Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Putting the 1-6 into perspective

This 6-1 defeat at Bolivia ranks up there when it comes to the heaviest defeats in the history of our national team.

The most memorable defeat, that humbled our national team that went to the World Cup in Sweden 1958, came against Czechoslovakia. It was the same result as the one on Wednesday in La Paz. 6-1 to the Europeans.

Another one in a World Cup was the heavy 4-0 defeat at the hands of the Clockwork Orange of Holland in 1974.

When it comes to World Cup Qualifiers, this is the first time we concede 6 goals, but we lost by the same margin of 5 goals in 1993 when Colombia beat us 5-0 at home and left us on the brink of missing out on the USA 1994 World Cup. Eventually, Argentina defeated Australia in a playoff series and made it to the World Cup.

Another 5-0 came against Uruguay in 1959 and one year later we lost 5-1 to Brazil.


Alwin said...

Hi Guys,

Good to see that the blog is really rejuvenated now. Enjoyed all the contributions from all the guys who make this space special.

Regarding the game, well i was not able to watch it and almost thought i had a bad dream when i heard on radio in the car this morning to work that we lost 6-1. Then i thought maybe there was too much wax in my ears that i might have missed heard the news. In the end my good friend John confirmed with me that it is true.

Its not the end of the world however, we would bounce back from this defeat. Its a metter of picking up the pieces and moving on.

As people would say, bitterness first then sweetness will follow.

Now some questions to pose here? How hard is it to play 3,600m above sea level. We here in Malaysia do not have that opportunity to play on a field that high, well i guess most parts of the world too. Was it just the altitude that butchered us? Maybe over confidence? Underestimating opponents?

To put into perspective, whether its 0-1 or 1-6, its still just 3 points lost which we would gain from other matches, i'm sure.

Just glad to be back here again and sending my love and regards to all Mundo Albiceleste supporters all around the Mundo.


Abs said...

Playing in a high altitude doesn't give us the right to say anything.. coz as I believe MARADONA was from the few who fought against PLATTER for this issue !!

1-0 or 6-1 would be fine if we are the winning team, but losing from Bolivia who are the 9th in the table, isn't fine. I mean c'mon, not even San Marinao who lost 10-0 today against Poland would lose as bad as we did.

Our team was abslout rubbish, and the fact that they are tired or over confident wouldn't be a reason for us to lose that bad. And I don't wanna open this case about if Roman was there things wou;d be better, but not even a single right pass from Argentina made me wonder what was going on !!

I can go on and on, but I just wanna stop here coz I just wanna forget the humilation that happened yesterday !!

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that it breaks my heart thats ALLL.... thats argentina 4 you...