Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Playoffs News - Scola, Houston Have A Problem

Houston Rockets 84 Utah Jazz 90

It was expected to be a tough series for the Rockets from the beginning itself. First they had no YAO Ming for the remainder of the season. Next, starting point guard Rafer ALSTON was also out injured for the fiorst two games at least.

What remains to be seen is that can Tracy McGRADY carry the load with big helps from Luis SCOLA and the rest of the gang? But there is one hickup, you have to get past Carlos BOOZER & Deron WILLIAMS.

So by now, I guess we can say that we know the answer very well.

For the record it wasn’t like SCOLA fail to show to up at the playoffs infact he wasn’t playing like a rookie in the even first place. Despite of the trouble surrounding the Rockets, he still manage to pull some strings for them for todays game.

SCOLA posted 14 points, 5 rebounds & 1 assist to his credit.

As much I would like to see the Rockets going further, I guess T-Mac first round syndroms in the playoffs looks likely to continue. The Jazz have only lost FOUR times at the Energy Solutions Arena.

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