Friday, October 09, 2009

Pipita to start. This surely will be the lineup

The same lineup we published here on Mundo Albiceleste a couple of days ago, seems to be the one that will take the field to face Perú on Saturday.

Have a look and discuss:


Jonas GUTIERREZ (as right back), Rolando SCHIAVI, Gabriel HEINZE and EMILIANO Insua;



Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo HIGUAÍN


Soy_de_River said...

I am quite pleased about this lineup. this is probably the best group that Diego has put together. We can win both games with this lineup.

johnny said...

Despite questions in the back I'm optimistic about actually scoring some freakin' goals. Two goals minimum, maybe three. I'll predict a 3-1 victory and then on to Montevideo.

John said...

Agree with Johnny about the defense, SCHIAVI and HEINZE! Thank God is Peru but certainly we can't use them against Uruguay.

Anonymous said...

walter samuel, Zenetti and colocinni

Roy said...

I'm liking this line-up. Even if SCHIAVI and HEINZE both play(as long as they don't play versus Uruguay). GUTIERREZ at right back might work or atleast should versus Peru. DI MARIA, AIMAR, MESSI, HIGUAIN... what an attack! I would throw PEREZ in there, but I only saw him versus Ghana(and he did pretty good against them... but it was a Ghana C team).

I still predict a 3-0 or 4-0 win for us.

clintzola said...

first of all i am from malta and i support argentina.....i am making a comment about the line.. i prefer samuel for schiavi....gutierrez is a question int the right back but we hope he make a good job.....but i go for burdisso for the rb....about perez i dont nkow him much but again i grefer zanetti ther how he play with inter in the midfield not as a right back...i like aimar messi higuin and di maria but against a stronger team i go for cambiasso not di maria....what are your comments about my points...vamos vamos argentina...i think arg 2 per 0....

Roy said...

One thing I forgot to mention, I'm kind of worried about INSUA. Don't get me wrong, I want him on the list and in the line-up, but the kid attacks so much. I'm worried because he attacks and DI MARIA doesn't offer much when it comes to defending, so INSUA might get caught out of position. Which means HEINZE of all people will have to cover for him. I know we had a similar situation with SORIN, but SORIN had the experience. In the end, I'm glad that it's Peru and not Uruguay. That way if INSUA messes up, he can learn from his mistakes and it might not actually cost us the match.

Hope you guys understand what I mean.

Anonymous said...

idon't agree with this lineup schiavi doesn't have the level to be even in the bench.i hope we'll q and then diego will leave

John said...

Agree with Roy, but let's remember that INSUA is the best left back we have at the moment. Much better than PAPA or even HEINZE. For me this game will give him the exposure for him to improve.

Vedran said...

cannot wait for the game

GK said...

Roy, great point about Insua but like you said, it's better he debuts against Peru and could learn from any mistakes before the Uruguay match.

clintzola, my mother is from Malta so I am also a Maltese (only half) Argentine supporter!

As far as the line up goes I like it and I'm confident we will win. It's deftinatly Diego's best starting 11 he has put together so far. My only worries are in the defence. Gutierrez worries me a bit because he is out of position but I think he will do well in the end. I don't agree with Heinze or Schiavi at all but we have to be optimistic about it I guess. I have never seen or really heard of Perez so I'm a little nervous about him. Other than that I am confident for a win and am really excited to see Higuain represent the blue and white stripes.


Argentina 3
Peru 0


salvio supporter said...

I wasn't going to watch this next two matches, but this lineup is worth it. Anyway, to me, it seems pretty obvious that Maradona no longer controls who plays and who doesn't (if he ever did, I don't know). Higuaín and Aimar were impossible a few weeks ago, and now they're in the most probable lineup. That, added to the sudden pressure put by the always condescending local press on the coach, is something to think about.

clintzola said...

from where from malta?she lives in malta? message to gk said

Sebastian said...

Oddly enough, Salvio Supporter, I think the inclusion of HIGUAIN and AIMAR is a 'trademark MARADONA' kind of move. Very contradictory. Impulsive. Based on the 'I take no advices from nobody' policy that he has adopted like forever...

There's no rational way of looking at that.

One day he feels like leaving Pipita out because he has a feud with GAGO. The following day he is mad at GAGO and he punishes him by calling up his enemy.

