Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Pod - Lets get ready to rumble

The World Cup Qualifiers are about to finish in South America and Argentina are suffering something we last suffer in 1993. We are on the verge of missing out of the next World Cup and we really need our team to come up big in the last two rounds.

First stop is Perú in Buenos Aires. To discuss the team news and the possible scenarios we could see on Saturday, John, Roy and Seba are joined by Johnny, who will be watching the game at the Monumental stadium.

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Enjoy! And don't forget to send us your views to or right here in the comments' box. If you want to participate in a future edition of our podcast, make sure to drop us an e-mail too.


Anonymous said...

Great podcast, but one little mistake. West Germany and Austria ended 1-0 for the West Germans. They needed to win by a single goal to bump out the Algerians.

Anonymous said...

I hear the worry in your voices my friends. I too are having long long days. I worry a lot, but I have a lot of faith. I may even ask the big guy upstairs to give us a helping hand(Wait I sound like Diego right now).

Well Seba you do make a point about Venezuela but I just can not see them getting a full 6 points vs Paraguay and Brasil. Any respect I have for Brasil I have will be thrown out of the window. How fishy will it be that they manage to get 6 points vs the only 2 qualified sides?

Will Uruguay give us a helping hand if they are already out of contention? I scratch your back, you scratch mine theory? It will be a derby, but if Uruguay is out of it it may not be as heated. But they could come out to make our lives a living hell. Who knows maybe Kun will get Forlan a call and tell him help us out here.

It is all about results results results. All the games will be played at the same time(Besides Brasil-Bolivia which is a meaningless game). Needing Colombia,Uruguay and Venezuela all losing will be great. But Venezuela and Colombia play at home, so all of them losing, I just can not see it but will be a early X-Mas gift if it does happen.

The odds makers are making Argentina a massive favorite. Putting 100 dollars will only get you 11 dollars back. While if you put a 100 down for Peru to win you will get 2000 back haha. But I have not seen the odds yet for Uruguay and Argentina.

Argentina wins 4-0 vs Peru
Goals by Messi,2 by Higuain and Palermo(If all 3 play).


Rafael Maranhao said...

Hi John and Sebá,
Long time no see!
I hope to be back and join you to discuss Argentina's win over Peru. Believe it or not. As Luís Fabiano said, it would be a boring and less important World Cup without Argentina.
But I do believe that beating Peru will release a lot of pressure and put the team in its way again. The other teams will literally have to kill each other and it will also help Argentina.
Then, after you qualify to South Africa, we will discuss if Maradona should stay or not. But I think you already know my opinion.

GK said...

My stomache turns everytime I think of these two upcoming qualifiers. I'm nervous, excited, scared and a whole lot of other mixed emotions but I'm a true supporter and a true believer in the Albiceleste and as much as I hate the AFA and Diego right now I think we will pull it off against Peru then I'll start worrying about Uruguay.

Honest prediction....

Argentina 3
Peru 0


Sebastian said...

Thanks to the anonymous poster for the heads-up about Austria and West Germany. It was indeed 1-0 for the Germans as pointed by him. My bad.

Rafa! You're welcome to join our pod.

We'll be having 2 next week. Hopefully you can make it.

Congratulations on Rio getting the 2016 Games! I hope to be there again, but this time I won't let you paint my face in yellow and green!

Sebastian said...

Thanks to the anonymous poster for the heads-up about Austria and West Germany. It was indeed 1-0 for the Germans as pointed by him. My bad.

Rafa! You're welcome to join our pod.

We'll be having 2 next week. Hopefully you can make it.

Congratulations on Rio getting the 2016 Games! I hope to be there again, but this time I won't let you paint my face in yellow and green!

Anonymous said...

The Team is trained in the afternoon and then attend the press Maradona

The selection of the Argentina squad will train this afternoon from 16.30 in Ezeiza. A practice can access the press and its completion, the coach Diego Maradona will attend the journalism conference.

The squad led by Maradona worked this afternoon facing the commitment to Peru next Saturday. Yesterday, the selection made a football practice divided into two stages, with youth the U 18 and U 17. The campus is concentrated in the housing complex Deportivo de Ezeiza.

The football trial yesterday was divided into two parts, in which the court ordered Maradona two different computers.

First match. After warm-up tasks of both campuses, at 1650 football practice began. Maradona ordered the eleven players: Sergio Romero; Jonas Gutierrez, Rolando Schiavi, Gabriel Heinze and Emiliano Insua, Enzo Pérez, Javier Mascherano, Angel Di María, Pablo Aimar, Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain.

Manager Jose Luis Brown appointed to those players combined for the Under 18 and Under 17: Diego Pozo; Nahuel Yeri Jose Funes Mori, Frederick Rasmussen and Juan Manuel Sanchez, Roberto Pereyra, Jorge Balbuena, Facundo and Rogelio Funes Quignon Mori , Eduardo Rotondi and Diego Ortega.

