Wednesday, October 28, 2009


According to reports in Argentina, Javier ZANETTI, Esteban CAMBIASSO and Rubin Kazan player; Cristian ANSALDI will be named to the squad for next month's friendly against European Champions, Spain.

It would be ZANETTI's first call-up after having been dropped for the last 2 matches against Peru and Uruguay. This would be CAMBIASSO's first call-up since Diego took charge. As for Cristian ANSALDI, he took part in an U23 match against Guatemala in 2008, however, it would be his first senior call-up.

Jesus DATOLO is also making rounds and might get called-up. Both Walter SAMUEL and Fabricio COLOCCINI are closely being monitored by the coaching staff.

Diego MARADONA will release the squad list either on Thursday or Friday(though it's usually Friday) and the domestic list of players will be released sometime next week.

My thoughts? I'm loving it. ZANETTI should never have been dropped in the first place and we've been missing CAMBIASSO, big time. Not sure about ANSALDI, but he'll likely just be a squad player. I'm surprised SAMUEL's name is being thrown around, I thought Diego forgot he even existed.


Anonymous said...

Cambiasso,Zanetti and Samuel. Oh joy to the world. I heard this news as well on some random website.


johnny said...

Good news ! Even though I was down a bit on Cambiasso last year, I would welcome him back in a heartbeat. Samuel's inclusion would be even more of a welcome thing. Datolo ? I am watching Napoli right now and no sign of Jesus. I don't think he is getting much playing time, and I think there are a ton of better options both for defense and offense than Datolo. As for Pupi, yes as well, particularly if Maradona comes up with a consistent back line where the players know each other through a number of matches.

Funny that we haven't heard boo about Maradona meeting with Grondona and talking about whatever. Maybe there are things going on behing closed doors that can be a positive thing for the NT. Even as hard headed as Diego can be, I would guess he might compromise some if it means he gets to lead the team to South Africa. We can only hope !

ZiggY said...

First the call ups for Higuain, Aimar, Zabaleta, Insua...etc, and now for Cambiasso and Samuel! Finally... he's going for European players rather than local. Someone must have got him cable with broadcast of the European leagues... :p

Btw... does anyone know the latest on FIFA's investigation into Diego's actions? Is the 5 match ban still a possibility?...

Anonymous said...

Guys I told you's Samuel was going to get picked and Ayala rumours are now played down and so is Garey, Ortega is in, also the latest is Veron is going to get dropped too in favour of Cambiasso, yes el Diego will name the squad this week or next week.

El Diego is making the last minute changes to the list before you guys see the offical list.

I know already who is in and out now.

Sometimes I wonder why Roy, Seba or John do not believe me??

Anonymous said...

Veron to get dropped for Cambiasso? If Aimar can start then I am fine with it. But would still like Veron on the team for the WC, maybe not a starter but a player that comes in later. What do you guys think about Lucas Barrios, he has been doing great in Germany. And he can be that goal scorer we need as a true #9

johnny said...

Insua scores his first goal for Liverpool today. And Datolo on for Napoli in the second period.

Anonymous said...

Saviola also might be on el diego's list just a rumour in Argentina a few days ago, don't get your hopes up on this guys, Argentina have plenty of good strikers.

latest from el diego is might want Cambiasso and Veron in midfield, Veron might be back on.

we just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

thanx god its about time samuel name flying around now wat about zarate
guys could u tell me wats da status of zarate bien able to play for italy im sick to my stomach hearing something like that...

Anonymous said...

All rumors, do not take much into it. The reporting is crap, all it states is "Zarate could play for Italy" if that was the case, then half the players on our national team can. His mother I heard is Italian but Zarate has not once said I will play for Italy. All media crap!

Anonymous said...


King Aguero said...

Good news actually very good news but i dont recommend starting Zanetti as a right back! and i surely luv to see Ansaldi on the NT! hes a good defender that plays all over the defense hes more of a Gonzalo Rod type of player where u can throw him anywhere in the backline

Anonymous said...

bring in zarate...he can play on the opposite side of messi in attack, just like Henry at Barca, and Have Gonzalo Higuain play the role of Ibrahimovic at Barca.

sirus said...

Samuel and Cambiasso in... very good news... Samuel and Micho in the center of the defense... it much better...

Zanetti---Samuel---Micho---Insua or Monzon or Heinze...

Messi---Higuain---Di Maria

my ideal lineup without Riquelme....

Anonymous said...

Sirus, no Aimar to take control of the game? He has been doing great at Benfica this season and so has Di Maria(Not to mention Saviola). I think we still need that play to slot balls in for Lio. Di Maria is on the wing but Aimar can be a bit more creative. .What I love about about Di Maria and Aimar is that they click so well at Benfica. They terrorize defender.I was raving about Di Maria during the 07 U-20 here at Mundo and loved his game. Can be one of the better wing players in the future and needs to be in the starting line up. Maybe if we shift Mascherano and Cambi and slot in Aimar for Lucho I think that would be better.Because Lucho,Masche,Cambi is a bit too defensive but again we maybe exposed at the wings if leave only 2 in the center to defend. But the lackline of Samuel,Micho,Zanetti(Or maybe Zabaleta instead) and Insua on the other side could work. But we know Heinze will get that. He got some browine points with me for his effort vs Uruguay. If the rumors are true and if Samuel,Cambiasso,Pupi and co are due to come back here is my ideal lineup. These are players are have been called up and rumored to come back.

I would not mind seeing



---Mascherano- Cambiasso
---Di Maria


Anonymous said...

Well that did not work to well LOL. And no I do not want HIGUAIN,Messi,Di maria and Aimar all running in the middle lol. I guess I shifted too much.