The AIMAR call-up is somehow different than that of HIGUAIN. Perhaps he wants a playmaker to go with MESSI and he's betting on AIMAR to be that man.

As a fan of AIMAR, a player I have always liked, I don't see his inclusion as something unjustified.

Yes, he is not going through the best phase in his career, but I'm confident he can still cut it at the international stage.

Did I say I want HEINZE to get a yellow card and miss out on the final match against Uruguay?

I don't want a liability like him in the team for such a crucial match. He is a conceded penalty waiting to happen!

Batigol9 said...

well it's good that Maradona had the balls to kick maxi,aguero,tevez,zanetti,gago,
veron,otmandi,domingez out of the line up.That's 8 players out of 10!!it's a brave move by him.I'm optimisitc about this,my only regret is Samuel not playng,I have no diea what soever why he isn't there,the guy has always been gr8t and the way he played against Barca reminded us of Samuel of the old.I'm kinda of optimisitc about Peru but I feel that if we win then the same lineup will play against Uruguay,i can't see Deigo risking changing a wininig line up.
At the end of day we desperetly need some luck,Maradona has been unlucky his whole life I hope things change for him.I have a big faith in Messi becuase he is a born winner and the things that he did with Barca are beyond my wildest expectations.

King Aguero said...

I think this is the best line-up that he has used so far! and to me those are the players that deserve to start on the NT!

Other than Heinze, Schiavi everyone else is perfect! Maybe Enzo Perez is the only guy that needs to prove his worth but everyone else earned their spot and this should have been the line-up vs Brazil

ZiggY said...

I dunno why people are so happy with this line up, or even calling it the best ever since Maradona took reign. Personally, i dont see it THAT special, quite moderate actually. Of course, the inclusion of Higuain and Aimar is great to see, but still i see some faults in the formula.

First off... Schiavi and Heinze as our two center backs? Really? Is that really the best defence line we can have? Demichellis should be there, no question. Of course, we all know we have other better defenders in Europe (Burdisso, Samuel, Garay..), but lets not get into that. Of the defenders he has, maybe Pareja would have been a better choice, or maybe Otamendi. On the other hand Heinze has been playing well with Marseille this season so far, but for some reason he's been shit with the NT especially under Maradona. Is this Diego's fault or Gaby's fault, not quite sure.. but anyway, maybe this could be Heinze's last chance.

Roy, remember once how we talked about Gutierrez maybe playing as a full back? Well, i guess its come true :p Seriously, anyone who's read my posts in the past knows im not a fan of Jonas, simply coz he brings absolutely no influence in attack. However... i DO like his defensive abilities, and always thought he'd do better as a right or left back. Yes, he's out of his natural position, but personally i think it'll be very interesting to see how this turns out. I think he'd do a good job. I just hope he gets the proper instructions on how to keep aware of the offside line, when to track back, when to push forward...etc. Good thing it's only Peru tomorrow night. If he doesnt play well, then someone else should fill in against Uruguay.

Concerning Insua, you made a good point Roy. However i think this would be a good thing, we need players to push forward and populate the midfield more. Against Paraguay our midfield and attack were totally disconnected, explaining why we had no shot on goal. There was no link-up. Our midfield was empty and whoever had the ball didnt have many passing options. However, with Insua, when he pushes up on the left, Di Maria will push up further front to the wing or towards the left edge of the box. Therefore whoever's in the middle (Mascherano or Aimar) can depend on Insua's availability to make a safe pass to the left, or go for a through ball to Di Maria up front. That's two more options in our attacking half... we saw how Papa provided nothing in this aspect of the game. And i think with Gutierrez's more offensive mind he'll also do the same on the right side with Perez pushing forward more. However... again, this WILL be scary on the defensive side. The full backs HAVE to run back and defend as soon as posession is lost, or else we'll be doomed!

ZiggY said...

As for Mascherano, i must say i'v been growing very critical of him. He has not demonstrated any good quality for the NT in these qualifiers. One of our main weaknesses was our defensive midfield which has been very generous in the middle. Mascherano has been absent throughout the past games with Maradona, losing every battle in the middle. I dont understand why nobody ever criticizes him.. for me he has been horrible. Cambiasso is much better and solid on an average day than Mascherano on a good day. I must say im very worried about this spot. We need to close down opposition from the beginning of their attacks and Mascherano better fight harder in the middle.

