Friday, April 24, 2009

NBA Playoffs - SCOLA Helps Rocket Win Game 3

Luis SCOLA was alive, the Rockets defense packed it up on Brandon ROY and the Houston Rockets came away with a 86-83 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. But for one moment, despite of having a command of 17 points lead, it seems all they had was still not enough.

By the time the game moved to the fourth quarter, the Rockets’ 15-point lead was reduced to seven and the Blazers were surging through the sort of comeback that has marked their season. The Rockets, however, had one last push to take the win and the series lead.

And just how did SCOLA became the focal point of this win?

Well both YAO Ming and Ron ARTEST were having a bad night. The Blazers tactic on fronting YAO and going on the double-d on him prove to be suicidal.

When that happen, SCOLA stood out and hurt them with his jump shot. He was once again up for a tough battle against LeMarcus ALDRIDGE. While SCOLA was killed in Game 2 but in this game it was pay back time. He posted 19 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists & 1 steal.

“We play as a team,” SCOLA said. “So because of that, we can afford for Ron and YAO to have a bad night and we still win. And that’s a good thing to have.”

Now SCOLA and the Rockets have present themselves a great chance to win this series. They will host Game 4 before the going back to Oregon. A win here might just be the turning point. Now the dream is on again.


Bryan said...

Yeah, Scola definitely outplayed Aldridge in this one. If he didn’t have some foul trouble, I bet his numbers would be even better.

For Game 4, the Blazers will have some digging in to do. They’ve stopped Yao from repeating his dominating performance in Game 1, and Artest wasn’t really having a good night. Even Brooks and Lowry, who’ve been having good games for the Rockets, were relatively quiet. What the Blazers couldn’t stop was Scola, Landry, and the other Rockets. If they can’t neutralize the Rockets as a team, I don’t see them winning the next game either.

Nick said...

Yeah it is a good thing that Scola is stepping up. Otherwise, the Blazers would probably be ahead of Houston.

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