Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tevez, United Saviour Against Rovers

Should Man Utd win the league title this season, they will know just how important this goal was for them. Had the Red Devil lost, Chelsea will have great chance to capitalize on them went they meet next week at Stamford Bridge.

I will give Blackburn Rovers credit for their superb effort throughout the game as it did look like that they were on verge to win this match.
But then as always magic moments do happen. Last season, it was against Rovers that Carlos TEVEZ sparked West Ham relegation battle. Again this season, at Edwood Park, it looks like his goal will be the most crucial ever in United league campaign.

Another thing that caught my attention was the Argentine flag being wave among the United supporters.
Elsewhere, Kun AGUERO scored for Atletico Madrid but they crash at home against Real Betis 3-1. Despite winning 3-0 against Recreativo Huelva, Roberto AYALA was sent in the 89th minute.

Cristian MAIDANA scored the equalizer for Spartak Moscow before winning 2-1 against Spartak Nalchik.


johnny said...

I have a relatively new to futbol question. What is the meaning of the pacifier in the mouth thing after scoring a gol ? Seems cool enough to me but I don't understand the significance. Another great effort at the end by Carlitos.

Anonymous said...

it's a tribute to his daughter - it tells her that he is thinking about her and dedicating it to her.

johnny said...

Ok, I got it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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