Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pipita Return’s To Real With A Goal

First, a Happy Deepavali and Festival of Light to all our Hindu and Indian readers. Let us hope that during these tough times, the light of glory will shine upon our beloved Albiceleste.

And now that we can breath with relief that our team has made it to the World Cup, it’s time to turn our attention back to the European domestic league. After all from now until June next year, it’s everything to play for as our players will try to win a place Diego’s team for the trip to South Africa.

For one particular, returning to his club from international duty must have given him a huge motivation to keep working hard on his form. That player is non other than Gonzalo HIGUAIN. Now that he is already fully capped by Argentina, we can throw all our worries about him defecting to join the Les Blues.

As expected these days, Pipita is more of roll player rather than key figure for Real Madrid. Not surprisingly he was on the bench when Real entertain Valladolid at home. With the score line at 3-2, the visiting team did look even more dangerous and were pushing hard for an equalizer.

But all that came to end when Pipita was brought in the 72nd minute, and only took seven minutes later to score his first goal in La Liga. After receiving a nice pass from Xabi ALONSO, he delicately chip the ball pass goalkeeper Jacobo SANZ to seal the win for Real.

Another player that we long to see in an Albiceleste shirt was also on the score line for his club Internazionale in Serie A. Esteban CAMBIASSO, the most underrated but still talented and gifted player in Argentina, opened the goal scoring galore with a turnaround shot in the 6th minute in Nerrazurri’s 5-0 win over Genoa.

The saw match a total of five players (CAMBIASSO, Javier ZANETTI, Walter SAMUEL for Inter and Hernan CRESPO and Rodrigo PALACIO for Genoa), all ignored by Diego for last week’s World Cup Qualification.

On a lesser know player from Ligue 1 in France, Gonzalo BERGESSIO was on target for St Etienne from the penalty spot in their 1-2 defeat. In Turkey, Pablo BATALLA scored for Bursaspor in their 3-2 win over Denizlispor.


Mohd said...

did you see Banega's display against barca. defensively he neutralized Xavi and offensively he organized Valencia's play superbly.

was anyone of our stupid coaching staff watching this??!!

Anonymous said...

It is Mr.Negative himself Mohd. Calling them a stupid coaching staff over and over gets nowhere. Just be positive for a change. We are MONTHS away from the WC and a lot can change.Just be patient, we waited for Higuain and a few others and it came out. Our coaching staff I am sure watched the game and they know about Banega, just be patient. Your magic and fantasy lists are just that, fantasies. Give it time and wait and see what happens and you have to live with the players that are called. You can cry about it ALL you want but that will change nothing. Just be positive and support who we have, not who can we have.


Mohd said...


if i am not mistaken, all or at least most of the readers here have always attacked and still attack the coaching staff, and had always showed their disgust over what they do. just review the posts and the comments.

so it seems that you are in no man's land.

and Higuain, well you answered yourself. we waited him for about 1year and with dozen of matches to play. all what we still have is few months with 2 matches to play. the stupid coaching staff can take all the time they need though!

and finally, quoting you "Just be positive and support who we have, not who can we have"...last time i checked Banega, Cambiasso, Samuel, Zarate, etc...are Argentinian players that WE ACTUALLY HAVE. it is just that the retarted people in charge insist on wasting them.


Anonymous said...

Mohd, but again where does it get you my friend? Trust me I would love to see all those players you named and more but it gets a bit repetitive and gets you nowhere. Now people will want to see Franco Di Santo on the team because he has had a good season with Blackburn. This is ALL politics my friend, Lisandro does not get called up because of a rumor what happend in round 15 and 16, Higuain was not getting called up because he did not get along with Gago and Heinze at RM. Kun gets called and does not play because he is Diego son-in law(But he is a player we still need). You can go back and see in 02 we did not have Zanetti in 98 we did not have Redondo. This is not something that is new.

