Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The probable lineup Mundo Albiceleste gave you on Monday was almost entirely identical to the one it's been rumoured to be the final starting XI for Argentina to face Uruguay.

The only player that will keep his place from those we thought were going to be dropped is Angel DI MARIA.

The Benfica midfielder appears to have done enough in Diego's mind to earn another start.

Unfortunately for Pablo AIMAR, though, MARADONA seems to have decided to sit The Little Clown in favour of Juan Sebastián VERON.

Emiliano INSUA will also be dropped and Martín DEMICHELIS will be the one taking that vacant spot, surely moving HEINZE to the left-back position.

With the changes Diego has in mind, the lineup would be the following (again...this is not confirmed):


OTAMENDI-SCHIAVI-DEMICHELIS-HEINZE (our nightmare of a defensive line will be there to fool around with our nerves)

Jonas GUTIERREZ (surely now to play on the right) - MASCHERANO-VERON-DI MARIA


This is slightly better than the lineup from yesterday, if you ask me. But still...not even close to the kind of lineup I'd be happy with ahead of a final like the one we have against Uruguay.


By the way...a new edition of Mundo Albiceleste's podcast has been recorded and is currently about to be edited. You'll be able to hear it before the Uruguay match.


salvio supporter said...

Well, fine, at least Di María is still there, but sadly I'd prefer Aimar. I don't know, I see him like the most suitable playmaker right now, specially after being the one giving the key pass to Higuaín when we scored the first goal against Perú.

I'll wait for the podcast, by the way.

Mike said...

looking forward to the pod cast.. there is a lot to cover.

Anonymous said...

argentine soccer.com says line will be:

Oct 12. Probable lineup for the game of Week 18 against Uruguay on Wednesday, 7pm at the Centenary Stadium:

Romero; Otamendi or Pareja, Schiavi, Demichelis, Heinze; Verón, Mascherano, Bolatti or Braña, Jonás Gutiérrez; Messi, Higuaín.


rae said...


I am from UK and big argentina fan.. does anybody have any details how i can purchase tickets for thier games? as they are playing spain in madrid and nigeria in london which i would like to go.

Anonymous said...

ive said before about messi that we must build a team around him lika barca have, he is the gift most teams in the world would die for, also he is only 21
aimar he should start.
the defence gives me a mirgrane.
im very very nervious about the game tommorow, its unthinkable for us not to be at the w.c.

Roy said...

I don't know what AIMAR needed to do more to stay on the team. His first call-up since 2007, he links up(very well I might add) with MESSI, sends in a gorgeous cross to HEINZE(which HEINZE messed up, yet still nearly scored) and he made a killer pass to HIGUAIN for the goal. Yet, he can't make the team for the next match.

INSUA, I don't understand the exclusion. If need be, he could have played on the left with HEINZE beside him, but picking 4 CB's is better in Diego's mind.

PEREZ, the occasion was too big for him. He didn't look all that good, but it could have been nerves. Rightly dropped.

Good thing DI MARIA looks to be back on. His exclusion made no sense seeing as how he had a great match. 1 match in, AIMAR, DI MARIA, MESSI and HIGUAIN all show signs of playing well together and Diego has to go and ruin that.

Here's a quote from BIELSA himself about the match against Ecuador(taken from FIFA.com)

"There's no chance of any funny business in the game against Ecuador. The simple fact that I'm Argentinian will see to that. We're going to do everything we can to take all the points at stake in this match,"

Dave P said...

umm a little better then before, maradona again makes no sense with that defensive line up as well as dropping Aimar. Oh boy will be in for a ride of a game against Uruguay. At this point I don't even care who is starting anymore I just wanna see us play a hard game and come out with a spot to South Africa. We spend so much time talking about how stupid these inclusions and exclusions are, but in truth no one will ever be able to get inside maradona's head. Let's just play the game.

King Aguero said...

I think Argentina's best line-up to use all of their talents is as follows


Messi-Masche-Banega/Bolatti-Di Maria


I think this suits every player out there specially our superstars remember how Aguero played against Russia? remember Messi on the right side? and Di Maria on the left? remember Banega in the u20 WC?

Maradona has the right system but the wrong tactics and personnel! id drop Jonas to be a supersub, drop Veron to be an experienced sub, have Bolatti or Banega as an organiser and have Aguero dictate plays like he does at his normal position and have

Anonymous said...

agree with you pablo d

johnny said...

Agreed, a little better with Di Maria. A shame about Aimar and this appears to be more of Maradona's allegiance to local league, aging warhorses. What is the deal with four centerbacks ? Bizarre.

At any rate, the inclusion of Di Maria could prove to be big. If he can show that creativity on the left side, maybe we could see a goal or two engineered by him, if not Veron.

Anonymous said...

Remember guys, a draw gets us a place in the WC. Lets try to aim for that. We really need to score first or we maybe in trouble. Since the Ecuador and Chile game is going on at the same time, I am sure people will be telling Diego what is going on in Santiago. We need Chile to blitz Ecuador, that is all I am asking for. I kind of hate that since our team has been quite poor we must rely on Chile. But a draw is as good as a win for us. You know every single time we been confident we been proven wrong, so maybe we need to have doubt and get surprised!


Anonymous said...

hi the only wich make me feel bad is way messi is treated in argentina specially by newspapers remember when would reach argentina olympic team the most important thing is to make him happy

Sebastian said...

A few scary facts?

- This is Diego MARADONA's 8th match in the WCQ with Argentina and this will be his 8th different lineup. Enough said...

- We never won an official match in Montevideo.

Anonymous said...

Seba, Brasil had not won a match in Uruguay close to 40 years. They did, maybe we can? :-/

Sebastian said...

I wish I had a little of that 'blind faith'. I don't. And unfortunately, football, in this case, doesn't work like mathematics.

Brazil had not won a match in Uruguay close to 40 years, but they have a structure in place. They work. Like it or not, they are a team. A proper football team.

Proper football teams can break those curses.

If we do break the curse tomorrow, then I'll probably start becoming mystic or something!


Tonymed said...

So Bielsa is the last hope for me

Allan said...

If people are still so optimistic, then I guess I should check out the odds at the HK Jockey Club...

I am quite certain we will lose this one...

Yes, it is positive news that Di Maria will play, but the defence is going to leak more than we can score.

Anonymous said...

This one looks pretty good. At least Di Maria should be a threat for them. Otamendi will play Burdisso's WC 2006 role where he was a very defensive minded right back. Veron will be back to his regular position... central midfielder.

This formation can easily be Barca's 4-3-3 at anytime.

---Messi----------------------------------Di Maria

Messi will be Messi, Higuain will be the Ibrahimovic, Di Maria will be the Thierry Henry. Veron wil be the Xavi, and Gutierrez will be the Iniesta. Mascherano will be the Toure.

There is one man waiting in the second half. This one man does even still have a chance to start instead of Di Maria. He's Federico Insua. I hope it's not for real. Insua doesn't offer the space and the same threat that Di Maria offers. Either Federico or Brana would make team a lot weaker if inserted into the starting line up.

Now I hope this starting line up is for real....

Mohd said...

hi Anonymous,

with all do respect, do you really think of veron as xavi and junas as iniesta?!

Anonymous said...

Veron can't be as good as Xavi. The same goes with Jonas/Iniesta, what I'm saying is that the role can be given to them if we play 4-3-3.

Xavi and Iniesta are two of the best midfielders in the world. Veron is just one of the best mifielders in Argentina. Jonas is "just" a star of a division one player in England. So of course their class is different.

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