Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tevez Will Go To Moscow

One year ago, he was playing for a struggling West Ham side that was fighting to avoid relegation. Eventually he did become their gracious savior in helping them to remain in the Premiership and instantly a legend at that club.

The call to play for one of the biggest club in the world alongside with some of the brightest star in the game was beckoning. One year on, he’s on the verge achieving among the highest accolades there is in club football.

With that said, it is now confirmed that Carlos TEVEZ will play in this year's Champions League Final to be held in Moscow.
I must admit that I use to be an anti-MU supporter a long time ago. But all that change when to learn to appreciate good football. I’m not going to say that I became of fan of them, just that I pay close attention whenever they play because the one that holds the No.32 jersey is one of OUR big names.

Sir Alex was heavily criticized for not bringing in TEVEZ in last weekend Premiership clash against Chelsea. But tonight he chooses to put all his faith into this little fellow.

No goal. No big deal. TEVEZ was all night long troubling Barca defense, linking up well RONALDO in unsettling them throughout the game on some occasions.

Well done Carlitos!!!!

As far for Lionel MESSI, I must say the boy did everything he could to help Barcelona win. I can assure you that if Barca had 10 more players like him, nothing could have stopped them.

That move he did, when he skipped past SCHOLES and then past Wes BROWN before forcing VAN DER SAAR to palm away his well directed shot from the outside the box, is just typical of Lionel. I’m glad to see him coming back to his best after the injury he suffered not so long ago. And I want to stay that way because we definitely need him for Beijing 2008.
The Nou Camp is expected to see some massive re-construction next season. For RIJKAARD (or whichever manager that is), the main objective is to build the team around this little mercurial genius.

Now how many are you with me, cheering on for Javier MASCHERANO when Liverpool take on Chelsea later?


Anonymous said...

Really gr8 job Tevez.Messi also played great role but cud not convert that into goal .

johnny said...

Great for Carlitos and a pity for Messi and Barcelona. Even though I was hoping for a ManU victory, it was difficult to root against Messi and Barca. I actually thought Barca played better futbol overall in the two matches, but you can't advance if you can't score !

So, good luck to Liverpool and Masche today !

npl said...

Hello Guys!!

I think this is my first post after we loosed the Copa. We were all devasted, fraustrated and a bit angry. I dont write much comments due to my lazziness but I do visit the blog regularly.

Now I want to write something after this game.

I really dont support any club, for me, the club that has got our players is my club and in a game like this where both got our player, its about personal preference. So I was goin for Barca because of Messi and well honestly a bit of my unfondness towards C. Ronaldo. This game reminded me of most Argentina Vs Brazil game. Barca played good football and were better side while Man U played technical and won. This shows the reality of football today which I guess our team must take in consideration from now on if we are to win. The game is just not about playing beautiful but more about getting goals. I am not saying we must be like Brazil where victory matters the most, that will loose the soul of our game but it clearly shows that we cannot depend on one messi or roman or tevez or anyone for winning all the games. Messi did all he could and that also after missing so many games. But he also needs support cause this is a 11 man's game. I had hoped his dream will come true this year but this was to be tevez this year.

But I really hope our team and its coaches and players get the point that modern football isnt just about playing beautiful but scoring goals and winning and we need to win to justify that you can still play beautiful and win. The world always looks at results then the game and we really need to produce results guys. If you differ from my opinion, please let me know.

Vamos Argentina!!!

Seba said...

Top comments from John, Johnny, npl and our anonymous friend! it me or SCHOLES did foul MESSI INSIDE THE BOX IN THE VERY FIRST MINUTE????

Let me tell you what is the key to analyze that action...SCHOLES is coming from inside the area, right? MESSI dribbles around him and there is a clear contact between them (in fact the ref was right to give a foul)'s very clear in the replay that SCHOLES ends his move by stepping with his foot on the line. What does that tell you? If he starts to move his leg from inside the box and he finishes his move by stepping on the line, he was ALWAYS inside the box. Remember...the line is part of the area and therefore, it should have been a penalty kick to Barcelona, a very possible away goal and a totally different story.

Like many of you I was also in a cross-road when it came to choose between Carlitos and Lionel. I like TEVEZ the most (I'm not talking only as a player. I'm meaning the whole package). But in the end I found myself cheering for Barcelona. I have a history of hating Manchester United but I'm (like John) turning the corner around. In part because TEVEZ is there. In part because it's very hard for me to hate a team that play attractive attacking football and the fact that they are the only team that can prevent Chelsea from winning anything this season is the decider for me! Because I can't stand Chelsea. I have to say it.

Anyway...back to the game. I think ZAMBROTTA was just horrendous. He gave away the ball in SCHOLES goal and he was worse than mediocre the rest of the game. Unbelievable for a player of that calibre.

But I think the key to Barcelona's defeat was Samuel ETO'O. I think he did EVERYTHING WRONG last night. When he had to pass...he tried to dribble or shoot. When he had to shoot, he tried to dribble or pass. He never threatened the United defense and he never played a one-two with MESSI, even though Lionel opened a lot of spaces for him and ETO'O to work some quick combinations and to try and get a player mano-a-mano with VAN DER SAR.

I was really frustrated to see MESSI "slalomming" his way through United's midfield line, passing the ball to ETO'O or sometimes DECO and then waiting in vain for a return (even when he had some space).

Of course it would have been a very different match if the ref was not afraid to give a penalty against Man Utd at Old Trafford and Barcelona would have made a very good use of the spaces that would have been created when Utd pushed to get the two goals they would have needed.

Instead...we saw Manchester United played very defensive for the rest of the game (after SCHOLES scored).

I'm happy for Carlitos, of course. But I'll be happier if he faces MASCHERANO in Moscow. OK?

johnny said...

Seba-you won't get any arguments from me about being happy if Carlitos faces Masche in Moscow ! Though a perverse part of me would like to see the matchup of good and evil that we would have with ManU versus Chelsea ! It's difficult when you have two teams that you like.

Barca is a strange squad right now, eh ? So many high profile scorers with Messi, Eto'o, Henry, not to mention Krkic, Dos Santos, Guddy and the exiled Dinho. Alot of "unusual" personalities. With all that firepower they couldn't score even one goal. Looks like they need to get the Dinho mess behind them and do some smart "cutting and pasting" before long.

And from the for what it's worth category-I noticed that just before the match as the players walk by one another, there was a beso between Milito and Carlitos, pero nada between Messi and Carlitos. Maybe Messi ain't a kisser.

d_an0nymouz said...

Tevez was amazing in that match! He was running all over the pitch all match long, closing down on players, getting the ball and creating chances. Gotta love the fighters in the team.

Barcelona did really well, keeping the possession. But their final part of the attack is always missing. They were just unable to find the final touch. Messi was of course the best player in Barca's team. I only watch English football so I didn't know what to expect from their team, but with so many world class players, and those who can score many goals, I was quite surprised (but glad at the same time) that they couldn't score.

Anonymous said...

I was rooting for Barca well more like I was rooting for Messi. I staid in Barcelona for a couple months a few years ago and the people are quite the good people. I can not stand Man United, I do not care that Tevez plays for them I just hate hate hate Man United and Liverpool, but that Liverpool Chelsea game was something else. You are right Barcelona is going to rebuild that team from ground to top, a few players will be back, Messi, Puyol, Milito, Bojan and a few others. Some of the moves Messi did were out of this world, and from the articles I have read, people hail Messi and hiss@ Cristiano. Messi showed up to play can not say for the rest of the team. Well I put my two cents in..


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