Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pele, please shut up!

After living in Brazil for almost 9 months, I've learned that Pele is not as loved in his country as one would think he would be.

They criticize him because he can't stop talking and he even say bad things about the current great players of Brazil, such as Ronaldo.

In his latest interview with Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper, he decided to talk about Diego MARADONA.

Link to the article (in Portuguese):,0.php

And here's what he said about Diego:

"He couldn't shoot with his right foot. He couldn't head the ball. He wasn't a complete player"

"I see a lot of Olympic champions having to return their gold medals after getting caught in drug tests. I don't understand why they didn't do the same with MARADONA"

I say...shut the hell up!

And I'll also mention something that ROMARIO said about PELE:

"When PELE is quiet, he is a poet!"

That says it all. Doesn't it?


John said...

He is politician, of course he is not going to keep his mouth shut.

He should be advising his OWN son before he plans to take on the world.

ajNYHC said...

There have been coaches from Brazil who have told Pele to shut up. For example - Scolari once said and I paraphrase: "Pele shouldn't talk about football. If you want to win a tournament listen to Pele and do exactly the opposite!"

Not surprised that Pele is running his mouth.