenaghi. but with this argentina team no doubt we are more than capable of winning the world cup granted we qualify first!

Sebastian said...

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Sonja Hodgson said...

Hey John, just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog - so far I got most of my predictions wrong, lol.

But one thing is for sure, you can never write off Liverpool until the final whistle! Remember versus Olympiacos and Milan? They've come back from worse and Chelsea have dropped and lost bigger advantages before - nearly did at the weekend versus Bolton, too.

So, call me stupid, but I'm still optimistic.

And by the way, I think Messi is ten times the player Ronaldo is, they are both top quality but Ronaldo's attitude loses him half the respect (mine anyway)!

Mascherano was great yesterday against Blackburn, he was omnipresent, creating a lot for the Reds, hopefully he can do the same on Tuesday. YNWA

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