Saturday, October 24, 2009

U17 World Cup - ARAUJO Strikes Sinks Honduras

Little Argentina opened their campaign at the Under-17 World Cup with a 1-0 win over Honduras but in reality Jose Luis BROWN’s heavily favourite side needed to work hard for this victory.

The match started brightly for us as we were holding most of the possession but failed to convert some of the chances that were created. Honduras relied mostly on the counter attack did gave us a couple of scary moments, especially from both Nestor MARTINEZ and Oscar PADILLA.

In the second half, Argentina continue to put the pressure on Honduras and were finally rewarded for their effort with a goal from Sergio ARAUJO in the 58th minute. After some good work from Adrian CIRIGLIANO and Sebastian GONZALEZ, the Boca Juniors prodigy pulled the goal deftly inside the far post.

Not too long afterwards the whether became worst as heavy rain started to pour, soaking the entire field and subsequently effecting the ball movement from both teams. It was a moment which reminded me of our match against Peru in the Monumental.

And it almost did looked like as if history might just repeat here with the Hondurans as they were beginning to gain some momentum in search of a equalizer. But our young guns manage to calm the storm and in the end were rewarded with the all important three points.

Next up for the Los Pibitos will be Germany on the 27th of October.


Anonymous said...

I remember I posted this months ago but look WHAT may happen. Am I shocked, not at all. But what can we do? But I think it is the same story as Higuain. Just reports. But I feel it would be quite sad but we would need to move on.

Lazio Ace Mauro Zarate Eligible To Play For Italy - Report


Anonymous said...

Lets not forget this is GOAL.Com. Which their reports are a bit off. So before people get up and arms(Which I have a feeling a couple fans will) these are reports. I think a reporter asked Lippi about Zarate and he said there are always chances. So that is GOAL.Com's reporting. was going to put a France jersey on Higuain before he even made a choice. But I highly doubt this will happen. And again it just says he is Eligible to play for Italy.


msi2 said...

Apparently, the reports from are coming from some italian newspapers. So who knows, but i dont like that...

Anonymous said...

I can not believe the reports that are coming from their press or For one, is only site that has published this report. A lot of friendlies are coming up and maybe if the report is true, he is trying to pull a fast one. However since the WC is also around the corner players are getting worried. But again, I will believe it when I get it from a reliable source and word of mouth from Zarate himself.


Roy said...

Just saw the highlights of the match on

Our defending looked kind of sloppy but we managed to get the win. The Nigeria/Germany match just ended 3-3 which means Argentina tops their group.

As for the ZARATE news... I wouldn't be surprised if he does end up playing for Italy. He seems like that type of player that would. Cocky, arrogant and only cares about himself and would play for another country. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't like for him to play for us. He would be an asset for us in the attack(and for free kicks).

pisingh said...

Zarate would not play for Italy. He may be as you describe but he has a deeper conection to Argentina which I think he will never hide if asked.

If a player plays with ultra confidence, it does not imply he is so selfish. He was raised at Velez so I expect better than that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I doubt this is a story made up by the Italian press and jumped on it. Where does Zarate say I will play for Italia? Only websites that have really picked this up was GOAL.Com and Triballfootball which are 2 websites with ZERO respect from the footballing world. It took the Italians a few years to find out Zarate has duel citizenship and they are saying why not Zarate. They could have him if Zarate decides to go and play for them. They will have Thiago Motta,Amuari,Zarate,Camoranesi in the starting line up! They have 60million people in their country and they want all the south americans. Pretty sad!