Friday, October 30, 2009

CAMBIASSO makes the list to face Spain

Some surprises. Some returns. Some confirmations.

The biggest news is the return of Esteban CAMBIASSO to the national team. It'll be the first time in one year that Diego calls him to represent our country.

You make your own conclusions. Here are the names for Argentina to face Spain on 14 November in Madrid.


Gabriel HEINZE
Nicolás PAREJA
Cristian ANSALDI

Fernando GAGO

Lionel MESSI
Carlos TEVEZ
Ezequiel LAVEZZI

GAGO returns and I'm (pleasantly) surprise he makes the same list with HIGUAIN (meaning that Diego could be coming to his senses -if he's got any- and he's not paying attention to personal feuds between two players he likes).

No Diego MILITO and no Lisandro LOPEZ. With the former, originally in MARADONA's list for the WCQ against Perú and Uruguay, it could be a case of him not being 100% fit, even though he returned on Thursday for Inter and scored a goal v. Palermo.

ANSALDI is in. INSUA is out. Which means Diego is still looking for a left-back to impress him.

Maxi is back. But ZANETTI's got no place in this list while COLOCCINI, who is not playing regularly for Newcastle United (in England's second tier), still makes the team.

I wonder if more players will be added to this list of 18.


Oakman said...

I think it is official now, Henize and Coloccini to the world cup. The real preparation for the world cup starts today and I think the players who are called are either definite squad players for the world cup or are new players that Diego wants to to see if they can fit in.
Colo and Heinze are both known, so I assume Diego's message is he is going to go to Africa with them.

johnny said...

In that case let's hope Diego remains as unpredictable as always.

John said...

Okay here’s my take on this list….

What the hell is COLOCCINI still doing there? Whatever happened to all the rumours that we might see Walter SAMUEL making a comeback? I’m sure everyone will agree that the prospect of having COLOCCINI going to South Africa is absolutely terrifying.

As for the left back, I would give ANSALDI the nod over HEINZE anytime. But much depends whether Diego is in the same page with me. What about right back? No ZANETTI is one thing, but I don’t see ZABALETA anywhere either.

The midfields looks promising with arrival of Esteban CAMBIASSO and the timing could not be better. We will need everything from him to contain the Spanish armada. Its good to hear that Pablo AIMAR is still in the frame as I was worried that he might be excluded after being dropped against the Uruguay game. We can use El Cuchu on the left and Jonas on the right with AIMAR and MASCHERANO playing in the middle.

Maxi RODRIGUEZ is a waste of time for me as he still not playing his best football these days. Wonder whatever happened to Lucho GONZALEZ?

As for the forwards, once again we’re left with too many short players. Another player there which is a waste of time is LAVEZZI. I would have preferred Lisandro LOPEZ. Maybe Seba is right that MILITO has just returned from injury (though he still played well for Inter). The only genuine No.9 that I see there is Gonzalo HIGUAIN. Which means I got a good feeling that among the names from the domestic league that will be called up must Martin PALERMO.

Overall it is a very strong list but there is still a lot of improvement needs to be done.

One thing is for sure, its interesting to see just how Diego will play his role in the dressing room when you got HEINZE, Fernando GAGO, Kun AGUERO and HIGUAIN all in the mixed. The least we can say he is finally exercising his power as the National Team coach and wants everyone to put their personal feud aside for the sake of the jersey. Finally we’re seeing something positive from Diego.

Not that I’m harboring too much of hope but if only we could see the same thing happening between him and Roman.

Whatever it is , the match against Spain will provide another stern test for our team. If I can recall for the past 3 to 5 years we’ve only manage to beat one top team and that was the friendly against France.

Anonymous said...

i dont think DIEGO has ever watch a lazio game where in da hell is Zarate
man i dont know wats goin with dis
im tired of not seeing zarate in da team man plz diego call zarate

Mohd said...

man, this is getting boring.
again no Samuel?! and then no Zanetti and Zabaleta which means we have no right back...and we have no decent left back...go figure. and why is Insua dropped? so evey one of those shitty defenders deserve a second chance but not him?

in the midfield..i might ask: WHAT THE HELL IS GAGO DOING THERE???!!!he has transformed into a complete rubbish with Real..still makes the list instead of the impressive Banega.

and the attack, one more time Milito is dropped. fitness has nothing to do with it, as one week from now Milito will be starting for Inter. Still Tevez (who honestly does not know how to cotrol a ball anymore) and Lavezzi (who knows nothing about football except running) are still there.

andaman said...

watch some more Valencia matches Diego.

BANEGA deserves a place more than GAGO! Ever has been impressive in every game he played.

COLOCCINI...!!!!%%% wah

Anonymous said...

i will say it again untill ROMAN comes back we will suffer again,because we dont have nobody to link up and put the team forward propley in midfild(VERON,AIMAR?they never proved in big matches)
our atackers will have no support,we just have to chase SPAIN for whole 90MNS.
Here is my ideal line up





Untill i c anyting like this line up,i wont be conviced.

Anonymous said...

we need Riquelme and Zarate

King Aguero said...

I think we might see a 3-5-2 or a 3-4-3 again by looking at this list there is no RB and Ansaldi is not much of an offensive players either! 4 DMs, 3 Wings, 1 OMF, and 6 strikers!

John said...

Let's not forget one thing, if based on current form; Javier SAVIOLA should deserve a place ahead both TEVEZ and LAVEZZI. I would love to see the link up he has build with AIMAR and DI MARIA with the National Team. Diego should have exploited this as those three can be a triple threat against anyone.

messidona19 said...

BIG BIG Dissapointment!!! Samuel and Zanetti didn't make it?! Insua dropped instead of being given more chances?! and Maxi Rodriguez is back and Tevez and Aguero are still in?! Damn! Zarate and Banega still not selected... Big shame. The only bright note is that Di Maria, Aimar and Higuain are starting to get a spot in the team but as far as Maxi Rod and Tevez are concerned they should never be anywhere near the team (esp. after Tevez recent comments)

Anonymous said...

is jonas will be our rightback??

msi2 said...


Anonymous said...

To john

Diego made last minute changes he choose COLOCCINI instead of ZANNETI and locals wil be announced in the next few days, defence in terrible in left back and right back.

Gabriel Sosa

John said...

Hola Gabriel!

I'll agree with you that our defense looks scary. There's no natural RB player. ANSALDI looks likely to play in LB. As for the CB, mostly likely it's going to be Micho & Heinze.

Anonymous said...

i still he got to leave before late .is a waste to not see osky;samuel,zarate;zanetti,el conejo,diego milito and finally ever banega who i think is the best defensic*ve we got nowadays

Anonymous said...

why are tevez,aguero,maxi,coloccini,gago and lavezzi all called up again??, at the moment none of them are good enough for the nt when zenetti,milito,pastori,samuel,banega,saviola should all be part of the nt.
ive said before play the best players in their best positions ie why is their no actual rb in the team?
stop the "square pegs in the round holes "senerio and stop picking your friends mr maradona (ie tevez/aguero), learn for alex ferg at manure.
a real football manager has no faviourits and friends, its about winning, picking those who want to win at all costs and who are the best in their position, team players and those who are playing the best football today not on repuation of yeaterday,last year etc etc.

Anonymous said...

agree with you pablo d ,except about lavezzi