Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mundo Pod - The Battle of the River Plate

First of all...many apologies for the delay. I'm still up at 4 AM after having to deal with all sorts of technical issues.

For some reason, there were lots and lots of noises and interruptions in our recorded conversation and we could only find out about it once we were editing the pod.

For that matter, I thought it was best to let you decide. If you want to go ahead and listen to our pod despite the many difficulties we have experienced that have resulted in a below-par sound quality, we'll be very happy and grateful.

If it's too much for you to take and the technical problems drive you crazy, we'll understand and again, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

Done with the apologies, it's time to discuss Argentina-Uruguay!

Without a doubt our most important match since that quarter-final meeting with Germany in the last World Cup.

The fact that another edition of The Battle of the River Plate is the one that will decide the fate of two traditional footballing nations, makes things even tastier!

John, Roy and Seba are joined by Johnny who shares with us his experience under the rain at the Monumental and Lucas, who somehow missed that last-gasp PALERMO goal.

Simply click the audio player above or right-click on the following link and save it as an MP3 file or listen to it in your computer: download.

Enjoy! And don't forget to send us your views to argentina.correspondent@gmail.com or right here in the comments' box. If you want to participate in a future edition of our podcast, make sure to drop us an e-mail too.


Mohd said...


man, with all respect to Arg people, how in hell can they direct all their critisim towards messi??!! have they blinded their eyes on everything that Grondona and Maradona have done to drag Arg football into this hole??

if this is the case, and my appologies to all of you Arg people in this blog, then the people of Argentina does not deserve to be in the world cup!!!

Mohd said...

by the way i was checking that Crespo link on youtube (posted by msi2)
and came across this link:


have their ever been a better natural number 9...i consider Ronaldo (real one) to be a support striker by the way, else i would have chosen him :)

Argentina_fan_from_India said...

Praying for a win or draw!!

Plz ........

Rune said...

So sorry to hear about the attacks on Messi........I hope he can turn on a show tonight to just show everyone in Argentina that he can also produce his brilliance on the NT. What Johnny said about those bad words coming from the crowd in the game against Peru, really made me very sad.

Anonymous said...

I use blackberry messenger internet service, so I can't upload this mundo abiceleste site. I have been following the news here, but I have to use regular internet service to read news. Is there any way that the update news is available on blackberry messenger?

Or can it be posted on mailing list maybe?

Can anyone help?

messidona19 said...

I have a feeling that this will be Messi's game. Too bad though that Veron is playing again and would have preffered Aimar over him in any day! Hell Aimar was the one who assisted Higuain. I haven't seen Veron do anything for Argentina ever since he returned in 2007. No decisive pass nothing! It's good to see that Di Maria and Higuain are playing in this match and even if some still hate Palermo, I still see him better and more effective than Tevez and Aguero who have both been major flops.
As for Messi, he can never be dropped, no matter how bad he plays just because he can pop up in any second and score a goal. But as of now, he hasn't scored in i think 6 matches or so? since then he hasn't done anything special but he's still Messi.

msi2 said...

Well the game against Brazil at Rosario (in his natal town) was supposed to be Messi's game... and look what happened.

Not only i dont expect to shine (quite the contrary), but i do hope he wont have a too bad game.

ZiggY said...

You know what's different about this game? For the first time in a while, the pressure isnt on Argentina to win, a draw is good enough for us. Instead this time the pressure is on the opposition to win, meaning Argentina dont have to play in desperation tonight, we can play a more relaxed game, and WE can play on the counter attack.

Uruguay have no option but to go for 3 points, so they will go full out attack from the beginning, opening up space for us to counter attack (excellent conditions for Messi, Di Maria, Higuain and Jonas). In the past few games we'v had to struggle finding space between 11 defenders, so basically this time it will be a more balanced encounter. But then again, we have a very leaky defence, and if they score first, we'll be the desperate ones. But lets hope for the best...

Vamos vamos!

alwin said...

Guys, please wake up and smell the coffee.

Almost 70-80% of international games have got goals scored in the last 5 minutes of play. I'm sure one part of your heart is telling you football is FIXED!..i'm sure, you don't have to admit it...just ask yourselves in the silence of your hearts.


Cheers and all the best,

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with this post on hastaelgolsiempre

Joanna McDowell, on October 14th, 2009 at 12:41 pm Said:

“Gabriel Heinze is shunted out to left back, possibly in the hope he won’t harm the defence too much if he’s not in the middle of it.”

Okay, I am really getting sick of everyone blaming Gabriel Heinze for every problem with Argentina that has ever existed. I read the line and immediately labelled it as the most utterly unfounded and ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Gabriel Heinze is the only leader in the Argentina national team and the one who should be rightfully wearing the captain’s armband. He is the most passionate player I have ever seen and even when Argentina were 6-1 down against Bolivia, he was just about the only player still trying. This man would die for Argentina and yet all bullshit-talking journalists do is bad-mouth him as if he’s the cause of every problem from Argentina’s defence frailties to the recession. Javier Mascherano is a good player, but he is not a captain. I watch every Argentina match and I never see him talk to his players or give hem any guidance. The same with Maradona; the man hasn’t a clue what he is doing and he does nothing but make stupid jokes and stand on the touch-line trying to act as if he’s capable of thinking. Meanwhile, Gabriel Heinze spends the whole match trying to organise the team, while doing the most heartfelt and dedicated job in defence. If you would actually bother to observe, rather than criticising without reason or proof, you would see that Heinze is giving a team talk every match after they come back onto the pitch following half-time. I wouldn’t actually be surprised to find out that he does the half-time team-talk as well. The one game Maradona actually made a decent decision and gave the armband to Heinze, it was constantly said by the commentators of that match that Argentina looked so much more organised that night and that for once everyone seemed to know what they were doing. Yes, they lost 2-0, but if you care to look, the first goal was a wondergoal- one of those things that just happen, no matter how well you are playing- and the second goal? Only happened a literal couple of minutes after Heinze was subbed and the commentators specifically (and rather truthfully) said: “Argentina have really lost their shape since Heinze went off”.

