Tuesday, October 27, 2009

U17 World Cup : Remarkable Comeback From Los Pibitos

Apologize for the lack of pre-match information. But what turnaround from our Young Guns! And it all happen within a split of a minute. Remarkable performance indeed from Jose Luis BROWN boys.

Los Pibitos were up against a German side who were under pressured after failing to secure a win against Nigeria (despite going 3-0 up!). And they started positively when Mario GOETZE scored easily past Damian MARTINEZ after receiving a free kick from midfield.

Our boys started to slowly work their way into the match, with Boca Juniors ace striker Sergio ARAUJO leading the way. However the Germans kept it tight at the back and gave no room for our boys to break through, thus maintaining their lead at half time.

In the second half, Argentina started the match brightly again only this time with some slick moves and nice passing, finally they manage to find the back of the net. Daniel VILLALVA dribbled past a couple of German players and was brought down in the penalty box in the 57th minute. The referee pointed to the spot with Esteban ESPINDOLA stepping up and converting the equalizer.

Just a minute later, right from the kick off; a horrible back pass from the Germans allowed ARAUJO to steal the ball. He calmly finished off his move past the German keeper to give Argentina the lead. Our boys could have manage to finish the game beyond German’s reach with some several other chances. Nevertheless they stood still to collect full three points from this all important victory.

With this result, it is confirm that Argentina will progress to the next stage regardless of whatever the result may be between Nigeria and Honduras. Los Pibitos will play hosts Nigeria in their final game on the 30th of October in Bauchi.



Anonymous said...

good game for the U17s, well done.

off topic

Maradona will name the Argentine squad for the spain game at the end of this week, first the foreign players will be named and on Sunday or early next week local Argentine players will be named, out of the local players Veron and Ortega are in,discuss among yourselves now

salvio supporter said...

Not that good actually. The first half was nothing short of pathetic. Lost balls, bad passes, horrible shooting, no game-play whatsoever. Germany's goal was just unforgivable.

Fortunately, in the second half they did what they had to do, and the increasing pressure finally costed Germany that penalty. It doesn't matter if they didn't score that one, they would have probably scored sooner or later. Remarkable also that our players were paying attention when the germans made that mistake immediately after the goal.

But the result doesn't provides a good excuse for the so poor shooting they've been showing us since the beginning of the tournament. It could have been a 3-1 victory, to say the least.

Anyway, they're just 17, so I guess it's not that fair to be harsh with them.


To add to the off-topic: I heard something about Gamboa (now Chacarita's coach) probably becoming a new member in Maradona's staff, with Lemme getting out, somewhere next year. Pretty good news, but I'm not sure if it's a rumour or what.

GK said...

Congrats to the youth U17 on progressing to the knockout stage, looking good from what I watched in the highlights. Looks like the men's team can learn a thing or two from them. Anyone who is interested, the best highlights can be found at fifa.com

While your there, have a look at Italy's goal against Algeria.... very nice.


Alex Camacho said...

What is a Pobito? Is that a misprint?

Glad we won, but need to improve.

Anonymous said...

I saw Sergio Batista on the bench, he must be one of the coaching staff. With a good combination of Brown-Batista, hopefully Argentina will deliver.


John said...

Alex, it should read as Pibitos (sorry for the type-o-error). I'll rectify that immediately.

I'll agree that our boys have yet to fullfill their maximum potential so far. But let's not take anything from their performance against the current European champions. That was a great comeback from them considering how under pressured they were after conceeding the first goal. They responded well and for that I think they deserved all the credit.

Another thing is that I'm not putting too much hope on them to win this tournament. Simply because this level of World Cup will always being dominated by teams from Africa. I'm sure we all know the reason why.

Let's see how it goes in our next match against the home team, Nigeria.