Friday, October 16, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Pod - Sucking up the pressure

Argentina will be playing in the next World Cup ( feels good to be writing this and forget about the World Cup Qualifiers!)

Mundo Albiceleste is happy and I'm sure that happiness is reflected in this new edition of our podcast.

First segment we are joined by our friend Joel Richards who was a lucky eye-witness of the battle of the Centenario. He tells us how it was to be close to the pitch.

Roy had more problems with his connection than HEINZE everytime he is on the ball, so unfortunately...we had to replace him by halftime.

Johnny, John and Seba shared a long conversation and they even started looking at the teams they'd like to face and those they'd like to avoid in the next World Cup, while Diego's comments are discussed throughout the entire show.

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Enjoy! And don't forget to send us your views to or right here in the comments' box. If you want to participate in a future edition of our podcast, make sure to drop us an e-mail too.


Anonymous said...

Sebastian said...

I mentioned his comments in the pod and I'm extremely disappointed with Carlitos.

Now...the way I'm seeing the news reflected in the English media (Telegraph and Guardian) is blowing things out of proportion.

That was not a threat to quit the national team by any means.

Carlitos should be more careful with what he says, but that doesn't mean the media got it right this time.

Anyone foresees a tough ongoing battle between "Argentine players vs. The Media".

Remember...this could be BILARDO's masterplan! Muahahaha!

Sebastian said...

that 'Muahahaha' is supposed to be a spooky laugh.

I'm sure you got the point, anyway! :)

salvio supporter said...

Isn't Telegraph as sensationalist as The Sun? I wouldn't read Crónica for sports news...

It's great that all this pressure is now gone, even with Maradona still in charge. Also, Ghana won its first U-20 WC ever to Brasil, a title that, I think, had us as the favourites... until we didn't qualify. I think we should now pay some attention to U-20 stuff since they're the future Major NT players, and our absence in this WC was so shameful.

Mohd said...

could it be that maradona will be sacked now??!

if the rumor is true and maradona gets a 5 match ban, then for sure he cannot lead the team anymore especially if the ban starts with official matches in the world cup!

i am eager to hear the end of this...but it is a mixed feeling. it is true i hate maradona as a coach but damn sure i hate the mafia of fifa (blatter and co) even while i would be happy if maradona gets the sack, i am not sure about how would i feel if the sack comes from the corrupted people of Fifa...

Mohd said...

of course the sack would not come from fifa should it happen, but rather caused by them...

salvio supporter said...

Mohd: don't be surprised if the sack comes from Grondona itself, arranging things from FIFA, as the vice, and not AFA.

The next two friendlies are official matches, it's right here on Mundo Albiceleste, and there're many out there saying that "we'll see a few games against teams like Panama and such" because of this.

Mohd said...

salvio supporter,

if maradona gets the ban, then i cannot see how he could possibly continue with Argentina. how would he lead the team? (assuming he was leading it before).

even "fixing" 3 games won't be possible because these games have to be on Fifa International days in order to be considered...I am not even sure that the Spain and Nigeria matches are considered official; from what i know official matches are only those played under "official" tournaments, not friendlies...correct me if i am wrong

Mohd said...

salvio supporter,

please pardon me but i have always wondered about your nick name :)

is that you are a fan of Salvio, the new comming talent? is he that good or is just your name is Salvio :)

salvio supporter said...

Mohd: sorry, now I'm not sure about anything I said haha
I thought that they were official precisely because they were played on FIFA International Days, so you are right I guess, nothing to correct.

What I was trying to say is that Grondona may have orchestrated all this from FIFA so Maradona is finally forced to resign (which, you know, is pretty much impossible no matter what). He won't force anything from AFA; for example, my [highly conspirationist] father strongly believes that Grondona was trying to waste Maradona once and for all with this weird decission of putting him on charge, letting him waste the team, and then forcing Diego -one of his many enemies- to resign and disappear from the local scene. But as the results, horrible or not, have been helping him, then he had to take this unprecedented measure to get rid of him. It's just SPECULATION that my father heard from someone else, who heard it from someone else, and so on. But it's remotely possible... football mafias are just like that. I personally believe that Maradona's appointment has a lot to do with some late political happenings in Argentina involving AFA, the Government, and Maradona's approving-appearances with political figures (he's always done this), like his appointment was an exchange of favours. But the "Grondona's masterplan" theory is not that crazy (haha it is, I know). Now that I think of it, Grondona may be trying to get rid of him also if the political theory is right, like "I don't need you here anymore".

And yes, Salvio is just because of Salvio; my real name is Lucas. But I've to confess that I haven't watched any Lanús matches for a while, so now you know that I'm not a good supporter haha

Mohd said...

well, the "Grondona" theory of getting rid of maradona is very believable..but diego did himself no favor with his wierd act after the Urguay game.
what he did was really disgusting on TV.

whatever happens, Grondona and co should realize that we still have less than one month to prepare for the two friendlies which are the final real preparations before the world cup. so whether maradona stays or (hopefully) goes should be decided very soon.

salvio supporter said...

Yep, disgusting and totally out of place. With the years (or the drugs) he's become so paranoid that it's unbelievable; always talking about "those that...", "them", etc. But I wanna say this... I really laughed when he said it. You can watch it again and again ( and it never gets old! Maybe I laugh because there's nothing else to do... this can't get worse! (I've said this so many times...)
Imagine Guardiola talking like that. Actually, it's funny how Guardiola has its temperament INSIDE the field, when it's necessary, while Maradona hardly gives any instruction.

