Friday, April 25, 2008

Playoffs News - Big Night For Scola, Raps Pull One Back

The playoffs, which have been going on for almost, a week is getting more interesting than I expected it to be. Tomorrow is the crunch tie between the Suns and Spurs, when Game 3 gets underway. And tonight, two more ties involving the Tall Albiceleste and both games ended up being good news for me.

Toronto Raptors 108 Orlando Magic 94

The Raptors were desperate to win this one after going 0-2 in the series. What better to place there is to revive your chances? Well it has to be in front your own crowd, that is.

The Magic was reminded that Toronto is no easy hunting ground for any visiting team. From start to finish, the Raps took full charge of this game and much of that came from the contribution from its two equally world class point guards.

For Carlos DELFINO, it was a different story compare to his high performance Game 2. Just exactly what Sam from RaptorsTalk.Com mentioned, just one good game then he starts to disappear.

DELFINO posted 7 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists & 1 steal in the process. But the star of the night was TJ FORD and Jose CALERON.

Utah Jazz 92 Houston Rockets 94

The return of Rafer ALSTON was just the kind of antidote the Rockets needed for this Game 3. Plus their tag team, Luis SCOLA and Tracy McGRADY were doing the goods for them all the while. But there is just one big headache that the Rockets needed to overcome. The Jazz, the team with the best home record, was playing where else but at home.

Spirit is the word that I would associate with the Rockets win tonight. SCOLA was eager to give a great impression on his first post season and T-Mac was highly motivated to eradicate his first round syndrome.
And it was SCOLA who gave the Rockets this much-needed win. He was fouled and went 1-for-2 from the line with 0.2 seconds left. After a timeout, the Jazz threw away the inbounds pass. Oh boy!!! He coped with all the pressure at that moment really well.

He was simply brilliant tonight; posting a double-double 16 points, 10 rebounds plus 4 assists and 2 steals along the way. My only wish is that he gets another big night in Game 4 so that his team can re-take the home court advantage.

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thesarcasticway said...

Scola was brilliant that game! He´s a great center, but you know, Yao Ming is taking his place in Houston.

I like the NBA Argentina´s players.
Oberto is fantastic, Ginobili is a genious, Scola and Nocioni play with their heart!