Personally, i dont know much about Perez. I researched him a bit on youtube but there isnt much. From what i saw he looks like a fast player, good skill and good finishing in the box. However since it took me this long to hear about him, im guessing he's not "all that". Maybe he has good potential, but this is not the time to be testing average players. Lucho Gonzalez should have been the obvious choice, not Perez. But then again, im getting used to Diego's stupid surprises. Di Maria on the left is great news, we could definitely benefit from his creativity and finishing.

John and Seba, i know you guys are happy to see Aimar back in the fold.. and so am i. I love this guy! But to be honest, i dont think this line up will get the best out of him. I explained in a previous post on how Aimar should be played correctly. In this line up he's alone in the central attacking midfield area. Aimar's not the type that can excel without proper back up next to him to ease off pressure. He needs his space to run forward with his head up. That's how he makes his lethal runs and passes, not with his head down shrugging off DM's. Im scared he's just gonna be another little bird up front like Aguero and Tevez were, with no effect. Of course, i DO hope he'll prove me wrong... but this is how i see things right now. I would have preferred a more compact midfield with Lucho by his side.

Anyway, i certainly hope the others back Aimar up in the middle. As i said, with the full backs pushing forward to the flanks, that gives Di Maria and Perez the option to pack in to the center up front with Aimar, so i hope this will help... and of course there is Messi who always goes back and forth in attack. Higuain also has that ability as well, so im hoping to see lots of movement up front with the Peruvian defence getting lost on who to mark. Personally, i think Messi, Aimar and Higuain can combine well. They have similar pass-and-go mentality. Higuain's presence add's more physical strength up front as well as aerial options during crosses.

One thing we'r lacking though is a good free kick taker. Messi has been horrible at it. Riquelme's gone. Aimar is average, not that good. That's why we need a player like Zarate on the field. Anyway, no time for what if's... tomorrow's the game. I dont wanna say im very optimistic, but im definitely keeping the faith! Vamos Argentina!

ZiggY said...

Btw Seba, sorry if my posts are too long. Its just that i have so much to say, and once i start writing i get so carried away... :p

So if it bothers anyone please let me know.. and ill try to be more brief :)

Anonymous said...

Totally fine with it, Aimar,Messia nd Higuain+ Di Maria to cause all sorts of problems for Peru. I really like it. It appears he maybe saving Demi,Palermo and co vs Uruguay.


Anonymous said...

Pipita!!! Is that Di Maria??? He has totally changed, that isn't him is it???

King Aguero said...

I think Demi-Pareja should start in the backline, Both very well experienced and play in Europe against some good competition on daily basis. Not just that but they are by far our best defenders and right behind them comes Otamendi but he has no experience what so ever.

ZiggY said...

For those interested, here are two nice videos to watch of our man up front against Peru tomorrow night.. enjoy!

johnny said...

Ever increasing chance of rain tomorrow. Better check to see if we have some good mudders on the squad.

OM said...

Heinze again!!!?

Give me a break !

A least Aimar-Messi and Higuain sounds promising.

John said...

Hi Ziggy, you don’t have to worry about those long comments as it is always a pleasure reading your thoughts so do keep them coming. As always, your opinion are packed with information, comprehensive and above all original.

But lets look into this line up from a deeper perspective.

I will agree with everyone who oppose Diego’s decision to place SCHIAVI and HEINZE as our center backs. But you must understand that we also have a crucial game come Wednesday against Uruguay and perhaps this is why he may want his best options to be freshly available for that game.

I don’t think those two names which I’ve mentioned above will do much damage against a team Peru whose World Cup qualifying campaign which has been horrendous.

My main concern for the match against Peru is how we will play on the offense as you all know that we need to score as early as possible so that will ease the pressure on us.

All the while, we played without a genuine playmaker. For all the luxury that we have, what is Argentina without an “Enganche” on the field. Sounds more like a big bungalow minus the roof. Therefore let’s see what is our option.

Firstly Roman is gone so no point talking about him.

VERON, well I’m not too confident about him though he is playing his best football but he is nowhere near to the type of form he used to produce during his Lazio days.

For a while, I had some hope with Federico INSUA because we heard rave reviews about him during his first spell at Boca. A move to Germany kind of nearly destroyed him and he has improved since leaving there.

