Saturday, October 10, 2009

Argentina 2-1 Perú - Match Highlights


LaTiNo said...

oh my God, what a match. The second half was terrible. Argentina had dissapeared and Peru was very dangerous. The 1-1 almost had me on my knees, but again El Loco to save the day :)

We are really gonna suffer this wednesday!

salvio supporter said...

All right so, this is incredible. I knew Perú was gonna score just like they did when Basile was the coach, but this time, there was Him. He's freaking lucky, my God.

Please, nobody forget Higuaín, he deserves bigger recongition than a lucky goal (without disrespecting Palermo, like anyone could now). His first game in this squad and there you go. We saw today that there have to be two 9 in the field, without considering they scored when one or the other was outside. Higuaín and Palermo are hard to follow, and if they didn't do a big giant mess with the Perú deffense, it's not really their fault but the not brilliant playing of the entire team.

And I guess everyone will come here to destroy the deffense. I think the same. Bad as usual, and I don't even have a specific critic for Heinze. It was overall lame. Thank God for Romero.

Mike (Canada) said...

Thank god for romero.. U can say that again.. What a save.. He took the ball from thier feet a couple times. He played great.. Vamos romero, and higuain!!

Vamos Argentina!

Raj said...

Just still recovering from watching a shocking second half from Argentina. I hope we have not used up all our luck in this game. The way we played the second half, if similar tactics is adopted against Uruguay we will be done. We played like we are in the last position and Peru are the world champions. I have not seen Argentina play a worser match than this. Even against Bolivia though we gave away goals, the team tried a bit to hold on to the ball and play a passing game. Just waiting for Maradona to resign as soon as we qualify for the world cup. There was absolutely no tactics and it was disgusting to see the defenders just clear every ball even when they had space to pass around. Rain can be told as a factor but when Peru can do it why not us. I hope Maradona has understood the importance of a right back. Gutirez was completely lost. There were two or three occasions when Mascherano played the ball forward expecting Gutirez to move and he was completely static. Insua and DiMaria combination needs lot of refinement. Everytime Insua made a run, forward, DiMaria always cut in the opposite direction. The basic concept of using Aimar as a playmaker worked in the first 30 mins. What happened after that? Is Aimar at fault?

Unless we have midfielders like Banega and Cambiasso who can hold on to the ball, every week we need to depend on the bar and lady luck to help us win. Would be an interesting statistics to see how many passes Messi received in the second half.

Anyway no cribs atleast we can still qualify. But if we play similar kind of football, be sure that Argentina will be mocked at by all football fans.

Frustrated despite a win because with the talent Argentina has football was the loser!!