The game ended 3-0 in favor of the team, with notes by Enzo Pérez, Gonzalo Higuain and Angel Di Maria. For the under-17 interrupted Diego Pozo

Second match. Subsequently, this alignment Maradona ordered to face a fully selected sub-17, which again count on the fence Diego Pozo Mariano Andujar, Nicolas Pareja, Martin Demichelis, Nicolas Otamendi and Fabián Monzón, Juan Sebastián Verón, Mario Bolatti, Federico Insua (Rodrigo Brana), Ezequiel Lavezzi, Sergio Aguero and Martin Palermo.

Jose Luis Brown planted the following team: Diego Pozo, Nicolas Tagliafico, Esteban Espindola, Leandro Gonzalez and Luke Pirez Krupzky, Ezequiel Cirigliano, Gonzalo Olid Apaza, Bitancourt and Sebastian Gonzalez Franco, Daniel Villalva and Sergio Araujo.

The match ended 2-0 in favor of the team, with goals from Sergio Aguero and Martin Demichelis.

They also worked. Pablo Zabaleta, ruled for two games of the Team, worked in a differentiated manner with the campus physical therapist. Carlos Tevez and Luis González, who were not involved in football practice, usually moved in the auxiliary field.

Concentrates. The squad was selected housing project focused on Deportivo de Ezeiza.

Schedule of work and attention to the press:

Thursday 08-10-09
1630: Training (you can access the press). At its completion, the coach Diego Maradona will attend the journalism conference.

Friday 09-10-09
1630: Last week's training behind closed doors.

Buenos Aires, October 8, 2009

Anonymous said...

Argentina Needs To Support Diego - Ramon Diaz

The popular Argentine coach thinks that it is crucial that Maradona is provided with adequate support at this delicate moment...

08-Oct-2009 1:05:56 AM

Ramon Diaz believes Diego Maradona needs to receive undivided support for being the coach of the Argentine national team, so that he can help Los Albicelestes qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

"What we have to do is support Maradona and the national team. We need to qualify, it is important to support Diego. The current situation isn't an easy one, he is giving his maximum so that things can work out, and you have to admire him for that," said Diaz.

In respect to the possible departure of Maradona after the World Cup qualifiers for the constant problems he has had with Carlos Bilardo, Diaz affirmed that it isn't the right moment for this.

"For Argentina, Diego means a lot, but first he has to qualify and then continue in his position. Important matches are coming up and I don't think it is the right moment for these types of decisions."

'El Pelado' added: "Argentina have a team that can win this match very easily. At the end the players will have to demonstrate the strength they have. We all want Argentina to qualify for everything that it means for the football world."

Argentina will be forced to claim the three points against Peru at the Monumental stadium on Saturday in order to remain in contention for a World Cup place.

Anonymous said...

Getafe Goalkeeper Oscar Ustari Hoping To Earn Argentina Recall
The former Independiente shot stopper has sent a not-so-subtle hint to 'El Diez'...

Oct 7, 2009 7:48:08 PM

Getafe 'keeper Oscar Ustari is hopeful that he can perform well enough for the Primera Division outfit to earn a call up to Diego Maradona's Argentina squad, as he told Marca that he wants to know what it's like to train under the football legend.

"I would like to know what it's like to have Maradona as a coach," Ustari mused.

"I believe that Getafe will get me into the national team. I want to be an international player as I was on previous occasions, but in order to do so I must work hard and keep to a high standard."

The 23-year-old, who was injured for much of last season, believes that this dream can be realised by performing for his club side. Los Azulones have a squad that can do great things, according to the Argentine.

"The important thing is to get used to winning. Sometimes a draw isn't a bad thing, we have to understand this. I must at least try to keep a clean sheet.

"[Firstly] we must find consistency. Then you can aim higher. We have to find that personality that is sometimes lacking, but we have to keep working."

Anonymous said...

Hello Seba and others, my name is Joy and I am probably one of the biggest die hard fans of ARGENTINA...I am from Bangladesh but living in USA. Basically I am obsessed with football especially Argentine football. I am also kind of a football analyst I guess. Lol, I was wondering if I can join your podcast. And if yes, please let me know how and what's the procedure...Good luck guys, Argentina till death!!!

King Aguero said...


I have a couple of questions bro

1. Do u really think Diego will quit? after the qualifiers?

2. What do u think of the speculated line-up vs Peru? Romero, Jonas, Schiavi, Heinze, Insua, Masche, Perez, Di Maria, Aimar, Messi, Higuain?

3. Do u like pie? :>

Anonymous said...

