Wednesday, April 01, 2009

NBA News – Losing End Despite High Performance From Manu & Chapu

Despite of another great game from Manu GINOBILI on his comeback trail, San Antonio Spurs looks to be in trouble of losing that No.2 position in the West after suffering their second successive defeat against the Oklahoma City Thunders. They will now play five games from their last eight on the road.

This was Manu first start since December and he was on eager to put the defeat against Hornets just a fortnight behind. He came up with 17 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists this time.

“The last couple of weeks have not been very good for us,” Manu said. “We consider ourselves an experienced and tough team, so we’ve got to stay together and step up now.”

Fabricio OBERTO, who sat out the previous two games because of an irregular heartbeat, was cleared to play but remained inactive. The team said OBERTO will have daily heart tests for the rest of the season.After upsetting the Suns in their last game, Sacramento Kings came out with another spirited performance in tonight’s game against the New Orleans Hornets. They gave one of the leading teams from the West enough scare and probably the rest of the league enough reasons to be concern about their potential next season. This was Chapu NOCIONI best ever game in a Kings jersey posting 23 points, 6 rebounds plus an assist and a steal.


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1 comment:

VJ Rabid said...

John, I'm glad Manu is playing well, but I've noticed that in his last two games (losses), his +/- is in the negative, meaning his team is losing when he's in the game. On average, he's one of the tops in the league in +/-.

I hope Manu gets back to his winning ways by the time the playoffs start.

With another star player on a championship team with a bum joint (KG in Boston), it'll be interesting to see who actually wins in June.