Monday, April 21, 2008

Manu's Game Winning Shot

Tim DUNCAN three point was something but this is the one that made sure, Spurs won.


Bob Bland said...

Manu is fantastic! I have been a die-hard Spurs fan for more than 30 years, since the days of The Iceman, and Manu has become my favorite Spur of all time.

Seba said...

Cheers, Bob. Thanks for your message.

Here in Argentina, the Spurs are the most popular team hands down! There used to be the Lakers and the Bulls (who are still very popular down here thanks to NOCIONI), but not since Manu arrived to San Antonio.

There's no surprise, really. He won us the gold medal, he took Argentina to the first ever victory over the Dream Team and, basically, he put us in the map of world basketball.

Now he'll be going to Beijing and will look to add another medal to his amazing career.

What really made me happy on Saturday was to know that the most important ball of the match (and probably the whole series) was given to him from the start. Try and watch it again and see right after that crazy 3-pointer by NASH how Manu asks for the ball and he takes it all the way to the other end.

The fact that the whole team isolated Manu in the biggest play of the Spurs' season, speaks volumes of what he has achieved so far in the NBA.

A true Argentine legend!

Kenrick Thomas said...

The Spurs chances of winning against the Suns are bigger then the other way around.

halley said...

That was a huge win for the San Antonio Spurs. Manu was superb!.. And Duncan too. I was so fired up when I saw Manu's drive to the basket. Winning that game was tough, given that the Suns were leading. Kurt Thomas helped as well on the defensive end. As long as they play like this, the Suns are going to have a hard time winning this series.

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