Saturday, October 10, 2009

Argentina 2-1 Perú - Players ratings by Dave P.

As we usually do here on Mundo Albiceleste, here are Dave P's player ratings for the match between Argentina and Perú

Mhmm, it feels really really good right now, almost didn’t happen and thought it was going to be a déjà vu of our past games but PALERMO right spot right time. It feels great to get 3 points. This new look team that MARADONA fielded today worked out very well in the first half even though we did not score. We were combining well and there was finally a link between the attack and the midfield which AIMAR and DI MARIA did well.

The second half was a completely different story we got an early goal by a great run by HIGUAIN and slicing ball by AIMAR, two new faces made a huge impact. However, as the 2nd half went on we eventually reverted back to our old selves and seemed lost, then the hurricane winds and torrential down pours came. At this point anything could have happened, “anything” did happen, defensive break downs on our side and then PALERMO…Lucky that Uruguay won and now our fate is completely on us and only us…ok here are the ratings…

Sergio ROMERO, (7.5): In the entire first half had to make only 1 or 2 saves. Was solid in the air and big in the net. The second half was when he came up huge, SCHIAVI and HEINZE were caught out of possession and he came to the rescue getting down low to block a shot. Huge save from our starting goalie. When the rains came he was caught out of position a couple of times, and on Peru’s goal he could not really do anything because the winds and rain were un real. Good play and should be our starter, immense talent

Jonas GUTIERREZ, (7.5): Great to see Jonas back in the line up after missing out on the last two qualifiers. He deserves to be a starter with all the passion and work rate he encompasses. In the first half he was showing this work horse-ism by moving up the entire right flank and getting
all the way back in defense very effectively. He combined well with Enzo PEREZ as well as MESSI. In the second half he was still in defensive mode but once Demichelis came in he kind of moved into an advancing position. He was always there when he was needed. Excellent moves on the end line and crosses throughout the game. Great game for Jonas so much passion in his game

Rolando SCHIAVI, (5.5): Very quiet game in the first half for SCHIAVI as for much of our defense. He was moving the ball well with HEINZE in the first half and seemed to be confident on the ball. However, as the game went on he seemed to grow with nerves. With Peru’s two good chances before they scored he was out of position and also over committed where he should have been dropping and staling for more players to help out in defense. On Peru’s goal the entire team was for fault in the box because everyone was standing, but SCHIAVI was one of the ones standing around. Would feel much better with Demi, PAREJA, or OTAMENDI in his spot. Also, SCHIAVI induced no threat on set pieces with his height.

Gabriel HEINZE, (6.5): Much like SCHIAVI played well in the first half with a lot of control of the ball and smooth passes. Not many mistakes throughout the entire game for HEINZE and bodied players around easily. In the second half HEINZE maintained his intensity and pursuit of tackling, played well however, was caught out of position on Peru’s chances he was pushing too far up at times and at other times giving the opponent too much room. He has to continue to find his form and he will be solid, there were no typical HEINZE moves in this one and it was less
never wrecking as usual.

Emiliano INSUA, (6.5): Glad to see a young new left back instead of PAPA and HEINZE. INSUA was solid throughout the game and really didn’t have to do much at all. Maybe pushed forward a couple of times too far but in the long run recovered well and combined well with DI MARIA when he needed too. Really, not much else to say about INSUA good first outing for the youngster and hope to see him get more action on the left back position.

Enzo PEREZ, (6): Played well but only for 45 mins until he was subbed out. He had our first chance to score within the first 2 minutes of the game but his shot went wide. He combined well with the new look offense of AIMAR, MESSI and HIGUAIN and worked hard down the right flank.
With the workhorse Jonas behind him he was pretty much free to attack as much as possible. Seemed to enjoy the movement inside when MESSI moved outside for a little bit in the first half and was always making threatening runs. Good to see some actual attack from the right wing
instead of seeing Maxi contribute nothing.

Javier MASCHERANO, (6): Good game for our captain, but not one of his best either. In the first half he was holding down the midfield extremely well, pressuring the Peruvian’s and even making some good distribution with AIMAR. However, in the second half after we scored much like our entire team he seemed to fall asleep and gave the Peruvian’s too much room in the midfield. This may have been because of the 3 man midfield that MARADONA seemed to move to in the second half which gave the Peruvian’s a lot more room to move on the wings and in the center of the pitch. On the whole MASCHERANO can play a lot better, a lot of the reasons why SCHIAVI and HEINZE were out of position has to do with the fact that MASCHERANO was out of position as well.