Have to agree with that the incoming months will be decissive. If anything happens, it will be before 2010, and I hope it makes me drink some champagne, not to jump off the roof.

Mohd said...

well my friend, before 2010 is not good enough. it HAS to be before the friendlies. we need to have some tactics for god's sake. do you realize how lucky we have been to qualify:

three goals scored by: Diaz, Palermo, and Bollati out of no where. and the other results kept helping us big time. we cannot go like this to the WC..we will be humiliated.

anyway, i do not drink champagne, but i will surely get my self some orange juice if maradona leaves :)

white n blue said...

For those who doubt Maradona and Argentina capability in SA next year, better read this article!!

Go Diego..Go Argentina...

Sebastian said...

Interesting conversation between Mohd and Salvio Supporter.

My take on matters is that there's no way FIFA wants Diego out as manager. Think about it and all they care is money. MARADONA going to South Africa will undoubtedly raise the profile of the World Cup, if anything because of Diego's controversial nature and for being the most popular football icon in the world.

It's the same for the AFA. More money coming in in potential high-profile friendlies in the build up to the WC.

Don't be surprised if we go on a tour of Israel (like the team did prior to Mexico 1986...not that they are a superstitious bunch of people in our coaching!).

That 5-game suspension I will believe it when I see it. If anything, Diego will only be prevented from sitting on the bench, but he'll be there in the stands, getting all the camera's attention and talking on the phone or a radio with MANCUSO or the thug that is LEMME, or anyone sitting on the bench.

An appeal will come, a ban reduction too and if Diego wants it, he'll go to South Africa as our manager.

As for the Soccernet article by Harry disrespect to him, but comparing MARADONA the manager with Luiz Felipe SCOLARI like he did in the first paragraph is nothing short of disgraceful.

FELIPAO was already a proven manager by then. With Brazilian league (1 with Gremio 1996) and Copa Libertadores titles (1 with Gremio in 1995 and 1 with Palmeiras in 1999) under his belt and a successful way of coaching a team and building up a solid squad where everyone worked for each other.

What are Diego's previous achievements as a manager? know...don't you?

We are nowhere near the situation Brazil were under in 2001/2002. Brazil only struggled to qualify in 2002 because they kept changing managers. They had 4 in those WCQ. How can Harry HARRIS compare that situation with ours? I don't understand.

That we have the potential to beat any team in the world in our day, I have little doubts.

That we can do it without problems on a regular basis? That's another matter.

If only because the names of the players we've got, Argentina should be respected in any World Cup or international tournament.

Based on the way we're playing at the moment...we need to look at ourselves and realise we are a mediocre football team.

Mohd said...


your analysis actually convinced me. sure maradona's character means more money.

however, should the ban happen, anything less than maradona's sacking will be a disgrace. you cannot start the world cup knowing that your manager will be on the stands directly from the start...

and yes i agree on the Scolari comparison being nonsense.

white n blue said...

Seba and Mohd

I don't think Harry Harris try to compare both of them. Off course he's not stupid, compare Maradona and Scolari based on their track record or experience as a coach. He analyze that Maradona has a winner mentality. Maradona can survive in difficult and extreme situation also heavy pressure.
Do you think Marcelo Bielsa, Pekerman or Pasarella (more experience) can do that after 3 game with lost result??!!! Sorry I doubt it. Maradona needs time, he can fix it!

Anonymous said...

Anybody catch Higuain's goal? What a chip, he is blessed and I am relieved that we finally locked him up for ourselves. As Higuain is part of the national team and is giving something to Rea;, Gago is sitting his arse out for Real and not even getting the call for Argentina.


M13 said...

I do not think Maradons should resign or be forced out of his job because he offended some journalists. If he is forced out it should be for football related reasons. Most journalists are self important,uninformed and offer little or any insight. They magnify the failings of players they dislike and hype up those who they like or help their circulation.

Anyway the important thing is that Argentina will be at South Africa. The real work starts now. Maradona seemed like a master tactician against Urugauy. It was obvious that a lot of tactical planning was put into this performance.

The World Cup is wide open. Brasil are the only team that is a cut above the rest. Spain is good but can be beaten, Germany is ordinary,Italy is one dimensional, Holland have a poor defence. and
England lack artistry.

If Maradona selections are based on merit and the right decisions are made Argentina will be hard to stop. The team played like Argentina of old like fearless lions.

I have been very disappointed with Messi's contribution. The last goal he scored was against Venezuela. He made no significant contribution when it mattered. He was non existent against Uruguay when he should have carried the fight or led by example. It was a similar story against Peru, Paraguay and Brasil. Its clear that Argentina cannot over rely on him. I understand that he is played out of position but is this really an excuse for his lack lustre displays in such crucial. Argentina need a goal scorer and other leaders who offer the team options in attack.

johnny said...

Now there is apparently a video shot after Diego's abusive press conference, where he is shown making "crude gestures" to photographers and cameramen from the team bus.

Batigol9 said...

i totally agee with Seba,i dont think it makes business sense for the FIFA mafia to get rid of maradona.Although i would prefer Maradona to leave i think it would be unfair to kick him out in this manner kust beacuse of some childish gesture

Batigol9 said...

i totally agee with Seba,i dont think it makes business sense for the FIFA mafia to get rid of maradona.Although i would prefer Maradona to leave i think it would be unfair to kick him out in this manner kust beacuse of some childish gesture

Batigol9 said...

that famous match in 1985,fantastic assist from Maradona: