Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Playoffs News - Manu & Parker Takes Spurs 2-0

San Antonio Spurs 102 Phoenix Suns 96

The Suns started the game in brilliantly but simply forgot that they were playing against a team that won the last championship.

Both Manu GINOBILI and Tony PARKER had a great game, taking the ball to the rim time and time again, even they was a certain Shaq O'NEAL guarding the bucket.

Between him (Parker) and Manu those guys were at the rim all night and making some shots over their bigs,” said Tim DUNCAN

Manu posted 29 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal & 1 block shot from the bench. Prior to the game, he received his Sixth Man award

Fabricio OBERTO shared some on those intense defensive duties with Kurt THOMAS against Suns big men and did pretty well. He posted 4 points, 6 rebounds & 1 block shot.

With 2-0 lead in the series, can the Suns pull back when game 3 & 4 heads to Arizona. For Manu, Fabio & the Spurs sake, I simply hope not.

Orlando Magic 104 Toronto Raptors 103

It was a much better performance from Carlos DELFINO, together with three other from the Raptors bench posted double digit points. But still it just wasn't enough to overcome a tough Superman in Florida.

I doubt that DELFINO had seen better days in the playoffs throughout his NBA career. He posted 16 points, 6 rebounds & 3 assists in the process.

My own personal view on this game is that coach Sam MITCHELL needs to revitalize his strategy when the series heads back to Toronto for Game 3 & 4.


JQUIZ. said...

As usual the defending champions played like champs when they were down. Here's hoping my Suns do bounce back at Arizona.

~ J. F. Vega ~ said...

What can I say! Manu and Tony are the Suns' thorn. Manu always finding a way to score and Tony taking opportunities to shoot through the gaps in the Suns' defense. The Suns got to stop them Spurs... we'll see in game 3. Still a Suns fan here in Phoenix, Jose

quarter_mile said...

yeah, manu and tony will be the problem of other nba teams that will never go away.

if the suns can't stop these guys from scoring at will, then they might try fighting fire with fire. to do that though, they have to get past the spurs' stifling defense.

NeekoBoi said...

Manu Ginobili is a very underrated player in the NBA. People tend to ignore the fact that when he wants to score...HE SCORES!!!

william said...

Thanks for your comment, John.

I fully expect the Spurs to win this series, but not in Phoenix. The Suns, like the Spurs are playoff veterans from top to bottom.

Phoenix is too good to be swept in this series, but not good enough to overcome the Spurs dynasty.

Seba said...

I think that Game-1 thriller was a killer for the Suns. They must have been devastated after dominating the Spurs most of the match and in so many aspects. To lose it like that has to let some wounds. Especially in your head.

Then, game 2 and that sensational run to start the second half. I don't know exactly but the Spurs outscored the Suns something like 16 to 2. NASH ended a streak of 7 field goals missed by Phoenix. That's too much if you want to win a game in the road.

To say Game 3 will be another thriller is a gigantic understatement. It'll be a true battle and I feel the Spurs can use the Suns desperation to their advantage and take a 3-0 lead in the series.

halley said...

Game 1 was like a giveaway for the Suns but Game 2 was way too different. the Suns had it on the 1st half but went dry during the 3rd quarter because of the stingy defense of the Spurs. that's good job for the Spurs. and even if the suns had a surge during the last quarter, it just wasn't enough to lead the game against the Spurs. now, the Spurs are visiting Arizona, hoping to steal even a game from the Suns. i'm hopeful that the Spurs win this series. the Suns is a tough team to beat esp when they're at home, the crowd just goes wild whenever it's the Spurs' possession.

Azrael said...

I think the Spurs as a whole are an underrated team. When I talk basketball w/ my friends, they always pick teams like the Suns or Mavs. I always say that the Spurs are the team to beat when it comes to the playoffs, despite their regular season record. They just turn on their "champion mode switch."

Esteban said...


I don't know if the Spurs are underrated I would guess that they're the team that opposing fans least want to see their team play. But, they are under appreciated, if you watch Sports Center's top 10 plays of the day you don't see too many defensive plays it's all alley oops and dunks. The Spurs are not going to put on a dunking display although Ginobili has certainly had his fair share of eye popping, rim rattling dunks.

ramiropaez said...

I think that the Spurs-Suns series has been great so far, especially since I went to the epic Game 1. Like I told one of my friends, I can't even describe how it felt to be there in person. I know there is still a lot of basketball to be played but the Spurs are proving once again that they are the team to beat. The thing that bothers me the most about the series is just how the Spurs don't get the respect they deserve. Coming into the series, all I heard from analysts was that San Antonio didn't have what it took to repeat, especially with a first-round matchup against Shaq and the Suns. But look at them now. They have jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead. Another thing is that even when they win, they always find a way to put them down. Now they are saying that all the Spurs have is the big three and that may be true, but give the boys a break. Almost every team has a big three. Phoenix has Nash, Stoudemire and Shaq, Boston has Garnett, Allen and Pierce, Los Angeles has Kobe, Gasol and Odom. But that is what I think behind the scenes. As far as play goes, the Suns have done a good job of controlling the Spurs in the first half, but behind their defense breakdown and Spurs' experience, San Antonio has been able to take advantage. I think it is crucial that the Suns take advantage of their mistakes in order to defeat the Spurs and they need to stop giving up easy layups to Ginobili and Parker. They need to win both games in Phoenix or I think they're done. For the Spurs, they have to find a way to stop Amare Stoudemire. They did a good job in the second half of Game 2 but they need to contain him in his building. He, I think, has been the sole player who has ripped apart San Antonio. If they can stop him, the Spurs will have a good chance to win the series. The Spurs need to win at least one game in Phoenix, if not then the pressure switches back to them to win Game 5 and we've all seen that the Suns are more than capable of winning at the AT&T Center. If they win one in Phoenix, then they have control of the series.

Azrael said...

Hello Esteban-

True... under-appreciated is a better word. The Spurs have the numbers, but it's the lack of the artificial flare that gives people the impression that other Western teams are better. I respect the Spurs for playing both sides of the court in a "showtime" emphasized conference.

Let's see if "defense wins championships" holds true again this year.