When I said "Just be positive and support who we have, not who we can have" I think you know what I meant. If you did not I will explain it to you. Support the players that are wearing the national colors that hit the pitch for us. Sure I think we can ALL AGREE that we dislike Heinze BUT we have no show some support because it is a TEAM. Would I rather have a Garay or Samuel over Heinze? Yes but I will take a sigh and say fine, it is what it is.


Anonymous said...

Good points y'all, still doesn't change the fact that the situation sucks, and if we get tossed out in the first round then I'd have to agree with Mohd. But until then, yes all we can do is be patient and hopefully things will come together, but that is always easier said than done.

Speaking of the whys and why nots.....can someone enlighten me with the TRUE story of why Riquelme is not on the TEAM? I heard some stuff, just hard to sort through the BS.


koma said...

I'm with Jack on this... too much bitchin' wont do you any good, bro..

Mohd said...


if you will take it as is, then why exactly are you a very active member of this blog? what is to discuss, what ideas do you want to share? what are your new views?
at the end of the day, nothing we say here will reach Maradona so we know we won't change anything, but this blog is about sharing ideas and having suggestions discussed. if you will take the current situation as is then what ideas are you exactly trying to promote?

maybe you can tell Seba for example to stop "complaining" about Hienzi's presence, after all he has been the leader of the anti-hienzi organization. you cannot blame him for repeating his the end this is a blog for god's sake. and on your way, shut down all those people still calling for Riquelme which i myself disagree with them...

and, my friend, you do not have to explain to me your point about the players that we have, because you do not make much sense. we-the fans- look for players that we believe can benefit the NT and then throw their names here and waste some time discussing is a blog right?

Anonymous said...


It is a blog and you are FREE to express your feelings;However it seems all you post is negative information about Diego and the coaching staff. Trust me I was furious with Diego and wrote many bad things about him and feelings but if you know NOTHING is going to change then where is it going to get you? It is running around in circles.

And as for Seba not liking Heinze it is clear, none of us like him but yet do I want Heinze to do is his best for us or kick an OG. Seba is not writing posts like, Heinze had a horrible game at OM, he does not belong here. He criticizes players that are playing for us, not the players that are not.

We could all dream of the likes of Zarate,Banega,Samuel,Garay,Fazio,Gonazlo,Cambiasso but if they are not playing for the national team at the current moment, what can we do? You may feel betrayed by Maradona by not calling the best players. Yes the fans can look for the best players and what can make the team better but at the end of the day, you the blogger are not going to make any changes. Because majority of the things I have read by you, is either "WHy doesn't Diego call this player or that". I to am guilty of it but I got over it, maybe you should give it a try. You will enjoy the game a lot more.


Anonymous said...

i am brazilian and palmeras fan thats my honest opinion.

RIQUELME is da only ARG player i fear and respect him,whenever he plays 2 brazilian teams in libertadores whole brazil gets shaky and nervous some time excited,because we know he is ginious wat a gr8 plsayer he is.

in here some time i folow ur blog,u fans all hate him dont want him back, do u seriously not think he is ur best player?

well as a brazilian i am happy,u dont deserve 2 have him.

keep hoping for (TEVEZ,MESSI,AGUERO,and(national hero VERON)) TO deliver.

maradona keep it up keep ignoring riquelme,u r doing a gr8 job.

sorry 4 me inglish is not very good.

Mohd said...

brazilian fan...

riquelme is a great gifted player, but he has to stop quitting. maradona did not exclude him, he did that for himself.

maradona wanted to play him behind the strikers, while riquelme had his own ideas. as much as i hate maradona as a coach and want him to blow off; as long as he is the coach you cannot allow players to put their own plans. riquelme should have played where he is asked to, and if things do not go well then he would have a talk with maradona and discuss things like a professional player.

instead he opted to quit!

Anonymous said...

franco di santo scored for blackburn at the weekend they won

Anonymous said...

franco di santo scored for blackburn at the weekend they won

Anonymous said...

agree with you mohd