Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Manu's Press Conference


JnoBli said...


it's me ;)

thanks for your comment :)

I hope than San Antonio win this night with a great game by Manu ;)

Paes said...

I think he deserves the award but i'm sorry, i want phoenix to win the series.

VJ Tuff Nerd said...

Hey John,

Thanks for leaving the comment on my website. I've been the biggest Manu fan since 2003, and I love watching the Argentine ballers play in general.

So it's only natural that I'll have some coverage of Argentines balling in the NBA and elsewhere, so keep checking in!

Also, check this Al Jazeera feature on Argentina's ballers!



VJ Tuff Nerd

El Ñako aka Mr NBA said...

Manu es uno de los mejores de la NBA, y en mi opinión el líder de San Antonio este año. Ya ves, 615 puntos de 620 posibles. ¿Quien será el tonto que no lo votó?

Si quieres cambiamos links. Yo te pongo uno en mi blog. ¿Vale? espero verte. Yo te visitaré.

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