Which means our best option available is either AIMAR or D’ALLESANDRO.

To a certain degree I do believe bringing AIMAR back was a good decision from Diego. He links up well with MESSI and the two can form a good partnership.

That will leave us with just one important thing that is Gonzalo HIGUAIN (provided he starts that is). As we all know that he is rooting on the bench with Real so my concern is that is his form was as good as it was last season.

I will also agree with your concern about MASCHERANO’s performance because even in Liverpool he looks very depressing. Surely for the rest of the team. But clearly I don’t see the problem has anything to do with the players.

What we’re missing right now is a sense of direction, tactic, game plan or strategy. These are fundamental basic that is required for any team to be successful. Without this, any player’s performance will suffer.

Furthermore we also never had any stable line up during this World Cup qualifier. One moment this player starts and the next game is someone else. Too many changes is not good and certainly this will not help then players forging a great understanding.

That is why I believe, that both AIMAR and HIGUAIN must play their best game against Peru, if not only God knows what will go through in Diego’s mind and that chances are he might revert back to VERON and PALERMO for the match against Uruguay.

I’m just hoping that with this new line up that Diego has finally got it right. Bloody hell! We need the three points.

Anonymous said...

Hey all Im praying!!!! Can some tell me what time the game is showing in Sydney time!!! and if its playing live somewher or where Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Although i prefer MILITO and LISANDRO LOPEZ over HIGUAIN,but i am super happy for him,he deserves this.

I realy like his mentality,he had alot of hard time at RM but he always manage to bounce back.

tonight is a very special night for him he finally will wear ARG jersy play along with MESSI and company.i wish him and ARG the best of luck.

Rune said...

The game will be played at 00.00 cet…that means I am on stage with my band at the same time……terrible……I wish I knew this when we booked this gig. I won’t be able to see the game live and that’s the first time in a loooong while that I won’t get to see an important Argentina game live. I will be home at 3 o’clock in the morning to see my recording of the game. I am VERY nervous today. Beating Peru is not as easy today as it would have been in a “normal” situation. This could get very ugly. We deperately need an early goal to calm down the players.

Tonymed said...

Aimar is the starter , and play along with Messi How excited it was

Rune said...

I finally got to listen to the podcast. Great work, guys! But did Roy realluy say that "if we beat Peru and Venezuela and Colombia draw, and Uruguay draws against Equador------we are guaranteed the 5th place"????? That is wrong, I am afraid. Uruguay will get ahead of us if they beat us and Equador can still get 25 or 27 points if they draw or win their final game. To sum up; even if we beat Peru and all the other teams(Uru, Equa, Colo, Venez)draw their next game we can still finish in 6th place, guys...........

Batigol said...

Maradona has proved again that he himself is a stupid by revealing the line-up early for our opponent to analyse!

Joe said...

Batigoal - I totally agree with you. Maradona and him revealing the line up is very disturbing. I had hoped maybe Bilardo or someone would have told him to shut the hell up a bit.

Converning the lineup a am satisfied. I still believe as I have mentioned before that Zanetti is without a doubt our best right back. And he should start. But Maradona has unfortunatly left him out of the squad.

I am very pleased that we started with Shiavi it will give us an edge in set pieces.

Heinze- Just dont make any misstakes please.

Insua- Have been performing well for Liverpool, thoug i would have preferred Papa after his great game against Paraguay.

Macherano - Is the best in the World in his position. But has to step up his game.

Jonas - I love his workrate. Our best option for the day.

Perez - A surprise, good player good crossing. I would have preferred Lucho.

Di Maria - Great choice. Very skillful player.

Aimar - I am really hoping he will show his skill. I truly mean it when he has great game he is among the best in the world.

Higuian - Good target player. Thoug had he not been injured, Milito is my first choice.

Messi - Not much to say simply the best.

Finally i was a bit curius that maybe we are not playing a straight 4-2-2 line up but more 4-3-3.

I am hoping that we are playing

------------Romero------------------Jonas---Shiavi----Heinze---Insua---------------------------------------------------Macherano------------------Perez-----------------------------------------Aimar----------------Messi-----------------Di Maria----------------Higiuan--------------

Lets hope for the best.

Allan said...

