Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A healthy MESSI returns to Barcelona

After healing completely in Argentina after tearing a muscle in Barcelona's Champions League match against Celtic, Lionel MESSI is going back to Catalunya today to join his team's activities.

"Everything is going according to our plans" said doctor Raúl MADERO, a member of the AFA medical staff, "Leo is in excellent shape now".

MADERO added: "When he gets to Barcelona, the club's doctors will re-evaluate him and they will decide when they feel he is ready to play again".


johnny said...

Good news about Messi, and speaking of returns, Masche will be on the pitch today as Liverpool takes on Arsenal in Champions League competition. Seba-I was wondering, is the match between Argentina and USA scheduled for June 8 in the Meadowlands a brand new fixture, or one that just recently confirmed ?

Seba said...

MASCHE did a great job today in helping Liverpool get a draw and score an away goal that could be crucial in their quest to reach the semis.

Everytime Arsenal broke the line of Liverpool's midfield, here he was with his amazing sliding tackles.

As for Argentina v USA in New York, I believe that friendly match was scheduled (and confirmed) probably sometime last month. At least that was when I heard the news.

You planning on going?

johnny said...

I'm thinking about it, but don't know. It would be great to see the match in the Big Apple and all that comes with NYC. If I do I will be sure to let you know and will dredge up my camera.

Anonymous said...

I say take your time Leo, do not rush back.

Looks like Mexico is looking for a new coach, rumor says they want Jose Pekerman as the coach according to SI. He is a great coach and wish him the best(unless you count taking out Riquelme, and bringing in Julio Cruz instead of Messi)


Anonymous said...

Johnny, I also will likely be@ a Argentina game when they face Mexico in San Diego, I live almost 2hours away from San Diego so I will make the trip.

Seba can you also clear something up for me. FIFA.COM has a matchup between Argentina-Jamaica on May 31st in London. Now will make 5 games less then one month and lets not talk about jet lag. If I did the planning it is pretty dumb. If they are going to play in London, only smart thing to do was play the US 1st because the flight from London-NYC not that long, then play Mexico then fly to Argentina then to Brasil.

London-San Diego
San Diego-NYC
NYC-Buenos Aires
Buenos aires-Brasil


Roy said...

Messi take your time. I'm a Barcelona supporter and we need him badly, but first and foremost I'm an Argentina supporter so take your time.

And I was thinking about the 5 matches. It's weird. I understand we have to prepare for the Olympics, but there's also World Cup Qualifiers ahead of us. We can't forget about that.

John said...

No!!! Don't rush him just yet. We need him for a bigger cause.

Take your time and get well, Leo.

By the way, this five matches sounds very funny. The only way something like this can happen is in a major tournamanet.

Maybe just maybe there will be a split between those involve in the Olympics and World Cup?

John said...

Not to forget, it was a good Champions League for all our players.

TEVEZ, MESSI, MILITO & MASCHE are all on course for a place in the semis.