ARGENTINA miss RIQUELME too much.he is still top scorer in the qualifiers!and top scorer in copa america as well.i think he is da best n10 we had since maradona.i dont think we will have a player like him again in along long time,(messi,veron,aimar,insua,dalessandro,pastore)will never have same class ass riquelme.hate him or love him he is our best player since 2005. any of u who really think we dont miss him is lying.

King Aguero said...

Maybe you're right about Riquelme but how many Argentinians have won a World Player of The Yr award since Maradona?

Oh right only Messi! so before you start assuming things wait until Messi, Pastore, Aguero reach 30 then start making your speculations! By the way as good as Riquelme is id take Batistuta/Redondo over him on any given day!

Anonymous said...

King Aguero

first of all i am not a RIQUELME fan.
second point I am talking about number 10 who plays behind strikers and a playmaker. not a striker or defensive midfilder,
Batistuta is n9 striker,Redondo n5 defensive midfielder,and i love both of them.

I am talking about how they perform for da national team not their respective clubs,i am syaing that RIQUELME is da best number 10 we had since maradona for the national team.none of this players i mentioned before can replace him,(as we are trying to do right now because RIQUELME is not availeable any more)thats why BSILE felt riquelme was irreplaceable,when he used him at the begining of da qualifiers,when he didnt play a single minute for THRE months,and u know how he performed,we are still benefiting from him.

as for messi if he win World Player of The Yr award,is because he palyed briliant for barca last season,not because he put ARG to next level.

koma said...

Riquelme QUIT!!.. stop talking about him..

Anonymous said...

King, awards mean jack squat. Messi will tell you to that awards mean nothing to him, so throw that WPOTY out the window. I agree with that person that Riquelme was masterclass and a artist. Almost almost he led a mediocre Villareal to the finals of the CL. Recall Copa Lib i 2007? Remember how Riquelme was the magician for that side. ANY ANY ANY Argentine will tell you that means more to them then Messi winning a Champions League title. We do miss Riquelme and we maybe in a better spot with him here but as Seba will say "HE QUIT, HE QUIT TWICE!". However,I would WELCOME Riquelme back with open arms to the squad. I agree Messi is a jewel and God knows what he will have written when he is 30. But Riquelme is one of those footballers you will not see again. He is a footballer that controlled the entire game with his presence. Either for the brilliance or the mistakes, with Riquelme on the team you felt a little better.

Messi is already a proven winner like Riquelme.

Aguero is our Robinho, is on and off. Is very streaky. Had a good start to the season but as slowed down really.

Pastore- Immense talent,scary how good is potential can be. But it is potential.


Anonymous said...

Anybody been following Di Santo with Blackburn this season? Wonder how he is doing.


Sebastian said...

Joy, you can definitely join us in a future podcast. Send us an e-mail to: and we'll take it from there. This goes for anyone who'd like to join us in a future edition.

I'd also like to ask, if it's not a problem, to the anonymous poster who pastes AFA and articles here in the comments box, not to do it so often.

The reason is that they are too long and they take a lot of space and exposure to the regular comments from Mundo Albiceleste's readers.

Those news from AFA, by the way, are translated using a web translator and the text makes no sense at all.

I'm not mad or anything like that. I'm just saying. Hopefully you'll understand where I'm coming from.

King Aguero said...

I understand what you guys are saying about Riquelme but his achievements are the same as 22 yr old Messi! maybe he played well for the NT but he started getting called up when he was 28 and he had tons of experience!

Its just not fair to compare him to these kids! cause what happened when he was at their age?

Besides that hes not a #10! because he was given a #10 jersey doesn't mean hes a #10 his game is more of a #8 than a #10! the only guy that plays like a #10 right now is Messi! and thats why i brought up Redondo cause he was a CM with playmaking ability and besides that hes world class!

Riquelme disapeared in the Conf Cup final, He Dissapeared in the 2007 Copa America final and we kind of got use to Riquelme dissapearing in big games like that and above all he QUIT the NT twice so i dont wanna see him near the NT agaim!

John said...

For me the problem with Roman has nothing much to do with footballing reason, though I'll agree he tends to dissapear in important matches. He is still gifted as ever. It's all about his attitude and primadona behaviour.

johnny said...

As for Riquelme, he has had his best two matches in a long time recently. Not that it makes any difference as far as the NT, but nice for Boca fans.:)

Rune said...

I finally got to listen to the podcast. Great work, guys! But did Roy really say that "if we beat Peru and Venezuela and Colombia draw, and Uruguay draws against Equador------we are guaranteed the 5th place"????? That is wrong, I am afraid. Uruguay will get ahead of us if they beat us and Equador can still get 25 or 27 points if they draw or win their final game. To sum up; even if we beat Peru and all the other teams(Uru, Equa, Colo, Venez)draw their next game we can still finish in 6th place, guys...........

Anonymous said...

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