Wednesday, April 18, 2007


That's the play of words that the prestigious Spanish sports newspaper Marca used in its website to describe what Lionel MESSI did today against Getafe in a 5-2 FC Barcelona win for the Copa del Rey.

It was just amazing to see him mesmerising the entire Getafe side in a race that started just before the midfield line. Maybe a little bit more to the right, closer to the sideline than where Diego started that glorious run against England in Mexico 86.

But the rest of the action was very very similar to that famous best goal in the history of the World Cup.

Lionel skipped past the goalkeeper (it was substitute LUIS and not first team starter Roberto ABBONDANZIERI which was given a rest by Getafe's manager) and there came the other notable difference if we compare this goal with Diego's: he finished with the right foot.

All of a sudden, most of the Spanish newspapers started organising polls for the visitors to vote and choose between MESSI's and MARADONA's goals.

Of course, in my opinion, Diego's epic run remain the most extraordinary individual action in the history of football. MESSI scored a very similar goal if you take away the colour of the shirts, the competition in which it was scored and the importance of the rival. But you can't take those factors out of the question and that's why Diego still has the edge.

Here's hoping Lionel raises up the stakes and tries to scored more goals like the one he scored today.


GolesTV said...

El gol de Messi con 7 repeticiones.

Seba said...

Gracias, gracias, gracias!

Intenté buscar el gol en Youtube y no lo encontré. Muchas gracias por el link .

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I tried to find the goal on Youtube but I couldn't find it. Thank you very much for this link.

John said...

Looks like I need to head home early today to catch this goal on ESPN Sportcenter. I wouldn't miss it for the world

Seba said...

The third Barça goal (also by MESSI) was espectacular too! Great control with the right and a lovely strike with the left towards the top right corner!

There's another thing about that comparison between MESSI's and DIEGO's goal: Both actions took 11 seconds from start to finish!

Watching Flamengo v Real Potosí on Brazilian television, they showed MESSI's goal during half-time and they split the screen in two playing both goals simultaneously. I swear it is breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

The goal was so so so beautiful. Messi definitely better be on the lineup for Copa America. That's all I have to say at the moment.

Regarding the game today. Not the best performance at all. The attack lacked cohesiveness (and they could have used Messi) and the defense made me nervous. And this was against a team that Brazil demolished. We need improvement but I believe that they can do it. We can only grow :)


Allan Ng said...

Ronaldinho who? Messi is surely very talented indeed. I just hope that he can play like this for Argentina as well.

Anonymous said...

the thing that makes Maradona's goal a little better is that the pitch at the Asteza stadium was do dug up and horrible to dribble on. If you watch Diego's goal, you will notice the ball bouncing the entire way yet Diego was able to keep it under control. I don't remember who said it, maybe Linekar, but when asked about the goal, he said forget the fact Diego dribbled past the whole team,it was a mere accomplishment to just dribble the ball for half the pitch on that surface. It was apparently that bad.

nonetheless, what a goal by Messi!