Basically have Higuain in the middle, have Messi on his beloved RW and Di Maria on the other side of the wing but more back. Have Aimar in the center of the MF. Have Mascherano and Cambiasso being the DMF. And the backline would be the players I typed in. I think Aimar is essential, we saw how important he was causing havoc vs Peru. Give him time and he will mesh well with Lio and Higuain.


Anonymous said...


zanetti micho samuel monzo/heinze

messi mascho aimar de maria

higuain saviola

koma said...

i like pablo.d line up very much.. the Benfica trio is on fire right now..

sirus said...

how is it jack?

-------Lucho or Cambia------------
-------------------------Di Maria

like a last season's Barca's-4-3-3

Di Maria-Henry

In my opinion that 4-3-3 is more comfortable messi...

Maybe another potential formation 4-2-3-1...

Messi----------Aimar-----Di Maria

Anonymous said...

Have Aimar in the middle, and Di Maria NOT that far away from Lio, not running parallel just have Di Maria a little more back but yes. Di Maria is known to send some wicked crosses. I would not mind something like Bielsa's old style. But my only problem with this would be if we run into a team that can run the flanks like the Dutch or Brasil we could be in some serious trouble. Every game we got to look at it differently. Some games we can just attack attack attack, but some games we could attack and also be a bit more defensive. We just can not lose the ball or go down. Like the starting lineup of Messi,Aimar,Di Maria,Higuain can give a lot trouble. A Germany or Italian team that is not so good on the counter will be in a lot of trouble vs those attackers. And with Micho and Samuel in the back I would feel a bit more happier. And have Cambiasso and Maschernao protecting the fort will be fine with me as well. We do very well vs European teams, but my only concern is protecting the counterattack.

I know we played like crap in the qualifiers and that is in the past and lets move on. To be honest I feel only a couple teams that could give us a lot of trouble. I really feel we have the talent to raise the WC. People are already giving it to Spain or Brasil. We match very well vs the Spaniards, I have no fear vs them one bit. European champions or not. Only European champ that walked into the WC and came away from it is West Germany and they won the WC in their backyards. So if and when we meet up vs the Spanish I think our boys will prevail.

The Brasilian, only concern with them would be if they score early on us we will be in trouble. We need to score first, that is the plan. Score early and win the game. We need them to chase us not the other way around.

A couple more teams but that will be the hot topic before the WC.


Anonymous said...

i am sick of hearing media critisicing MESSI,why dont they critisice MARADONA for the way he uses messi instead,i have always said da only way to get the best out of messi is by controling the pace of da game.

he cant just chase every single ball all the time like he does now for ARG(he is not DROGBA type of player).

the only player we have who can control the pace of da game is RIQUELME who has been messi,s best partner since he started for the national team just look at OLYMPICS,copa america how they linked up.

i am sorry but untill RIQUELME comes back we will be keep suffering,we wont be able to see good football anymore,we will be relying on ladies luck like we have been in da qualifiers.
(mark my words guys)

GK said...

Inter Milan play Palermo today (3:30 North American eastern time) and hopefully all four of Milito, Cambiasso, Samuel and Zanetti will start and play well. Milito is back from injury and hopefully he didn't lose form. Let's hope Diego is paying close attention to this one and each of them have a good game. How great would it be to have all four of them on the national team for the upcoming friendlys and hopefully make the trip to South Africa? Let's have our fingers crossed that Diego is watching, I will be.

messidona19 said...

YEAAAA!!!! Now i'm starting to like Maradona's choices more (or is it Bilardo's choices)!! Now I want Samuel to impress in training so much the same as how Higuain impressed in training that he started ahead of Palermo in both matches. Zanetti and Cambiasso also is excellent news! I defenitely didn't want Zanetti and Samuel to miss the 2010 WC same way how they were ousted in 2006.

msi2 said...

My impression on Bilardo... He doesnt look like very interested in well being of the NT. Much more interested taking AFA's control.

Anonymous said...

GK not only those 4 do not forget about Pastore from Palermo.

Dave P said...

samuel cambiasso??? reallly that would be nice...tell me what you guys think of this line up....

---------Aimar----------Di Maria-----

Subs for each position of this XI going from GK then left to right would be:
Ustari, Zabaleta, Garay, Otamendi, Insua, Banega, Jonas, Lucho, Perotti, Tevez, Zarate


Anonymous said...

the key is to play players in their correct postitions and not just because they are having a great season or we like them as a player.
some names will have to miss out for correct balence and for the greater picture the nt.
ie aimar as a playmaker not out wide or messi on the right and not as a support striker.
if someone is not playing well who to replace them with again not trying to fit round pegs in square holes.
ie aimar could be replacd by benga or macha by cambiasso

GK said...

I really like Zabaleta as a right back but I'd much rather see Zanetti on the right side. I know Zabaleta is a natural right back at Man City but does anyone think he could adapt to playing the left side? Have Zanetti on the right and have Zabaletta and Insua rotate the left side for the friendlys and from there decide who is most deserving as the starting back for South Africa. We would finally have a respectible defence and not have to worry about the defence being our weakest part of the team as usual.


What do you guys think about Zabaletta playing the left side?

Anonymous said...

gk read my comments above,
we cannot play players out of position.
a good manager has no friends or favourits in football, a good example alex f at manure and something i hope diego can work out.
you play the best players in their best positions end of story.
argentina has so many good players we could form 2 teams in their correct positions and both would be class.
you defence is good except for the left side as zab is not a left back and insua has not convinced me he is good enough for liverpool(im a spurs supporter ) yet alone the nt.

Anonymous said...

Zanetti, Demichelis, Samuel and G Milito

better back four

msi2 said...

Milito is not LB, he has been tried over there by Basile against Norway two years ago, he sucked majorly.

Anonymous said...

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