Friday, April 03, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Podcast 03

Disaster in La Paz! Plenty to talk about after Argentina lost 6-1 in the altitude of Bolivia. For that, John and I are joined by two journalists friends. Martín from Argentina and Rafael from Brazil.

We discuss what went wrong, what should have been done to avoid such a heavy defeat and what comes ahead in Argentina's road to South Africa 2010.

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Enjoy! And don't forget to send us your views to or right here in the comments' box.


messidona19 said...

my absolute respect to the brazilian journalist , he was very spot on concerning the ball being different in the altitude
if u also realize zanetti's mistake , when he slightly touched the ball went far from him

messidona19 said...

i really loved the analisys of maradona at his best and at his worst!
it was nice to talk about our brazilian rivals a bit.

Roy said...

Excellent podcast guys. It was interesting to hear things from a Brazilian's prospective aswell as someone else from Argentina.

The yellow card talking at the end is what I've been thinking of for a while. None of our players can get booked against Ecuador. If anything, field a whole different team against Ecuador(like Pekerman used to do). Use Battaglia or Cambiasso instead of Mascherano. Give some players a rest and make sure they don't get suspended.

John said...

Hey Roy! Glad to have you back. I have to say for our next two fixture, Diego needs to do a complete analysis on how he is going utilize the talent that we have.

andaman said...

Great podcast. Thanks a lot guys. It's nice to hear analyse from someone from Brazil. Interesting point of view concerning the Brazil NT. Great to hear the views from Argentinian. Agree with the Maradona thing. His life is extreme in every aspect. That's what made him such a character.

It's true of what John said about Brazil come second after England in most SE Asia countries. Same here in Thailand. I don't know what comes third Argentina, Italy or Germany. I just know what comes first for me.

Thai national team is on neutral ground too. I go to see them play whenever I can because I have to support them and not to mention the traveling time is much closer than to Buenos Aires from here, ha ha!(But I will go to BA, sooner or later to see the Albicelestes in the flesh and Maradona's country)

Anyway, just to let you konw, ever since Diego Maradona took charge of the NT. For the first time that we get to watch 'every' Argentina matches LIVE. Wow 4 games live now under El Diego. Never before man. Never before. So....I love you D.

Anonymous said...

Why Heinze still playing in Argentina´s team? He sucks.
¡Die Heinze, die!

Micha, from Argentina

Anonymous said...

Great Podcast. I agree, the arrogance of the team was the killer as well as the altitude. Maybe Diego said something after the Venz game that you guys are the best this and that. I think Diego should keep the guys HUMBLE. He should not give them a big head.I think the team will be fine, they will have to work a bit harder but I just hope and prey they can do something better then a QF in the WC. A WC in my lifetime would be something that is great, granted 86 I was only 2 but still, I want to see it with my own eyes!


Dave P said...

hey seba n john,

just finished listening to the podcast, great work as always. Really cool to hear the Brazilian side of things and take on our Albiceleste.

Nice Job!!!

messidona19 said...

jack u're so right! i wanna live in my life watching argentina win the world cup in my own eyes and wat bests watching messi beat the world as no 10 and maradona as coach!

VJ Rabid said...

Thanks for the great insight into Maradona and South America World Cup Qualifying, as always. Although I carry a certain level of expertise in roundball, I cannot say the same about futbol, and you guys are really helping my learning process.

It looks like you guys had some technical difficulties with this episode. For most of the podcast, one side of the conversation could not be heard.

Although it was not easy, because gaining your insight is invaluable, I listened to the whole thing, but the technical problems took a bit away from the energy you guys had in the first two episodes.

I look forward to the fourth episode.


Sebastian said...

VJ, our apologies for any technical difficulties you may have experience when listening to the third edition of our podcast.

In fact, there was a problem with the recording (it recorded in two channels, which made it difficult to edit it afterwards). I believe that my voice was coming on the left channel and the other three voices were on the right).

It will be solved when we do our next podcast. We're learning as we go and this kind of feedback is exactly what we need.

Glad you enjoyed the show despite the technical difficulties.


Rune said...

After being down for some days after the game I have finally listened to the third podcast. Great work, guys! Truly a joy to listen to you guys. Keep it up.