So, whoever wrote this atrociously inaccurate comment within this article, would you kindly learn to not criticise without evidence and to not just label a player a “bad” because you’ve heard it off others. Have you ever seen Gabriel Heinze play? If you have, you would see the most passionate player giving everything for his country while trying to bring some organisation to the scrambled mess that is currently the Argentina national team, despite this not being his job. The man plays with an unrivalled determination, no matter how bad the situation and keeps out every ball he is humanly capable of getting to. And yet, when the defence as a whole does not perform, it is Heinze who takes the blame.

Give Heinze the captain’s armband, because he is the true captain at heart anyway. And next time, get your facts right before you decided to publish anything else so utterly unfounded.

Rune said...

In my opinion Argentina and Veron are not good enough to play a counter attacking game at this level. Part of the idea of playing on the counter attacks is to sit back and wait for the other team to come at you, and then take advantage of the “unbalance” in the team if they lose the ball in dangerous positions. But to do this you need the right team and the right defence/defenders. With this team and this defence it is SUICIDE to sit back and wait for Uruguay to come at us. They will eat us alive. Forlan will score at least once from a long range shot, I have a feeling they will score early and then all hell brakes lose.

Uruguay-Argentina 3-1(or 4-1). Chile-Equador 2-2.

Sebastian said...

That comment taken from Hasta El Gol Siempre...I respect it.

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and to like or dislike whatever player they want.

In this case she defends HEINZE and all I hear is 'heart', 'armband', 'leader'...what about: 'passing', 'composure', 'decision-making', 'awareness'?

If I want someone with a big heart, I'd go to the Buenos Aires harbour at 5 AM and pick one of those guys working for peanuts in the freezing cold during the winter and I bring him to my national team because for sure his heart, doing all he does to feed his family, is bigger than MESSI's, MASCHERANO's and even HEINZE.

Heart is not everything you need to play football at the highest level. We, in Argentina, call it: HUEVOS (literally it means 'eggs', but the correct translation would be 'balls' if you pardon my French).

I want my Argentina defender to be classy. I want him to make good decisions. I want him to provide us with all the security he can. I want him to play fair and not try to kick the hell out of the opposition or use elbows. I want him to think twice before he goes for the sliding tackle in the box and risk giving the opposition a penalty-kick.

If HEINZE is giving the team-talk and he is the real leader of Argentina right now. You just need to see the state we are in and you'll soon realise that HEINZE fan shouldn't have written that because she is doing nothing but giving HEINZE's detractors more gas to fuel their critics.

The sooner HEINZE stops playing for Argentina, the better it'll be.

I'm happy to keep discussing that.

1 PM in Buenos Aires and in Montevideo too and it's raining at the Centenario.

Not like it was on Saturday. This is a very light rain. There's TV coverage already from the Centenario and the pitch looks immaculate!

Can't wait for the game (to be over!). I'm up for a bumpy, nervy ride.

Hope you're with me here on Mundo Albiceleste.

By the way...Mohd...I feel the same way regarding the ideal scenario you mentioned yesterday (Chile winning and Argentina losing heavily so we go to playoffs and MARADONA leaves). Ideally, that should be enough for the AFA to get rid of Diego.

But it won't happen, so instead I want Argentina to win with MESSI stealing the show and shutting up all those blind 'fans' and corrupt journalists.

GK said...

Seba, Roy, Sivan, anyone. Where can I catch the game live streaming online? I had a little bit of difficulty finding a good quality picture for the Peru match and I'm hopeing it won't be so tough to find a good feed for tonight's match.

Thank you.


Roy said...

GK, there are no links yet for streams. They usually start popping up about an hour before the game or so.

Argentina_fan_from_India said...

What time the match starts? GMT time please.

Anonymous said...

Let The Game Begin Hear The Starting Gun
Play From The Heart Today We Will Overcome
When The Game Is Over All The Counting's Done
We Were Born To Win Number 1

ok, today a draw is also enough:)

Vitalij from germany

Ben said...

I'm so tense.. I can't watch the world cup without Argentina..

It cant be paranoia said...

Heard theres a chance Messi may not play due to fall out with Maradonna, could this be true?

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

not true

Mike (Canada) said...

Seba I totally agree with you.. if heart was everything we wouldn't be in the position we are in right now. Diego has all the heart in the world for Argentina.. We all no that.. but we also know that he is a terrible manager.

I hope Messi gets more than one tonight.. I want him to shut the critics up!


Mike said...
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Mike (Canada) said...


try this link guys.. it says its showing Argentina Uruguay