Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Diego: "We'll wait and see if I stay in charge"

Now this is surprising!

Diego Armando MARADONA has hinted he may be on his way out as boss of Argentina even if the team manage to make it to the World Cup.

We should take this like a quote coming from MARADONA. It can change just as fast as MESSI goes through two or three defenders or as HEINZE fouls an opponent.

What MARADONA said today was:

"Our life is on the line every time we play. It's not easy. But I don't have to complain. Tomorrow we'll stay here in Ezeiza and we'll keep preparing for Saturday's game."

"I'm staying because I have a commitment with my players and because I said 'yes' to GRONDONA when he invited me to his place and offered me the job. I became the world's happiest man. Then a lot of things happened and I didn't like them. Now, when the WCQ end, I'll tell him all the things I didn't like. If I stay in charge, it would be under my conditions."

There you have it. 100% MARADONA.


In other news...Pablo ZABALETA picked up an injury, oddly enough, on injury time when he was playing for Manchester City against Aston Villa on Monday. He is ruled out for Saturday and we have to wait and see if MARADONA calls someone from the domestic league to replace him as, in the absence of Javier ZANETTI, he is the only natural right-back in the squad preparing to face Perú.


salvio supporter said...

Too late.

It's funny how Maradona says that when he got in, "a lot of things happened and he didn't liked them" like he had no idea on how the AFA "works". He's always been talking trash about everyone else like he knew everything, but now, he suddenly knows nothing. Pff.

Too bad about Zabaleta, but our players should be more than enough. Far more. Don't let the maradonians convince you that it's not his fault (I know nobody would believe that).

Anonymous said...

I'll see it when I believe it. I do not think he will let go of the spot. Maybe he finally saw the picture. So what does Diego mean, if i stay in charge, it has to be under my conditions. They weren't before?? Or did somebody finally force him to call a few players in that made a little sense.


johnny said...

My guess is alot of things have been on hold since Maradona scooted off to Italy and avoided Grondona and the pow-wow. This could be good news for everyone hoping for a change. If all Grondona has to do is challenge Maradona's choice of staff, players or whatever to get Maradona out....well, that seems like a no brainer to me. Hell, maybe even Diego realizes he is in over his head, though I doubt it.

GK said...

The AFA is an absolute joke. Like everyone else here at Mundo, I can't wait to see Diego go but how can he announce such bullshit like this just 4 days before our most crucial 2 games we have in years?

This is the AFA's darkest hour and we are all witnessing it before our very eyes.

Anonymous said...

Maradona should be sacked immediately if argentina wants to qualify for the world cup. with such great talents at his disposal, argentina should qualify long before.

Sir Raul

King Aguero said...

Good news and hopefully it does happen! I kind of saw this like a month ago though! I thought Grondona would try to push him out which is good!

Roy said...

Doesn't look too good especially before such a crucial match. Does this mean that Diego is cracking or lack of confidence? Both? It looks to me that whether we qualify or not, Diego is gone. Who will replace him(if he quits) is for another day.

The injury to Zabaleta is a blow for us. Who can play on the right? Pareja? Schiavi?! Will we play a 3-4-3 against Peru? I don't understand why Zanetti wasn't called up.

King Aguero said...

The timing is bad but the news is great! however i think they should use a 3 man backline or have Jonas play as a RB

Messi-------------------Di Maria


--------Higuain-----Di Maria

pisingh said...

Jonas is a RB in disguise anyway!

GK said...

Roy or Seba, do you guys know what time saturdays kickoff is? Roy, maybe you could let me know the time in North American eastern time (Toronto) since your from Montreal?

Thanks guys.

Sebastian said...

GK, if nobody changes due to daylight saving, then the match will kick-off at 7 PM Buenos Aires (6 PM Toronto).

If anybody wants to check their local time, then go to:


Roy said...

GK, Seba is right. The match is on at 6:00PM Eastern time(Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa...)

johnny said...

I just read where there is a 40% chance of rain Saturday night. Let's hope that is for late Saturday night and not during the match. We don't need any rain evening out things.

Anonymous said...

can we watch the match online?