Monday, April 06, 2009

NBA News - Manu Out For Rest of Season

Manu GINOBILI is out for the rest of the season and the playoffs. The Spurs guard underwent scans on Monday that showed his troubled right ankle has gotten worse.

Manu missed 19 games after the All-Star break before coming back late last month. The Spurs said tests showed Manu had an increased narrow edema and stress fracture in his right distal fibula.

Manu did not play in the fourth quarter in Sunday’s loss at Cleveland. The news is a huge blow to the Spurs with the postseason just a few weeks away. San Antonio plays at Oklahoma City on Tuesday.


Dave said...

Terrible news for Manu. I just saw the news late last night ... very disappointing.

I'm a huge fan of Ginobili's and love watching the Spurs play, so this one hurts.

I think this completely wipes the Spurs title chances out. They're done. Stick a fork in them. They can't win without Manu.

Jeff Co Host Spurscast said...

Spurs should not resign him when he is a free aghent soon. He is too much of a liability now with all his injuries. Sad to see but it's time Spurs get younger and move on without Manu.

DMtShooter said...

The only shot they have is if some bench guy -- Roger Mason Jr. being the best candidate -- can be 90% of Ginobili, and if Duncan can dial the clock back five years.

Not seeing it, especially with Clueless Drew Gooden hurting their frontcourt defense.

Jazzspin said...

Bummer for Manu and the Spurs... when healthy the spurs are one of the most dangerous teams in the playoffs because of their experience and Manu's abilities.

Alex G said...

Roger Mason Jr. to the rescue?

The Spurs are going to miss Manu a ton. His clutch play at the end of games was pivotal to the Spurs' success. Without their best weapon off the bench, the Spurs are in deep, deep trouble.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Sorry to say, but the Spurs chances of going deep into the playoffs are now slim to none...and there is nobody named Slim on the team.

With Duncan hurting, SA was struggling down the stretch already. Their only chance was getting a healthy Manu that's not going to happen.

Too bad, because the Spurs are wasting a heck of a year by Parker.

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