Thursday, April 17, 2008

NBA News - Regular Season Is Over

Cleveland Cavaliers 74 Detroit Pistons 84

With all his big names being given a rest, coach Flip SAUNDERS went to his bench and gave them some quality times of action. If he saw things clearly, he knows that there is great depth of talent among his reserves.

Walter HERRMANN hit two 3-pointers in the spurt and added a finger roll in the lane that thrilled Rasheed WALLACE and Detroit’s other sitting starters. A late charge from him towards the end of the game saw him posting 11 points, 5 rebounds & 1 assist.

Chicago Bulls 107 Toronto Raptors 97

“Good luck in the post season and I’ll see you later in Beijing”. Well I guess that was probably Andres NOCIONI last few words to Carlos DELFINO.

Well for Chapu and the Bulls in what turn out to be bug nightmare has all come to end. Tonight he posted 10 points, 3 rebounds & 1 assist.

Now the real question is, will Chapu be part of in what could turn out to be a real makeover for next season? Only time will tell.

As for DELFINO, he too posted 10 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists & 1 steal.

Houston Rockets 93 Los Angeles Clippers 75

While the Rockets did what they had to do, Luis SCOLA finished of the regular season totally the opposite way he had started off. On his debut against the Lakers, he had no points to his credit.

Fast-forward tonight, he topped the game with double-double performance of 22 points, 10 rebounds & 4 assists.

San Antonio Spurs 109 Utah Jazz 80

Now I guess I can breath with a sight of relief. Firstly it has to be the return of Manu GINOBILI and he was really crucial in this game, as without him Spurs have been struggling recently.

The second as to be that the defending champion will they all-important home court advantage in the first round. Against who, well its non other than the Phoenix Suns. I bet this one will be cracker indeed.

Manu had a great return, posting 12 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists & 3 steals along the process.
Fabricio OBERTO too had a superb game, posting 6 points & 4 rebounds after having one of the best nights in the NBA in the previous game.


Melvin said...

Pistons as usual go unnoticed! theyre second now!

Seba said...

Good news regarding our olympic team as Manu, OBERTO, NOCIONI, DELFINO and SCOLA have all confirmed they are going to play in Beijing!

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