Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U17 World Cup - Argentina vs. Germany (Match Highlights)

Enjoy the highlights from the video which I’ve just uploaded above. In the meantime here is a quote from our coach Jose Luis BROWN after the match (courtesy of

It was our mistake that led to their opener, and that made things more difficult and forced us to change our tactics. In the first-half, we made mistakes but we didn't lose heart. I barely said anything to my players at half-time, I just asked them to play a more compact game. We're lucky to have very technically gifted players like Daniel VILLALVA, Sergio ARAUJO and Sebastian GONZALEZ, who are very skilful in tight spaces. They made the difference, and once we'd got the lead we were able to hold onto it by remaining solid throughout. Now I have to talk with my staff to decide which players could do with a rest before I announce my team for the final match.


Yaju said...

Ok John, stop taking credit for my theft :p I ripped that video from FIFA site and uploaded it to youtube. Pretty sure my account will get banned soon for doing this. So enjoy while you can.

On the quote: I think he also needs to talk with the staff to decide which players need more shooting practice. I know they are just 16, but still! It was agonizing to watch at times. We could have scored 2 or 3 more.

John said...

Hey Yaju you thief!!!, thanks for the video btw....just kidding ;)

Anonymous said...

Between .. Can u please name that player who has shown his skill .. If u look carefully then u can he he kick the ball from Back .. May I have the name of that player.. nice skill .. Please ..

Anonymous said...

off topic

Change of plan from el diego today the Argentine squad for the spain game will be named ethier thursday or friday this week or next week now and the local Argentine players will be named ethier this sunday or next sunday, discuss among yourselves who el diego will call now and who he will drop.

msi2 said...

anonymous> It's Sergio Araujo.