Messi and Aimar sounds very exciting. I am so glad Maradona finally kicked out Tevez and his son-in-law to bring in Higuain. Along with Di Maria, the Peru defence will not know who to mark. They will run rings around them.

I hope Demichelis is reserved for Uruguay. If not, then I hope Heinze gets the yellow card he needs to be suspended.

I really really hope we get the points we need to go to South Africa. It will be such a shame if all these talented players miss the big event. And I haven't mentioned the players who are missing out right now like the Milito brothers...

Sebastian said...

Ivory Coast are through to the World Cup.

Rune...I didn't know you play in a band. Terrible clash of gig/match for you! I'm sorry.

Regarding the possible scenarios, we came up with a comprehensive article in which we explain how the table would look like according to many combinations of results. Have a look. It's probably the third or fourth post below this one.

Regarding MARADONA and his early announcement of his lineup, well...technically this time he didn't confirm it.

He did that in the past, but not this time. This is based on media reports and on the players Diego's been using in training.

picktherightteam said...

I want to watch the game...but it looks i have to pay outragious prices to watch the game...any suggestions?

John said...

Try Justin.Tv or

I'm sure they will have some option for you to watch the game through live streaming.

Anonymous said...

I'm Mac frm Singapore and a Big Albiceleste fan! Thank you so much for the existence of this blog. I love it! With regards to the line up, I guess, me too have my own humble opinion.

Andujar would be a better start than romero as i feel romero too often goes for punches and likes to parry shots and does not go for clean saves. he spills shots and this could be fatal with slow CBs such as schiavi and heinze.

Pareja would be a better choice as he had shown good form week in week out with Espanyol and the past olympics. INsua is alrite, but did anyone saw cristian ansaldi playing for Rubin Kazan in the Champions league? Leandro Fernandez too is another good option. But then again...lets stick with maradona's list. HIguain's call up is a little late I feel as he was great last season but was ignored and when he spends more time on the bench...suddenly he is leading our front line. With the absence of Milito and Licha lopez,I know I might get dagger stares here, but I would prefer Palermo doing the job for us. He's playing regularly and scoring and at this point as we need a striker who is match fit and in form. Pepe Sand is scoring freely in the middle east...maybe he could be an option to the injured milito eh? Lastly my ideal line from maradona's list

Guttierez (Pls callup Zanetti!)
Heinze (coz Demi has just recovered and def not in match form)
Messi (barcelona style)
Di Maria
Vamos Argentina!

John said...

Hi there Mac, just to let you know that I'm from Malaysia. Which means we are neighbours!.

I do like your line up but not sure about the inclusion of TEVEZ. He has underachieved throughout this WCQ campaign. Being sent off twice and not to forget missing a penalty.

Glad that you have manage to find this blog. Do drop by more often and share your views with us.

p2bn said...

The line up is far better then before although out of position players might be a problem. I just hope Aimar plays to his level or better all players play to their level. Seeing the analysis on the way to qualify has left me well scared. We must win both the games now and need to get to South Africa. I hope the players will are feeling the same.

Vamos Argentina

Roy said...

Just wanted to say that if we don't beat Peru, don't expect to hear from me for a while. I have my good buddy Grey Goose who said he'll keep me entertained until Wednesday at the very least. :) He said if I need more help, he'll bring his good friend Johnny Walker over. Hopefully it doesn't come to that. But God knows it did versus Paraguay.

Vamos Vamos Argentina.

John said...

I'll probably invite Absolut Vodka or maybe Bacardi Rum to keep me company :)

Batigol9 said...

hey Roy and John,last time when Argentina lost against Brazil,my friend Chevaz Regal kept me company but I ended missing my flight because of being so hang over!! I hope this doesn't happen this time (at least i don't have a flight to catch)

Best of Luck,i'm optimistic this time because of the encouraging line up,not like the paraguay game where i knew we were gonna loose

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i almost cry when peru tie

Anonymous said...



ARG4LIFE said...

I drove home smiling all the way like a young boy who just had his first kiss with the love of his life. Its 5am in uae and im gonna sleep smiling. Goodnight or goodmorning to all my albiceleste brothers and sisters where ever you are. Thank you Palermo!!!!

John said...

Arg4Life, Glad to hear your feelings. Hope you have a good nite sleep and sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

You are a very smart person!