Pablo AIMAR, (7.5): The clown was back in good fashion today. After not playing for almost 3 or 4 years on the NT I believe. AIMAR playing the attacking midfield roll that I felt we have so desperately needed since RIQUELME left the team and MARADONA took over the team. AIMAR provided the much-needed link in attack with the strikers, and in the first half it worked out extremely well and looked dangerous, just the final shot was missing. He distributed the ball well everywhere well out wide, in the middle, and even beat players himself. Excellent movement and support with MESSI and dare I say looked a little bit like the Xavi-MESSI connection (not quite). In the second half played a great through ball to HIGUAIN behind the defense and got us the goal.
He seemed to struggle a little with less midfield support but still was an attacking threat. There was one time in the first half when he had the ball just inside the box and chipped it to the back post instead of shooting himself. Either way I approve very much of AIMAR in the attacking midfield role and hope to see him in Uruguay’s game not VERON.

Angel DI MARIA, (8): Wow very solid performance by Angel. Good to see him back after the 4-game suspension for his stupidity in the red card. Right from the start on the left side DI MARIA was pushing and beating defenders. He would always look to create with AIMAR or take it himself and play good balls across to the middle. Played dangerous balls to HIGUAIN and MESSI and had a few shots himself. I don’t know what else we could want from DI MARIA other than scoring goals, but he kept this style of play up for the entire 90 mins even in the hurricane conditions. Extremely creative and fast talent. He was the one who kept the ball alive and chipped it over to Jonas who set up our winning goal. Great game.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN, (7): His first official international call up and was very impressed. Early in the game did not really do much at all, but as the game went on in the 25 min on seemed to find more space in the box but couldn’t finish. The ball from DI MARIA he put over the net was a little embarrassing, and then again he was found in open space and had his shot save miraculously by the Peruvian goalies tiny boot. Then seemed to drift off completely in the last 10 mins of the first half. To start the second half made a great run to stay onsides which AIMAR
found. Took his goal very well and find the left side of the net, felt amazing to see us finally have a lead in a game and HIGUAIN’s face showed it. Drifted as the game went on again and was taking off for DEMICHELIS in the 68th min. Good Debut but could have been better.
Anyway if he continues to look this dangerous and score keep him as the starter.

Lionel MESSI, (7): In the beginning of the game he did not do much, but as it moved on he dropped back a little bit and received the ball. Everytime he touched the ball 3 Peruvians were on him and he made them look silly many many times. He linked up with AIMAR and Enzo very well in the first half and had some world class runs and passes but unfortunate to get a final touch. Had an excellent shot and unlucky it did not find its way into the upper left corner, missed by maybe a half foot. MESSI did not seem to get as frustrated as he usually does and it showed with one of his better outings for the NT under MARADONA. The AIMAR help was huge in making Messi more dangerous, they played off eachother well. For some reason however, he did absolutely nothing in the second half. The midfield link seemed to fall apart as well in the second half and he could not conjure up any of his magic.


Martín PALERMO, (7.5): Came on in the second half for Enzo PEREZ and got involved early with a few runs and balls played through to him. He showed his passion and was always threat with balls played into the box either from crosses or set pieces. Took a boot to the face while
going for a header, as well as, an elbow to his eye too. Other than that did not really do anything else but score the 3-point goal. Was at the right place at the right time and proved his worth in the dieing seconds. As much as I am speculative about PALERMO, I am loving him right now he is a passionate player and shows it well. Great goal!!!

Martín DEMICHELIS, (6.5): Came in the 68th min for HIGUAIN for more defense. Demi played well in the last 20 minutes and in the end was a smart sub for the fact that their was pretty much a hurricane on the field. I trust DEMICHELIS a lot in the back and he had a few key enforcing tackles. Good to see him back from his injury, and hopefully he will start against Uruguay instead of SCHIAVI.

Federico INSUA, (n/a): Came on for AIMAR in the 76th min, did not really do much due to the weather, but he played a part in PALERMO's goal.

