Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Carlitos on target to set up meeting with MESSI!

It was very difficult for AS Roma to win by 3 goals at Old Trafford and to make it to the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League. And when Daniele DE ROSSI sent his penalty kick to the clouds in the first half, it was just impossible.

Carlos TEVEZ, with a lovely diving header, sealed the ticket for the semifinals and now the Red Devils will meet Catalan giants FC Barcelona who knocked out Schalke 04 of Germany.

It'll probably be the clash between Apache and Pulga, or TEVEZ and MESSI as you prefer.

April 22nd and April 23rd are the dates that the semifinalists are already marking in their calendars.

Meanwhile, Javier MASCHERANO will fly the Argentine flag in the other semifinal match, where his Liverpool team will face Chelsea for the third time in the last four seasons in the Champions League semis. The Merseyside Reds will try and make it three out of three and I'm sure most of the Albiceleste fans around the world will support them to guarantee a final in which we'll have at least one Argentine player in each finalist and therefore, a sure Champions League winner this year.

Here's Carlitos' lovely header and a "Feliz Cumple, Ariel" (Happy Birthday, Ariel) message in his shirt.


johnny said...

Here's a FYI on ticket sales for the Argentina vs. USA match June 8 at the Meadowlands. The link is for the Meadowlands website with the match info displayed on the front page. For the $300US tickets I hope you get a kiss from Coco. :)

Seba said...

Thanks for the info, Johnny!

A kiss from Coco?

You can get plenty of those for free in the crazy Buenos Aires nightlife! Can't you? hahaha!

johnny said...

Hey, I love good ol Coco even if he doesn't make enough substitutions to suit us !

John said...

I was just thinking of doing a Champions League review and I guess Seba must have read my mind.

And don't forget Carlitos was voted as the Man of the Match!!!

Tonight, more European action from the UEFA Cup. Hope to hear more great news from there as well.

Anonymous said...

hey guys my name is Lucas and i live in melbourne, im heading to argentina next week and i just wanted to know how safe is it to watch a game of futball over there, i was born in argentina but i havent been there since i was 4 years old..
ps were are the best party spots???
pss great goal by tevez today, hope man u takes it all....
THANKS lucas

Seba said...

Hi Lucas, I would say this is a turbulent times when it comes to crowd violence in Argentina. I would advice not to go to River Plate matches. At the moment, it's not safe even for their own fans to attend their matches. There is a big fight inside the "barra brava" (hooligans) and they are even fighting in the terraces. Let alone the streets around the stadium.

Regarding Boca, maybe Johnny (a regular visitor of Mundo Albiceleste) could give you more information. I understand it's hard to get tickets but he may know how to.

It will also depend on how much time are you going to spend here in Buenos Aires as you'll have to adapt to the fixture list.

As for partying, Buenos Aires is the best place! You'll find a lot of offers and a great night life. I'm not a party man myself but you'll find enough options to suit you.

I don't have a particular place to recommend but here are a couple of links that will surely help you:

Enjoy your trip!

johnny said...

Hi Lucas ! As for Boca tickets, they can be had through a few agencies that cater to tourists. You are less likely to find them in another way, and actually being new in town your best bet is to go through an agency. For an inflated price(by local standards), you are picked up, transported to the match and then transported home. You can check out the folks involved through the "ticket" section of Buenos Aires Craigslist. I would give you more specific info, but actually I have never used one of these agencies. Most tourists that I meet use them. Should you go to a Boca match you will be required to support Boca or you will be beaten to within an inch of your life. Have a good time !

johnny said...

Getafe and Pato suffered a meltdown in the last few minutes of the second overtime period today, giving away a match they had surely won with two quick goals before the first overtime period was barely underway. You have to wonder if such an awful ending might really damage Pato's confidence. About as total a disaster as you can imagine from Getafe's perspective. Well, we will see Demichelis and Sosa move on.

allan ng said...

How's the Olympic torch relay in Buenos Aires getting on?

Man U vs Barca means Tevez vs Messi for us. I am on Messi's side for this one.

Anonymous said...

I was so sad to see Arsenal get booted out of the CL. I hate hate and let me say HATE Liverpool, even though Mascherano is on it I would of loved to seen Arsenal go through, they remind me of Argentina's team in the way they play. As for Barca-Man U, considering Tevez has fallen out of favor for me, and I am a big Messi fan I am rooting for Leo. If he does play, seeing him@ Old Trafford will be a great sight.


John said...

Hey, don't forget Mario SANTANA of Fiorentina also has a chance.

If everything goes according to plan, we might just have Martin, Sosa and Mario in the final.

Anonymous said...

"Here's Carlitos' lovely header and a "Feliz Cumple, Ariel" (Happy Birthday, Ariel) message in his shirt."

Was this for Ariel Ortega, whose birthday was March 4? If not for him, then for whom? I'm curious ...

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