Sunday, April 05, 2009

NBA News – Scola, The Contender?

Things are not looking that good for the most of the Albiceleste in the NBA.

Manu GINOBILI and the Spurs are struggling, not a good time for such statement during this time of the year. The latest loss is against the Cavaliers 81-101 from which he was only a shadow of himself (4 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals). Despite of this setback, they still maintained their position in third place in the West. But I’m not too sure about their chances this year.

On other hand Andres NOCIONI will miss the post season for the second straight year while Walter HERRMANN does not get enough minutes for the Pistons. So who else is left?

I’m thinking that Luis SCOLA might have a long shot for the title with his Houston Rockets. After all they are playing better basketball in the absence of a certain Tracy McGRADY. They’re latest win against the Portland Trail Blazers (102-88) means they are still in contention to secure home court advantage in the first round.

SCOLA was again a high performer for them, posting 16 points, 6 rebounds & an assist. Still with a very tight situation from which at least 4-5 teams are fighting for position in the West, much of it could change in the weeks to come (with a possibility of these two being a first round match up).

"We were playing a team we have a lot of chance to play in the playoffs," said SCOLA, who made eight of 10 shots for 16 points. "It was a lot of stuff on the floor. It was the four (seed), also the tie-breaker. It was a good statement heading into the playoffs."

For now this is what I see from the current form of our Tall Albiceleste. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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VJ Rabid said...

John and my dear Albiceleste friends, you may have heard already, but I have terrible, terrible news : Manu is out for the season. He has a stress fracture in his right ankle.

This is a deadening blow to the Spurs' championship hopes.