Really enjoying this victory right now, in perspective it would have been nice to beat the worst SA team by more then 1 gol in the last seconds of the game. But either way we got 3 points. The first half of this game had many many positives and if we can come out like that against Uruguay but actually finish we will be looking good. In the second half we got the 2 gols but the tactic that MARADONA chose once we scored to sit back and pretty much play with no midfield was not
smart. It allowed Peru to get back into the game and put too much pressure on our players. The attacking midfielder tactic worked very well…I can’t write anymore I’m celebrating, eventhough we are not through yet, but because I forgot what it’s like to win a game.

As always...feel free to contribute your very own player ratings and discuss Dave's grades.


Sebastian said...

My man of the match was definitely Sergio ROMERO. The guy is playing like if he had 200 caps with Argentina and 3 World Cups under his belt.

Sensational stuff from him.

I think MASCHERANO was heading to be one of the top3 in our team but he practically gave away a goal to Perú trying a back-heel clearance under that heavy rain in a place where and at a time when you shouldn't be trying anything fancy.

AIMAR was key and his assist opened the game, but then we suffered because we were left with the wrong tactics and nobody changed them.

Our lower points?

HEINZE (always tops this rank for me). He was absolutely terrible. Too shaky. He can't hit the ball properly. He never passes it to a team-mate with at least some hint of accuracy. He fouls when there is no need. Horrible horrible game from him.

SCHIAVI: Out of depth. Slow. Not even a factor in the air.

I think Emiliano INSUA did well and thought PEREZ was out of his Estudiantes comfort zone.

Good games from DI MARIA and HIGUAIN.

Jonas did well overall.

MESSI? Still suffers the lack of a system. Unlucky not to score in the first half with a great shot. He tried and tried. You can't say he didn't. Everytime he is on the ball, there are three or four defenders on him. He'll find a space eventually (or at least I hope).

PALERMO? I guess his goal will convince the entire world. Not me, though. I think he is way below many Argentine strikers in terms of speed, quality and potential. One thing is for sure...nobody is remotely as lucky as him and there's no denying he's got a knack for scoring.

Unfortunately for me, I think he gets to shine only because we are in desperate shape at the moment.

If we were playing as we should be playing and winning games and being already qualified for South Africa, he wouldn't have room.

johnny said...

The Titan !!

Stand outs-Romero, Aimar, Di Maria and Gutierrez. Palermo for the stab in the heart. Nice goal from Higuain. Heinze and Schiavi need a one way ticket out of town.

Worst decision of the night-replacing Higuain with Demichelis. I HATE that play not to lose instead of play to win mentality. It hurt Argentina tonight and could have led to a horrible outcome.

Overall-great to win, but the second period was almost a disaster, and if you can only squeak by Peru at home, what does that say about going to Montevideo and playing a real team in their big backyard ?

Anonymous said...

Messi was nowhere in the second half but what else is new. Pipita could of had a hattrick but will take the goal he scored, got a couple chances finished it off. I think we found our new boy, Palermo... Palermo... Palermo what can you say, you either love him or hate, all of ARGENTINA right now loves him. Di MARIA was solid, Jonas was ok, Mas was good until the end. Needs to close down on Suarez for that game, he needs to boss the game. Heinze was giving me heart attacks,Insua could of had a handball against him.. We need to get something out of Uruguay and we are in @least a playoff.

Can not wait until the podcast.

Dark Joker said...

Good game...or is it ??? Without shadow of a doubt this victory is most relieving factor for all Argentina fan.....while celebrating let me recall a few x-factor which indicate the current state of the NT :
1) Goalkeeper :
Great game is would say even though he slept off in the 1st half....probable the only good thing i could tell the NT for this game

2) Defender
WTF this fellas are playing....we ae totaly hopeless even containing Peru wonder we got rapped against Brazil & Paraguay & the list go on......and whom the will meet next Diego Forlan....all the best dude....

3) Midfield & Forward
I have to say Messi is not helopful enough....yes we have no Xavi or Inestia but if you struggle against at team like Peru....ur going to struggle.......


We are going to lose against uruguay and we r in playoff...damn

Anonymous said...

we got many xavi and iniesta the fact is they're never called someone like banega ,ledesma from lazio,pastore,cambiasso and so on ...

msi2 said...

After having seen the game, i'm stunned by the rates that were given here.

Most of the guys need 2 to 3 points less than you gave to them.

Messi was so poor, it's not even funny. On the bench please.